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No Real Rival Yet. World üimaw Eli Perklns saya: A'tcr people tbáye jíoik1 over all the routes to P-aliíomia once, they settl" [ down to tlis oll U. I'. TW road will always w Hm Jjreat transcontinental Dme. It ]' Ui 'ra-k, the best equipment. ttw beet f-ating houseg, and ït teaehee the travelor more history and geography than any other line. It süiows you historif Salt Lake nml tbc Morinons. tkes you through tha y.-ca: Laramti plans, tlie Humbolt BaeJn anil t!li Great Canyoa, over the very etage route t.hat Hora ■■ Greeley and Ai-tenrus Ward rode. Oiu-e on t,be Vnion Paci.ic it goe everjrwlLere. It runs to Portland and Pueblo, Helena aoid tlhe Yoscm.i'te, Tacoma and Seattle, Los Angeles and Angeles and San Mego, and iet he Only route hito San Francisco. It ha no rivals yet." Sen-d ior our OaWomla Sighte and Scènes. E. Ij. Lomax, G. P. & T. A., Unáon Pacific SyStem, Outalm. Myl6. Free Trip to Chicago. Separate AV-O-K-L-D-.S F-A-I-B Bad uso the letters to spell as many word as you can ty uing the lettere as nvany ttmee as yon wish, eiUier bakward or (orwards, lut not we the samo letter in making one word more tim.s than it appeaTB in "World'h l'". It ie suid seventy-five small Ongliatt wunls eau lx: apelled cori-ectly {rom the ben lettere oontatoed In "World's Fair." l'.xample :- Wad, v.aif, 80r, :k1o1. etc. If you are goud at wordDiiaJclng yon caaa secuire a FKEE trip to th WorWB Fair and return, a 'ihr Scott Beed Oompang win pay all expenses, tncladlog R. E. fan;, hotel bKla, :ilnii.-s',oiis 10 Uwe Coluinliian Kxposition, a,nd $50.00 in cash for i:i etdenbal expenses, to t ■ Qrst persoo ahli' ii make eeveuty wordö ïrom tho letters contaiined In "World'e Fair," ;is above. Tlioy win alm give a r kisjï TRIP In the World'.- Fair ana return with $25.00 lor inUk-ntal expenses, tothe ïiist per&oii lending eitty words as abovc. They v. II al-ci (flv a t'BEE 'J'lïll' tio t U-e World1 Pate1 iiiid .(Mm-u (wilh casli for Incidental expene) totlie first perscra senddBg {fty-f;vc words. To Uhe fiirst it.-hii söbdlng fifty i.. ds wlll le slven .S.'.O in casii tO%va,rils payhag expeaiees u tln "Wortrt's l'air ; tu tlu' BrBt peraon semüng forty svords will le g-ivt-n $25.00 in casfli towards payiiii? expoosefl to the World's I'nir, to encli of the first five pe:-8ons BeoiShlg tiliirty-live words will 1h' gtvem $10.00 in oash, and to eaidh of tihe firet ten Reaidiiig thirty -ord wóll he civtn $5.00 in caih. níy one prize wlll be awarded to the Barue person. Write yoiir name on list of words (miin.berpd) and encloee tihe eame post-pnirt wWh fiíteen U. S. twooent Btamps íor a latge packaeje of our Cbojoe IDnglisih Cottage (; arden Flower Seiicte. Ttiiis coinbinat ion inclule6 the latefit and most popular Brosliwüv flowers of eiKis varieties (same as will be ("ontiajiiMMl ii tlie elalmrate cxliibit of Ehnffllsi iloewre at thie World'8 Fair.) Ttu.s "AVorld'e Fair" Oomteet will 1m carenilly aivd ccmscientiously conducted sotely for ihie purposc of tntrodueimig our buRinO.s in tttve U. S. You wiill reoeive tlue ÜIGGEST valuo Jn flower (eeds ever offpred, and if you .aro alle to nwike a prood list of WOTÓB and fliiswor promptly you will nave a nmt-cltMM opporfcaalty to secure a fc6 trip f rom your homc Ctakaagc and rettum. W ar spondlug a lazge amount of moiii'y to Start (iv.r 11-ade in tlw T. S. and wamt y.H-.r trial order. You will be more i;ratiüed wttb th rcsuit. Seml to-day, mul adorees Tin: SCOTT 8EED COMPANY, Toronto, (.inada.


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