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Will The Advances That Japan Is

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nknp lookmn toward libe Biezure of th,3 IlnwuSiiin bisada, wake up up our goveniment, or not ? Englajwi in back of Japan. Mr. .1. C. stoiic, after itateon years ftjvrait on taie I-aüiiKülnirj; News. h.i.s soW IJue entire plant to Mr. C. Jl. Bcment. 'Hiw new ppoprtetor to a praiefR'Jíl prtetier and we wWh him the siw-ceBS tht lia.s alwa.v beea tli" lortune of the New to have. "The efectúen f lude? Ktane wUl i1 plaat-iip: newB t ih' enttre of his stat. H.s ïopiuation as mi able jiwifít' . ireil)4 uil arrer Mfchijgtuy and tJve ieople, ragardleee of party affilratioiiR, were lookiiijr anxlonely lot Iv!s re-elot-t'iom. iKK)plP have arteAd in tihieiir majecrt; and retwked the po!5tirjii MbkMtora and wlre puUer. The (U'fNit Oí Mr. (Hdsiy as Judga Èi tWi circuit is nut, kii iinii-H a lefeatof tihat fíCTitlomian, M H a debat of a petty peurt; tyranrt, who beeaiwte be held in hl hands the doliag Out of a few federal otftcoa, torced nwmbere of h party to wort and act Bga.'ittrt tbeJr own conaciencea. lt was more of n deteal tor Jtomlfc Gorman tjKwi tor Mr. Gilday. More of a defcat Df rS'ng rule 1li in anythiiiK cls', altougrh Mr. Ci.lda.v's 'Tool frtends" had somBtíiúiiK to lo wiKli lt. The great ëtrike of the COtton workrs Jn EnfTland whicíh ciinne to ;i ClOM MOently, was in one senso a victory for tlie lkilKwers. llie compromiso ro(hi--'ii wage luit - 8-4 icv cent, wluore; es tte emp'.oyevti Jiad atteniptcd to mate Si 10 per --nt cul. Kut it was a dearty loivgliit tramipli. PM for iy ïoiijr and Kovoro prtvwttona. Not Ires tibian 125,000 woridög people were ille toe twenty weeks ami los i'n woge8 reacuñes ttoe onormonB i o $8,000,0(10. so simniiy hos een Mi tai ao attempt will bma io secure I ]r hnuaPon of n ter ariürntion nvstc-m wltfa a view bo pneTentitog i-n.-U sfcaniir mis.ortmies ms thfe gtrtke, in the future. Itoe policy Ot 4 -lahlisliiiin tree pubIk.- wta)is 11 ever; iMaWlni and nmitk'ipality of Uexlco Ie t lic most and in]niiiant of tïve numerous nis Jhi h l'if sïiNint Díaz has inawguraited duitoig th many yeare h:i antedstratlon of affaire in mr ■ ■ repoUl of the south. AccompBo!ed by a compuleory education íaw, it strikte a dc.ii'i blow at the mamce wïidcli th! principal danfTll' t'll!' Me; ai) KeJl'lMic. Ili'17. lias '■ad W'ft'h i'. tin' leSBOBS ol x[veri'oif-c in both the Onitod States and F raii ■ ■. He baa beeome coovincecl that CTiliKlitonraent s MBcntla] to the prwervation of freedom and th-1 cnjo&'meait fvf MlM'i-ty ia a ïvpubliv, and fo. in popodAT rdn -at im tbe greateel cromise af future ffrowtb and developBirait ál Meil ". The proper UaCag ïu do la to gSve tilvp tli-' ]iuiT Au.-1falian ballot. Tttf kaogaroo Byeteno that tos bcn Kven au is gooá as far aa It goes, init H Étoea nol i Daar enough. If amy one tii'nk that people vote nist. as thicy jilease imder tbe present hTi'fcU'in, tlr-y ae wnni'eyïu'lv mistakm. TlWM-e e idanty ol ileeeU ani' fraiid. Tlue preMni aiiit te more compll cat.fd tliia.n winilil he 1lie iiennine Anstralijin Iwillot . wblcli cométete in put ■ömv; name ol ewery candidato un 4er t-lie tfiUe, eaoh rotor to put n . ttis, i i]i]n is: 1 ui caili inan's name In 4ttXi'"PS tO VOtE [or. Thie cliaau.' shouk) be made n tin Éti--st oí a i-d lailut. and In tliInteraat ol imi-ity iï bello! box. )in-s'nt laiv s abused aboul a mi :: 'ld law aed i o


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