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State Tax System

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Krom the State Kopuliliian.Satiirrliiy. M nri-h 2-". Ii the prescnl IegiBto.1 uve of Michigan presente to tlw poople aiiythinir short of a we'l-il;nvst(. Btate sysicin ol taxwtton t üi (all lar below the wishes .■uní expectatfüne of a majority ol the tbQnkens and the most expenlenced batlnoM men ol thás state POgiardleee of party. Tïre addreea i ili.ii. O. M. Damas ii-or t'.ii ■■ Joint i oiiimi'ttí-1-s of taxation of the legtalatinc OD TliursdaN eveniag as B Btinong exposMon of tfve detecta ol a nnnity s.vslcm of taxatr n, and a lojíioal and convliicniií presenta I ion ol' tbe (Iannci-s to uii:.h it exposes the real .state holder as eompered witli the -u]H'i:or secuiïty enjoycd ander Btat rapervtBKm. Mr. Banaee ; by no muie singular :n hls portUon. He is supported iy tho reeonted eipertence im ottoer states wiii'i-c the coanty iystem bea been In vogne. Kx-AmF.tor (H'iicrnl Stonc la a conslsHMit opponent of Ure IOT now !n torce, uní in Jiis aniniMi report for tiic iisi-Ti year he iwiaits out la detïiil ninny we;ik pcrinta in H present lnw, neveral of wtlfch would appear to lie iiúiprcMit to any connty BTWtem I3iat coiild be de-iwcd. BefenMng to tta (Mhiquent tax (1ppartotnt ae otgaorted oirfw tiw vtate slyeteni now BiipcrsiHled, Auditor (enerl Storve Halid : "Tlic expenses of this (tepartmwrt . üiave iK'fn moie than paM iy tíw i.níiitit rocelved and creditel tl eo.neral tund trom timo tö time from tiw payen of deltoqueat UMI, WO that this departraont has in no way been a öuroen to ioc punctual tax pavor, and no state tax boa ever be-;n levied for the purpose of any expwwe or meeting aay aeflelency ta th' ooUeetttM f nny Kt4tc tax previlimsly levicd. On Ulo other band from comapoodtoce wKb otter states tliat eollec-t tfaeAr (U-liaiqui-nt taxe ly the o-called 'coimty syetejn,' I Bod It rita frorn 20 to 50 per ceait. to t-ollect eneli $1.00 of tax, and the proportAw f tlieir taxes thiis oollected :s muil Miiu'.li-r tlian m this state undcr tHie 'Btate svHtoni.' Tliat tisis sy.stcni, Om n-siut of imu-li experienee, 1 cstahrslwil MM) l'-ss cxprnsivc. ft Hild be supersed 'il by a systom unkaowo a w merit, expeMlve wiu-re ;t lias been in ome, al the Rood foatures of wUtab are emtooatei In He laws ,,f 1889 'e a mattec to ix vn-y mu h rciircttcd ly nll." Ar.oth,er 'fc1in- O e epaei tr(HÜ; and iinicrtainty onder whioli tlie taxpayew labor wbere a coinity Bestem f. in vosruc was bronsbt to the notico of tlio rcpublU-ans a few days apo. A jjrentleman rotcivod a V.wt (if taada uikwi wttlcb he was reiuosted to pa;v the taxos for an oa.stern party, ü&der Ole Mate systcm the algent luis only to lU-posit the lit witli tlw auditor pTiTal, roquost a statement of tlie graai amouiit oí fove, iay tliein, and tak.' hix reeeiptis. The entire traaisaotion involvee but a tew hoair time, and the matter in elosed acenrately, witli no probability oí iuture trouble. Had this gentleman -to pay those taxes undrr tlie county Bjratem it would tarrelve a di Nision ■! the lis-t and corrwpondeace 'tili eercateen ccranty treairorere, rofil'.cs froin tJiom, scvcntocn renwttaiKes. aaul ttut r-tnrn of seveiiteen pacbagee of tas rcecipts. invoivIKverel week' i inx-, bogetfaer with pOMdMlltle 0Í lOM in transit. Aiaiii, .inaoiy r oanty ti-casiirers are mil „i'-c-(i.-Hi;int.-i l.-i w.vcrs. It has , airrady been dtecoveffed tfoai i ly ;uiy tw) at Uiom i.Ui-stand the síoms ol iiic preeenl s.vst-'in lükc. and boom o4 tlhem do ncrt eompretuend ihicm ;w all. 1 1 i-v-. thon, la ii HaWllty raiscd tor gravt erron, alone In OQfUputtng laxes, l:it in vcccijit in wrong dea tdfrtflong, ttaxn expoeing tlie taxpaycr to lOBB, 'lcl:iy. an:l inu;-li, 11iii' ■r.---aiiy tiTOuble. Ai i h preswat time tiicic ran be ioinid 'm Ii: ■ o:f ■(■ of lh.' auditor ■ era] periectlj acettrate histories oí all lan!s of 1 1 1 ■ - slat-'. Widli the ai!;Uon of a ccninty systrin of taxat:on t1i'. very valuable record wonld pi-üi 'liially mis i h.voutrli trans 'er to i1h' oítices of the county i i-i-a-ni-rrs. I'ioHalily 110 two of tbem ouiil om the game system of keop'i ihfir i ix hkrtorieB, and many of tbem nïiiTlit liave n system at all tfarougb inabilhy tO devise onc. In sioine o: the count ;cs tliTe s inadequate provleloo Ure protection, and an accidenta] Mase mSgirt wlpe out o4 'xi-ten-e 'Videnic absolutoly ni'ciiry to eslatl:sh a tiitlc. '1 he ieo)ic of M: liisan rocognlied the advantaKes oí a Klate systcm of baxattOD at au earl'y May anil preparel tof t. lmprov(nieiits hiiv' been made ín tbe is hom timo to time, as anl oxpeKcnceK womed tio demand. Tlw tax law of 1880 tthia fruit of all Iliosi' years of experlence, and Bor eleven years it servi'il aeecitt ilily t l - euds of the peo pta and of öhe state. Tlie cotmty tem adopted two yea-re tugo was the bantüim' oí O lot of tinroiists and oxpei'iiuriitaHsi ulno Ilioiiiiht ihcy waait - ni siiiiic.ii1]'-ivíí nu-" Ibrt change. The latuTG eau lot dü a wi-rr. not a more generalij BatWactory thiog tHikin to go bock on ti the old ground i Mme and expwicuce lias proven to waUe a wrii as econwateal.


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