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Varied Industry A Help To Better Civilization

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Tu look at lik' polfcy oí a nat on oiily as t in-a.v ■ !Vt wealtlv n moni'y ami otiiwr material tilinga la a partía] and fragmentar? view-, not in ■ blgbesl and Hicrcorc Incomplete. Sn -,ii uvaith is Lmportant, bal must be ü-.iiued smd uaed aa i means to a h Kh end- n:i t ioiiii 1 and ierisonal cliaracter. Tii, ■ old way ." wealtb was by warlike robbery ; Ue new way s by wiprenwvcy in peaceful induetry. An individual wlll alm to acquire personal todependenco ; equally does a íwit.pcm- a greal family of millions of imnvidu.ils want national independence. 'lw Individual, if wise, Kceks su -ii oGcapatttioa as wüi glve scope to li.w gienioa and cnnolK' his pharacter wh;'ie wUm daily bread and l.'iys y i umi' savinirx. Tiu nation sihimild go shafpe its poltcy as to giro si ii]h to the varifd fivnilus of it pcople help them to a híffher liic wih'He thoy win its wealth by tiuir tdil and iskiil. GovemmentB peraonity natlODS'and aUoald iikc their power and !niliMMn-t' tor the beal gox3 of all : cs iKvially In tiiis tbe misBioa and dnty of a froe Kovo-mnicait,'iis-.' officials are bot the ehosen ajirl truBted servanUs of tli.e peopl'. The wondrCHlB growth of inan f rom savage bo alvHlaed lile is a dovciopment and culturé : ar:,l powers of in i :il and body tfi meet tbe wants and ..!,,(■! testes of the more perfect being. 'I'li" savajgpe has a iiarrow round of bCmple occopattofls, "w wants easi1, su.pplied, tinnii;lits tliat take in il s umi trilic bilt sn out Iipyonrt in dim confusión. Yrt in Hwit lower nature are li u germa of a b!gher, a 1v'.jic In-tent ever tonde tn lift all upward. and at ]as come fhe larger range oí thomgfct, tiic more complei i ■cupat '(w, tli" many wante, the deinii.l tor heautjy and order and perga whi'rh m.ike up civilizatioii ind 1 1 u-c 'r.M'd.iin. The industry oï ivaige simple, thai of the clvili.zsd man is complex. 'I "ii ! leasoo of lisbory is tliat vavic-d industry is a iroiln t and reduit if c;Vilizatlon, and i'hat thjosp gforernimejite whlch have (iuiit' nuovt in Mionragp it have, In (faal v.ay, hlpwl to Rfit the life of tHirfr people to a li'ulicr lovel. When giorvenunieot eacowagea ttae genius of ttke peopSe jt hna the ctrength of the Bteraal 1,-iw-is on itn hui'. Bwto) cncouratiement ü ihe Idea and aim f pnoteetttm to home indHiertry. No country cas prof i t so mucii. by fföreraMted imhistvy u the United 8ttw,(Sor no otber cotattty hits such viii'iiMl irtvan1;ij.T and natural rettOUTOes, wüttl Bin-h freed-run aaqulckenf! flus and iliu'nt geaftM of the poople. IHie protec'iivc polioy of BlMBlA has ÍM'IimhI thiit enpAre wrwitly. Her ma.niifa.'tur-; increiuied n value 170 per cont., fixm 1867 tO' 1879, reachiiiiK iit-ar $400,000,000 and employing 700,000 workmen. Bot the shadow of OMMtnn - personal and rreponsille dü]Ktjtíin - cliills or efrmapts all. (ieniKiny has matl grent progresa siihicc tti-e axloptijou of hr Zolllverein ; Imt an im perita 1 govemnient with an inniHiise tiinMns army holds a 3ng amd crowded mnltitude in mibjeetion. ba frainod botter roBtta t'or (her people. Tl' r-'vohitiön uf 1 IX'.) Kw)k rlw.' bands, held ander oíd rebine y i-Siinri'.h and arate, tram thi' maak umd noblemen for het farmere o hovd and tiiil, and UiJs gave nipct'Ufi to the skill o: der artiW!)í. wli : h Uu' govenuuent lias wiscly encouicuged and protected. Hut I'i-a.n c b just entering on au e!fori tOT iipular fiiviTiiiiicii; . auil n:is iin.-i iím1 but yesterday from Ñaparteuu ■ an.l Boorbon ruje and trom the vviaWte o: war. Al tbaae are prtrt tivc naiioii-, and sn ii are tlicii' dva%vHa.,-k.-. 'Plw "mauUi'eet dcsiin," o! thle :cranbry H not to lw Bimp i,v a great agricultura! iKitioii, but to build np tibe rji'lu'st aiul most bedüceni raried industry and ootnmerce ta time world. We oaonot have beet f&rmtog ontil bave th Ih-si roaBofacturing, in varied íotuik and matwrlala, near fin' Damt, wwh an toutiepensable help to tHne gfrowt-h and pcrfectnesa 01 the dttlwr. (uw uh botïi. aad Uw bteodlng of tlln-s-e va led esperten en an;l vocations, tlhie meetíiiír aiwl mingling of thc nrany USe-entventk, tinged and baped by mi ■ih wWe masrtery of man over naturoB foroes and mutrialB, i full of hMK. It is civiliiitiin, fiilturc, w'.ill,li yf Mini M woll hm of purse. To tJic iiiTmer it h Iocvmuh of th prodiu't.s of Wh acres, conoiny ■ o! excSwmfft', work of iKiiifl or bruin tor wlu.'itcvvr KÜ' Ol power or rharaoter liliis'i llr-u nva.v poWCM) imstant and coiwUint eail for a variK't.v oí labor, Liiil all tbe wMle Uw thrill o invcntvi' {genius inishinig tha-ough the sorene Hi!'t rf Iuíh life in the fields. navin,2: it from all narrowiuw or Mtanation. bhai lic may tlio more cnjoy nature's beauty and i1h better her torces sorvo li ' in . 'Pluis an make oor labor more jirodu live ; elévate ils eliaraetcr and' (b workinan's Ufe largor and t ; save the waste that alua.vs fOllOWS CTWte and nnskilled prfrtfitiCT ; and gaJu, Uiat tuaetery over nn-tiire's fijicr torcos .ind elementa u ir ii s syiiiirii'tr.v. beauty, permanaooe, Btjrenfftíh and detfcocy In every product of iln killed artisan, wltfc }v:s genius awakened by the muitiform prodnctÉ and proeesse gTowtoig lip arcrand tina. We must train oiu" tskill, and devetop our .rtjiitic taste, OT we fall 1h1utk1 in tlw.' gveot and peaceCul strife of naKoual iixhistrirs. TV le diill lasgarda ín tliis jiohle enijulation wovild be sore (iinastor. kei1])'!!!}; na down tt povertv of life, few emplovmcans, banki-iiptcy nul depeodenL. Let tibe cttied poli1cy of gowtrmvmt be to protect mr iiidusu-y. atld tJius develop our ina t reBOurcee and geaftna oí our pplc, and v shiall show Kurh rewnlt in ( liarai-tcr anl wealt.h and Bnest sklll nx tJie world Iiuk never een. Without mi li pollcy w' xhall Krope on '.-n ibrrkiwsn and oonfuHion, tbe glantH tTamplJiiR thi pllsnüe iindcr foot, and all Ktrikiiifi ut raodnon ti earh other's Ivarm . No tree ti-ad' natico can reacli tliis varitsl tothlBtry. Qreat itritain built uplier inhisiiii-s by two hundred years of rigirt protection aaid lilf centuiry of free trale bcuB brokiti the hopes Of Colwlen and Bridge, and h now Btoutly oppoeed by a growing number ín thi' öntted kin)fl)om. Kich aml soLkl as Kiigland is. Hlís load weiglis down her pejple, and tlic of (iiistn'-s comea up trom tüve wretched bornes of tïie poor to the palaces of the rii.-h.- Economist.


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