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Thóse u1h aro acquainted witb the genial " P. 1," need pot be told tliat his poëtica! prodnctioita merit universal commendation. Those who have heard his "JuJj?e Not,-" " Feilen," "Life," and "The Droukard," will ever regard hiin as b po tic genius of the lir.-t rank, and 1 lis poein, " To My Mother," sweetly patlietic, and expresaron of filial devotion, will live forever. His " Angel of Death," is h maaterpiee and rereals a deptli of thought and ieelint; that woilld reflect credit on ïuany an older barl. His " WIipji to Study Law I Started," etc, will beread and applauded by every law student who remeinbers Zudcrmistir, or the terror of BlackBtone, iiii'i " My Hat," wsll beappreciaied by the niany who are1 familiar with :he story i the (ate oí th" poel'a 'tile.' His enlogy of the oaembersof the failty "t the luw department .A the U. of M., (itlustratod by elegant half-tooe ■uts) will please every body, aol tic ' Medie " w il! impresa few witb tli iuventi-ve gemM of the author and Lew wiU lauu'h troin " 11" to " 12t.-' The Ixjok íh certainly a wonder oí art md will undrnltedly have a wide c-iïeuatfun.; its ingenióos and humorouahnr is a ereilit to the I'niver.iity bu-t more cperial)y to the law department, tnd every " Ljiw," at least, should carry to )iia líeme M a college souvenir, a copy of Johnsrtone's p(;in.


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