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Motor Line Time. In effect orí. i. tan leave Min Artior. ímni Court House, Rt 7 :20, ;j), 10:50, 11. m.. md L:00 3:60, 1 :-. :."o, 7:20, ■ 50, 10:80 il m. líente Ypsllanti at 7:00. 9:0, 10:80, a. m., and 15 10, a :30, 4:00, 4 :80,7:008:8o, LO:30 p, m, SU.NDAY TIMK. locare Aun Arbor. from Court House, at ü :ao, 8 :ÓO, 5 :2Ü, l :."0. b :20. 'M p. m . Leave Ypsilanti. at 2:00, 8:30, 5:00, li ::), 6 :00, H::i0 p. m. Nighti oí entertainments last tnüu wlll be bfld to acoommodate pasfleiigers. J. K. REAL. Pres. OPENING AND CLOSING OF THE MAILS OHFICE HOUB8. I.OCAl. TIME. General Delivery and 1M a. m. to .00 M. Stamii Windows.. 16.50 P. M. to 7.30 p, M. lionev-Order and Raglstry bepartments .8.00 a. m. to 6.00 r. M. Carrier Windows 8A0 p. m. to 7.80 p. m. Snndays - General Peliverv, Stamp and Carrier Wlndowa -08 a. H.toio.oo a. m. Mails Mails UOINti KAST. Close DiwbibITKI). Kxjiress Poiu-h to Detroit 7.20 A. M.j Express I'oiu-h from CMi cago, 111.. j """ ■ iJKtroit Si Urand Rápida PO 10-4i) ".ilLSO A. K. Detroit Chicago R.P.O. W8 P-. 6J p. m. Kxpress Ponehes from Kalttinazoo, MiCh., Juck Bon, Mich . an Detroit,, Three Rivera A: Chicago upn . ilüdP. Detroit 'CMciaó K. 1'. o. k.oo p. m. 7.30 a. m. Eapress Pouch to Detroit i-00 p. m. . . GOING WE8T. uit & Grand Rápida R. p o "Paper Tralu, - , v.oü a. m. oit & Chicago K. 1'. O. 8.10 a. M. 9.25 a. m. esa Ponchea to Chleiigo.Ill.,Jackson.Mich.. umi Kalamazou. Mlcn.. ior. Rxpress Poiu'li from Detroit ■ ■ ■''■'■'" ''■ MPetroit t Grand Rapids K j. o ó.öO p. M. G.60 p. M. Detroit Chicago R. P.O. 8.00 p. m. 7.80 k. . (iOIN, KORTH. ikiort &ToledoR.P.O. 70 k. m. 8.80 a. m. P0UCb fr"" T" J2.30P.M. rrankfórt Toledo R P.O. 4.25 p. m. 6.1 p.m. GOINtí 8OCTH. ,reas Pouch to Toledo, 7.00 a. m Kxpress Pouch to Milau 7.0 a. m frankfort & Toledo R.P.O 11.25 a. m. 12.80 p. m I ranfcforl & Toledo li.v.n. h.oo p. m.T.wi a. m MKS8KNGEB SERVICE: Muil leaves tor Weinsburgh.Tnesdnys and Saturdaye 12.00 m Mail arrivés from Weinsburgh, Tuesdiiys aud Saturdays 05 P. K. Mail arrivés from IJixboro and Geer. Tuesdays.Tliursdays and Saturdays, 11.00 a.m. Mail leaves for Dixboro and Geer. Tuesdays.ThursduysRiidsntimliiys, 12.00 M. EUGENE E. BEAL, Aun irbor. Hielt.. Oetober 1SU. Postmaster.


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