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Death Of John M. Wheeler

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It-JltiB been the miafortuae of Ann Arbor tbié winter, to tose softre o! her most coted ; 1 1 1 i h'giily respected citizi-as, and now it bekomes atut palnfnl duty t: ! oíd departare ol ajiotner olio, whoee demtö will be a loea bo lic entire ( onnnunity, 1 li ;i t of Mr. Jobo M. Wiu'cliT, o' W. lluron si. s -vit.'iI weeks sin -e. Mr. Wfreeler, 'ii oompamy wKh Mis. Wlweter, wont to st. Angnafae, i'i:i.. i the feope 01 in iliai nii-il cliinal!', better li-:ai li :; M. Whcrl'r. He uis t'Oki'ii Mbfc on tho Saturday previoua uilh paMUUOOltt-, mul (lied Thursd.-iy ia-st , Maivh 80Ul, at ■■ (i'cloek a. B1. Hip nniumncoincnt of Mr. Wli'cci-'s dea'tl) (an-l nmcli astocCebment, ms but few knew liiat he was til, tnl )i 'ii leavinig here he was rngged, and aH'JuniKli iuiu' wcll tulvaaced in ycars Wd fair to uuiivf nia.ny a younger ■as. Il H-.itii ba a 1oh totJiiBcoinniniiil.y as we"J as to h'.s ininediab' ramJiy. for n li'nu UiOóe Wbo OQght a wív roiiiK-ilor fouild one. Always j -o:.. i'i'vat'. vi-, Dever moved to say Q litusly wo:d or do a !eed nothnk!ngly, hc. WB sa''t' i'ü all tiliins. and pO88e88ed of ei, niüiid tiliat made a clear reasoner and good tli.'iikor. The de casMl was a natfivi' ol New York, Iwivlig been foorn at Proridence, Sara toga Oo., Sa 1821. He was a !rrahuuc oï DoJou Doliese, clasa ol 1841, anil - oüiincni-i'ii acfee U'e as v lawyer, ;it Waboab, Ind., n 1848, wii. 'i-o he rcslded anti] 1858, when he removed to Ann Arbor, purchiasiDg the ■iionwstcad on W. llui..:i s... wherc Ue resSidied ever sin c For a oí yi' u-s ii" wa a ïiifiniK'r oí and preeiUiont oí ttoe School l'.uard oí t; a i iiy. dui-i'is tht.' forniai i' jifi íuíI, ;;nd mu ii oí ih" excellence oí our piibl! siiioois here is due to lilis wisdom and íoresiht. From 1872 to '78 l ■ lild the roepoBSSlle tifón ni 1 1 i'.isu,rer of tobe Un-lversity, ;uii a long time li.ul been director of llhie Ís', National l'.aaik, and on w'ii.üii ttoe o;f, .a-; have looked to fo : -oiiii-el ajxJ advire. He luid been a víBtv.vmau and warden of st. Andrew's Epla opej cliuich !or niaiiy veáis, hoiiin' ttM s-'iiiur wanieii at the time of his dea til. Ttoefe la BamettaJnK sni.üuiar " the tact tliat lu'íii-ly all of tliis fainily ilk'il away fvoni lióme. Tlie (ljiiiíiiiner. Mary í.illie, di-d ta .la.piin. tile se-.-ond dattiíl"'1' M''ss ObnkBie, cHed lo Gtenoaoy, and Mr. Wbeelet in Florida. l'uneral soivKcs rere Beld Sun ilay a'tt'rnoon. pcayeff iK'insí said íir tJie resldMD.í' ly Bev. Mr. Duif, at '1 o'clock, and Ube ragukH1 burial servI c condueted at St. A.ndrew'B eluirch at H-M) hy Rev. Henry Tatlock, tbe remaSae belng Interred in Forest HUÍ CeniEt'ry. Tíií Iionorary pal] bearera were Ja. Clement, V. I!a;-li, E. I!. Pood, Treadwell. Emil l'.anr, Ooi 1Ï. M. Tliiuiuwon. Dr. Na.n,re(lc, Dr. W. .T. Herdman. II. J. Brown. The active I ;i 1 1. ca rei's were Judge K. I). Kinnr. S. V. darteon, Prof. C. B. Denfeoa. Ui-. .1. e. WVxwl, Cha, s. Milieu and ;e. H. Pond. The ,]■.!'-; tint eorerod the casket -.■re of the parlty of the H5e whvii bad gom out forever, and shcMi' of wheat was a Uttlng fiui!-iii of h'.-i íitiii-d.v, atroné character, and bOa aprlghitoeea and trne IK.l, lil.V. Tii" PW 1 psiio.i college tratemUy, 22 in ïmnihrv. Bornied ;m i's-m-i, Mr. havjinig boen ;i meinber o! tlial eo,-Jety u lien ;i college stuileöt, and ; 1 1 - 1 chü' chieiy iii- t i-u ïm-ii t ;t 1 n ■ eurlnfc ttoe liulhling of the chftpter house hcr'. In tlhe state repab&caas Uuve been vjctorlo8 Crom 15,000 to is,000 majorily on a liü'i'.i vote. Mi'. Campan and the oíher democrats who iviTf sent borne by Mr. Cleveland tu win a democratüc vU-tory, will lint relura to Vasli:iiuto:i w Ui whal th y fvc sMit aft-JT. Til" slatc oí Michiuaii is si 11 lirnil.v in i ii. ■ republtcan column. And witih a bonner inscrlbed AKgier & Allieon, tbe repaUlïcans wlll ii ii wliiti' Uoue Ld 1800. i ii : na w u - Shanghai. ■'In t ai dea tii" Ooronere.


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