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The Forum faW kWÚ WiX Ve Jí, Bishop TCf iWif Pbesioeht ' l83 m&m RC-P0TTEa êaSSÈ c-w'Eü0T ï wWrPl'&1 1 "THE FORVX U tn the Crtitr.d States trlaf TnE Nim. f L ? f) U ií-Tfc A f thknth Centuhy is tn Enaland. and more- incomparably th I j íSm-v Í iH, J Ust thoxi"hl1 Pr'oi'cai w had-" Vjf, JÍ dfWftfe JaSS&sJSr jö THE FORUM contains articles about what men WÊtS? '■'"' W i Ni X are now doing in t!i9 world. i Hw, i ÏTsijV í TheproblemsandthetasksofyOTirownlifeand Yi ' f qovernor thought, and of our own country, and of our own I HoN ■ I w. E. Russell time; the education of your children; the latest reQ. F. Edbuno = sultsofresearchinyonrownspecialstudyjthflgreat „ ?LL i bookBOftheperiod;therealleaders;thelargemovef (jBlk 'ƒ m are thesonottho most interestingsubjecta? J. i ■2 A 1 9% Tlle Becret of The Fokum-8 hold on its readers ia T$s "Sïi ' 1 4ft M that wrters maJce 'l belpful to all who think. í 4 c! rföC&ii&MÉL lts readers form the dominant part of every pro .Wj- J?m] PgStMgBK.J , fession, eraft, and tlioso who are succeeding %mJCs( . 7' ifcS&irW becaasethey have a correct measure of the intellecJ ywGTjjr f lJs tnal forces and of the largeractivities of American o'' ,s : 1 fdederio l life, the best-informed, and the most ambitious. ' II haurhon B lts writers are the leaders of thought and of acF. A. Walker i I tioneverywhere and in all kinds of important work. ( I Ask the best informed man in your comxnunity ! ƒ J0H$r J what he thinks of The Fokum, or send to us for "ÜÉk &m ' tlie w11611 opinions of some of the leading men in m f_ "WES& r Ëv I y0111 state' an(1 'n aU otller States. I yrV Jr& ; [■T 4 TEE FOEUÏ : Oaion Squire, New 7oti. $5 1 yeir. f ■ ËhPP ' lïjS va?' yv f" SubírWpííoTM tíkiu i srtii direct to THE FORT'H jB HBt Jf?j íiSvSoVW'ír r '""wh o"i eatabliahea subacription agencior boofí-sellcr, ïwpIBËp Sjfi' cy (L 'fO&tt PT'ÏW) F. Masion Crawfobd h' J "' "ilB "&m IMO I HY fft JvB3w fcftW' i ! -h


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