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And The Mouse Escaped

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Tii ■■ has .a ir! - 1 1 . 1 m the steil 'ií 'b western newapapoi1 wWi ■vh(;iii 1 (i en exchaavgoa In teres ting bliippiïKgB. Tin' Iates1 recelred at ie waa 1 1 1 f tollo w Ing, cut frora úi sni;i i paper pabii-ii ■{ im X. Dakota : ■■'I '1; ■ huí ny Crlíeodfi ot Mms. E - will be pletwed to loara Huit sli" le Jim io ■;(l! druïde:-, as Ule BhOCb la Jim as as at Erst supposed The particular oí fche anfortunate affair aire interestlmg. It acema thai Mrs. E . wïiEle goimg upatairs, saw a ron iM'irini a barrel. Her cries vf!-c lvi-.-vnl liy tfae li'.rcd man. who ;i.i.-'"iic(l to the seene axmed witii bis líuii and follciwcil ly Íes (aitliful bulldog. Mts. E ihx-. tok courage and poked ln-ltnd Míe barnjl witli lier broom. The moose raii out, iii' dog garted In paraart, tibe blred man tlred, ttoe dog dropped dead, Mr.-. E - íauitéd aod the hüred man, thinking h ■ had ki Led her and tbat be rould bo an-csted in ii!-Ut. took to li.'.s lic '1m and tías uat been heerd ot iüaca, The iiiioiisc .f.-i-aprd."- l'.osUKi Budget. Wijiks- "Sce tbjai teUow on a Wcycle- 11 doubled np i ke a jack kolfie." ■ --'Vc-, he'a on pteesuTe bent."


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