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Political Pearls

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[n ite ast tewie, HW Armis wan vci-y „,„ h wnmfflit up ovrr ilio clecttOn, espe Mliy f )uáge in thte circuit. It paved, ii pieeded and atonned, and that Micy may beaome matter ot rocord, i few ot One thoutriits expressed t hi-rrii are reprodmced. Here Is a BOleian waniiim timi miuin to hare Oli'illcil the ïMiU-niw tal c i-v iIriiiiK-r.itiiinriw of Judge Ktane, bat ïailed f lts mtakra boom wwy : TtaB ra.isfs its wrfce in snl-mn waniiiw t tii!' democracy o! Uw country it stoute it ms its Bolemn if .linten ECtane rfioold be pe-electod Mil Mandey, ttue n'1' conty aJficere will Ik: n-iiubliciui. and a li'uht wi 1 irivc rtarted in the cownty wii, li notiuiiK can ailay. Thi may seera ptwmg fcallt, böt it la ome tmiemn Iriilh. Here is ;hh t sp ■mon : Swli inviiir t sitiuition. the republicana obbalined ■' pewonal letter from ;i man ta Mbnroe to a man In Wasiitcn.iw. Tlicy Ilion ffot the AVashtcnnw mnn to drmkiiur po t'hiit he gave np the lettvr, whjcb waa at once taken lo .lutlnv Kimii' and poMMted l).v tïie r-iillujin-s n circular form, and (listri.huted 1hrourli the county. It wi 1 be DOtloed by the above quotiation t Ha t the repoMICaaa obtaincd tlie letter h-fore it was jiivcn up. The letter refcrred to was broug-'it to Judpe Kiime by demócrata (not by republicana) wlio were rigliteously iniHpMiirt at the content ttaereof. If tDie man to wtom it me, gave tho letierawoy be.auNe he was in a drunken romtitCon, as clainiod, it will probably be a olemri waruiivg to him not to look uipon the witoe when it la red, ■nny m)ie. The lettor and it.s transía t,ion ati iuibliliel ni circular forni, it trae, but without one word of coranrent ün regard to it. It was uaed in ii niKxkt and gentleniiinly mann r. more o tíwm it deserwd. Sli'.l tli.p At-pus continúes : Ttw detüien cf the r 'ïnihli ans in resortiing to Huta low uul contemptl ble poUMScal tri-.k was to Introducá luto Mué v iimimiiirn the question (f religión. Indwd ! W'hiat v,-is des-igu or Mr. Jam toet, Une (Iraní ral who vrotc tihílt letter? He VH aai intriKlu.inu: relifr.ini loto politics, was te? It vasn't llüa trii-k, was it ? And po Une Áfgtu nrga apon demórate the extreme importanw oí seentr t, thiw fine-laid republi an ctaeme;.-s ; tliat thi low, outempUfote trtsk ia properly rebnkcl; 1 i,at rviTy il-uui -rativ vote M)']lcil ; Th it tbe rauta are closed ip, and fii.-it tbe (k-m,'K:ratio party ■toe I ius ■ wli;(U; aml tcslify to toetr aírocacy oí the treedoaa ol n1i)?ifcni belief. Th'e (Wnii'-iatH did tliat vory thtog y electitog J-ri' Klnne. 'üiwy oonüd ï.avr doiii iit no bett t in any otber way. 'l'iif ,rl:iu:-ial' ln-cs ith tlii h-.'art remling lappcal : Xevcr, Is its lbi.story. has the Argus been tso nmch Oo eorncót in the expretriton of its opinión íw it is tO-d&y. It w mill iheütat öbout statinji in such iisi.iui terra uus danser in ine pmn■iay ot tllw; party, dtd it not believe thkat idefeat in Oie coatevt of Mondajt woulU Inaagiawte a split in our ranlH wii.uli wöuhl be paet healing. The splH ueems t.o havo arrivcd. Here is a K'lnort sentsiice frmn anotlier aütle tihat l!ro. Bcakos will have öo cxpi'in. ii h .-o peooliar : Tii,:j letter of Mr. Jamint't's was writtcn wtttumt Mr. (lillay's knoui ■if .-iiid cruitrary to tL9 wishes. Huw -oU(l siuli a state of affairs 1h' [MNssihle ? In 1891, dor the twelw memthe enilog Deoember -".1 . t-u value of the gla#e and glassw axe exRorta trom I lie United Btated in (irciii coubtries was ,- 814. In L892, tor Ui' correepomding perjo(l, unOer rfepnbDcan reclproclty and rotee tlön, the aii;r o! these eiWBM $12,161. Tiif.s UlfcUWBB 9é,94t7, H' OW 87 ii'iir., langely t republlan redprtwtty .-mil prcntct4on. There v notihiEng Ixrlttle a.boa1 iliis ehowing. t ite Mail and Express. TluTc is ii n error eomewhere. Ereary iltl' v. h li' t'nc rojiy (if tliv Alivian 'reee Uha.1 belooge to the OouTler fails a ii'-i ;iia t kon, and mi we are l-privi(i if readtag ome ( Ui moet caiiiiih'.i' ex bangee a tbe state. Jue1 uow we air in gel even with the feliv tbat takes lt, vf ilon'i know. Denver Repúblicas: '1 ii ■ colossal iluiulcr eommttted by tfce Bllver Btetes ol tii.: - rsi In aldlng In the ele - t.ioii of Cleveland by waatlng tlieir ral vci;rs oa Weaver, must uow he aiijiarcnt to every tatelllgeni uiporter of cwiM of l.jii-t;iilinm. Tl Pree dent Etacrbson luid 1h''h re-electmI :;i.-i NhvcihImt tbere wouid be no (kaagor ïHiw of ri-ix-al of th' SherïiKui ]au ;i ml tbere m gpood reason to te lbai the Internationa] Monerary ( 'nnfcifii ■ wuuid ii;iv taken deliM'nii act ion in favor ol' tbe rwtoraUon of s vit tO its j]il ptaoe and val IK' as none; at rts reoent nfiNInii in Brussels. Tli 1 1 . ■ J . : . 1 1 of ( 1 'vcland, and cs])c ;;aiiy tbie poeltSon aaeuined by tliL stjilcs ii,:,'li nave thcir clectOimi notes io Weaver, g&ve the m-iiis oí t-i.vcr renewed couragie bo i;i'! for the repeal of the Sherauan la ■ ,'uul gfreatly lessened the taftaencc of the delogratee trom the i'iiit-il Hu ii:v monetary conference. Go "devll" -Tüe priator's iy.


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