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The ínllowiiiLT. trom the annual report of Prof. E. Baur, late correspondías ecretary ol tfae Oomnty Pomológica] Society, fa publidbed by request: "The topics ior our meetings wen' pabÜBhed In nll tlu Aim Arbor newsl;tpers and in MUM of the (tailles nt IviroJt, two ivecks before the meetings. The Bessioii reporte were ijubl in EnglitA and Germán in the Ann Arbor papers, in the Michigan Farmer at Detroit. They were frequentlj' eopted ly the prees in and out of the gtate. Proofs had to be read generally on ftlonday or Tuesday after the meetSng nnd copies distributed atiKMig tlie different publishere. "The Ano Arbor Oöurlter office for a number of years (ie up the reports mul furntelied copies for the other papers. Henee the xmderailgned is under especial obliuaiiuiis (o Mr. Jaulas E. Beal, and nll the good people of the ïn.ft, 'm rthe Courier office. Durlng tiue year 1892 the reports were printx3 by ttue CouriiT. the Arfjne and the Eteg ster alteniately. "For the iimny courteetee by the Vmi Arbor jirc-s ü ircncral. th' retiary wlsbes to give expressiou of -ratitude and hls bigh eetimation of the work done by tln ircs.s for the MMiefiit of the public. "H&vüfflg aJttended 1 1 1 since L881 the uiulers'iigneil hn.s wrltten 160 'iiiiiiiuniciitions on topics of l'omoagy, HortiCnlture, Foreetry and Koad Jmprovements. "Ned!tag rest and relief ir om the burItiDS comnected with tliis office, he 'islies to give expression to hls heartèlt ffrati'tude to tlie ofllcere and memters of ithe AVaslitenaw Horticultura] Joctety for thoir many iinhilüriir, s."


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