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The Election Of Sheriff Cal.

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.., ■ gom . , h- happen l'm a ..■ mu d ''■ dealt cards. "II ain't do ue m" me trybo win out agalbsi him. Ke'e u'"t Tex end shorty on ttoal mortgage. I ever; Greaser n Favalai coanty j,vli vobe (ar Sim e's -"' " Muidle cotared woiuon. it aln'1 a ,.,-,, .i prospect for me -wonf i hactoM better pull my tn .1 UIIV." .! hii ob and and i;l hae to gtve ü ap. Bul h v wtbso in' nrae beetcn, and he knew Jul wDaa-1 ív eataBtrwphe H mcant t(i Ji : 111 n-l tlirii. ■■Why liavrii-t I S"l B llttle money ? Il I eooad gwt Tes and Bluorty out ol t i:it mortgage biwtoees they ■ ia pull for i" : kllnv he bed them In H'i eaw business, and i'iii-y bate iiim liba 'Paelie ea ttoe derk." Wtaereupon Sharifl Thalr curaed hhneelfso sciujHily tli.-u he broke a pair ,,f j;i :k Li to t íluii, and 4M ,lid not iiiul out lli.'il ODe ui siiad.'S 9 a dun utrtdi be drew aaother :, as - iiir wiini of meo who have revertes during b poker game. H bad pteyed all n.ixht -vvitli half his inind on the carda and the other halt on his proapeetB. Tluiikinii dldnM 4o any good, o h .ni and bwow aloud uil time, ,n hi.s lu.k a BCapflgoal and oatbed in. ■■Cal knows be'a done up," saJd th . aïer, wtoen the shariff had "Ouaw he Ooee, and tts' uuitfii on L OW woa'1 U't Iiim have cariotta B b ain'i elected, andttoat'a encragb to mafce any poor man son' . me went on. OW w ore enouigh, Gtod knowB. Th proepeetrv kwe ol tta office was liadvnoimh. but whfn that nicant the i youniï wifr it was tm■ -aldc, and Ihri-c was 111 luck riOeB. in tne n place W Tiioin-y to iiin for abctff, and Ca] ,t have any. Hts ül fortune at monte and lam had taken o mcat part oí Hl Wg m 'V 'hut was in tibe shcr.ífs oífi e. Then beef went ,!owu sio and he couidirt make anyng out of ivis Interest in the nanob. Altogetber Oal wan down on We ,m k. He.weuteö the i f. ■■ : he wantod _ ÓaxVciQe n e, ::i p te o kis sneer ( at ttue 8ftddlE colored woumui ot hfe rival. WVrree tba all, tois books were not RbraSsbit. He meaai when bc tk"'thè , imntv's nniury in i :i.v il ,-ill back out r Ii'jb feos, end I in U badn't lep-i o Bfe.iïnet h.lm h vmll havo don ■l'.ul bOW Uw dev:! wB 1 to know Miat old r.owinau ucmld tak it in.1.1 to run [or Sherlfl T" Cal ■LOllUill . li weit nol thai Cbe yoiuig niiiniwaa Oiupofpular iii-it irs defeat Pretty mucb ereryI ,idy i:i;rd (al Thair, lmt BgaldBt liim ivaa o sicadivr cltlzeo one witii more íninicy. more ioicllionwlit and a mail who liad i strnimiT rop OD the infliii-iiiial TOtee of Yavapai c.ounty than the r'.aia ot mere trlendBhlp. 'Wcll. (f wiiini'lliiiiii' doeen't happen pretty booo," '-all Cal to lilmself for the liundicdili Utoe, "I'U travel." Bom appened. .lust ai. mu dusk one evemlng as tiie hill stage BwiiMg arouax] th gharp turn in Snake Oeek there came oul igioom ' toe doI unusual greettaig : ■ IM 11 mu ih,-ii 'mix.!' In aeoordance ii'h the ethica and customa of road ili-ivor cd ap. rae alia waa none i ms ; ilis Ulii lUt.v (Mine int the fcp&rtnifiit. nf i nger, who i gd botib bárrele luto the murlc; i and thcn p-ltched over hcadiong betweeñ tibe wheel and horses, deac iirin iciiirn Ure. 'Pftdh oui 1 1 1 .- 1 1 luis !" Out went tlir Iidn. ■(V !iit." ■ ir er li i 1 1] if 1 up bis borsee. lt :is nexi awmtag when Sh.'iin (ai vba awakened by the courler who hroniïht tlir neWB. l'ivscnt Iv the lxidy if ttw mwwuBer arrlved. Slwrill' Tal was al hfad ui a -.! liv (laybrcak and far mi towartl the Bcene of the attack upon the Btuge. Su hard d:d he ridc and ao itercely lid Follow tlic trali tliai the whole iininl!y was filled willi admira ; i n. A ' h:i i ha i '11 Iim ve liis flglH e aj n-:i h. to go hual In' i . ■ robber lie t si n:í in liini." sald "Buck" Meadows dintag the few mtinitcs iK'votcd to converwitlO)i be [ore I .i ■ gaime openad to the erening. "Bu k as rile (aro dealer, :nnl i umi , ee " polley tos mi lu i .: ■ ;i of cxpiivs'. nu; au opinión un maters poItUcal. CooBequently when he flM sc;ik tíXe opinión had w4glit. ".ni Une imiinn.-iiiis re[ong riüee Bod i vciiK'in'.ci-'.is exert'.oois geuerally on led o come ta. 'Cal alwayê d!d plaj lui last chi liiul ;i iiiiil:-,] beliind ' -." ftaid "Bu 'k" Mead -a arming wtu detects-ree ; GB exprese oompaoy's rewarcl pl&oarda were posbed la every s;U.hui. Ibera wam ; vast amoant n tliat treaeure box, and the rewarda WC1T rlMTi spillHJ'.lllil.V laiüV. ■■Il CaTil only gel tliat .ha], lied ,." hlB ïn-ndK BBiü : 1 ut time went by and Cal and wornout men returned empty Irandi'd. i CleWB i:i"ii' (]■■ u. l;u-k. All a,x a beölde th wreckod treasure rsc's llOOl UUptoe a linio way in tie bruali [bat Uie rolber had provlded meaiiB ea ape. Bui nu rememtered seeing bu i au a. and tiic tracks correspondrt to mo howse ae tar as Ü ■'"'■ll (Iclcnil'lll1. Bo Cal and h - po ' ack uiillinii ihrir man, leavlng the Deld to tii1 amateurs, wli.o, tempted by the reward. stUl Beojdied for the roWr, Mud inore ]in uiariy Por tibie plunder, vii,:Hi ht' must havi' cuni-ra 1-mI smiicwlii-vi'. Ca] I na .■ ' lu.'k geemed io have chaimrd. ümd worda spoken for 5iim wtMD ïi" lefi hta campelgn to do !i dmv diil li ini mie g I. Presentty all Vavajiai coonty waa astotmded tO liravd Unit Tex and Bhorty had eome "in tor Thair ; and whe-D the rival canOldate came down apon rhi'in witii hl mortgnge they petrJtted bim iy pegrlog it ott. The annouiHi'ini'iit iollowlng goon aÉfter of poepectlTe marriagi 01 One shciiii and th wealthy daugUtet of old Trupilo offset Uw Influente ol tbe aaddle colored womao ol lZa rival. In two weefca tte state ol i Ii:í.l;s bad ciianiird iiiiiipictciv round. There naiiuiii.inii tiia.t ciiuid beel ('ai Thair for .-icri'ff ncnv. All tiiv wille verloue good cltlzens ui ;i iip.-ii cunti.nurd on liunt [OT man iu commJitted the robbery of ttie MU sloffe. ThMt sort .ï thlng int;iiif(Mis, ;uh1 pivsnuly every her lm hiiis feit the glow if aetectü-ve in lite broest. Everyih hl; happeoed in the hllla wae a matter tor biTeBügattam. So wh'ii Bappy Jack heard late mu' 11.14'in a lioree R&llop past hte place, lic cniiicl hardly wait 1110 niii; in eiamloe the tracks. WIumi hn saw lüM-in h feit the fever all xhr ertronger - the löre teel unehod, the ol! hnd toot track Bbowlog the head ol a n.iii too large bo be drlven home. Tin' ulil inoiini.-iiiirci' had ieeli that track bètore Ita the tall timlier whcn lomebody had ■ horra pteketed the li'lll stam' ï-.ilibcil. ! iaii.]HT. kiifw whiil liis inioniiuiioii nr&a wiiriii. Wiii.c Happy Jack as poitderlug mr b'.e djseovery and liow Ki innkr il, valuablc tO liiinscli'. a liorsrinau canii' nu siuln. Jck repogBfaed heriil ('al and ir.a-rted to meel hám wnii ht news. "ïou're Jmrt ilu' mas I wamtd ie see," twe sboated, is Oal reined up. "I eee " He gtopped. 'I 'ÍN' ï-nailw av was Dl'W nul aoft, and Cal'e horee lelt a eleár ïnpi-in!. UW OW man's cyc had jut a deprBioa in tme tootprint, i mere dAmple ia Ose dimt, .-u :h a- vcnild lif iiuiilc by ühr bead o! a tiatl ml I r: .i 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 Inome. ïhe Old man afl ooi a mul. "I jn-i antcd lu isk yuii ,:' .vuil livaicl anythiim DEW iiiimt tthe u'lliv tiiai kLUed Jim T" "Some of the boys saw e strangcr ip allcy and I jusl went tO l"ik i'm ni." replied tbe sheriff. "'He's nii.v a prospector come op (rom the Verde. He jnt uome to i. my place yeeterda'y." Tliint was all. siin,,i' (al resumed li.'s juiinir.v. The nlcl man tollowed e k mi t il he loe it ammg the roeks. ThWD Hcupp? Jack carne to toffn. He sarw . I C3al wiiii a crowd ii tii ■ boys teiyütalg a big greenbe i; od tiuc bar and :n'iiiim all liands 1i ll!:nk wil 11 Ililll. Tlll' Shclif WEB rcsiiiifim ir. interrupted campalgn. Happy Jack kiivw tiicrc were more ttuouBeode in i luit treman bos when (t was tlmiwn [pom the gt&ge, thaii iiirrc wciv boDflredB oRered m .■ rew;ird tor i in' apppöiension of 1 1 1 - miber, Mini Happy Jack had Uirned deic-ilvr Jor revenu", ikji glory. He uol bock toto the allll ucllt In mu. ii wan - ■i'cio-u in the mornfag when he lieard the horse gal]iiIast liis tl ■■-. Il was hiili '.in liniiv alter dayhvcak wlicu Sheriff Cal pa&dcil. go'jog i'n tii" oppoeite dlrectlon. IÍ Shi'i ;iï had pas-rd In tüe niglli and ii'üniifd 1h' : iuld nut liavr hom-' far. tor One tracks wmt oH th road a.ud ou i;h.' in u.v cactus grown Btope. Two in lee au bour ;is qu: k Ir.-ivvliniii. Whli lilis Index ! li probable ■ t - - t ;].-ii iin. ilic nlil 1 ;uu -hrr sl.-ir-.cJ síu.t;:í OaJ had geen Jack in twwn, liail camiglht : look of lotelligence nia ilii' greenbe k 1 apon tbc bar, and 1 1 SUerlii ('ui also made ;i i rip ii Uhe nu .iLiii a : iis. He knew wtnere he ' gotoK, bo the "lil ranch.■r'- gtarl 'i il uní ciiunt Hor much. Slicr;il I ;i 1 1 ■])] n-il ;lt the ia 11 llrr.s house. It was aa he liad gueesed -. .l:i k ei:'. Unen he I 1 - examSnUig oí tïue dustv road hlmaelf, anil i'ii 'U huri-ird mi. r . . ■! ■■ i . . ■.-. ' Uiia1 ■. n s a : ■■■ im done yei talk iiriiii.-iiit detective wolk (lome i .v C5aJ Ituadir durlng bis tret ferm aa ahterlil done on the Hlll n.lilH'ry. He work.-d up the , ,: i, iv none, tii.'.v say, and actually iniin.l t: ■ robber, au old rancher wa kn.iwn as Happy .lak. in th ■ vrry act of (UggUlg ui 1 !u' COOtentB of m treaerare 1mx. i: ii he liad buri,.] :h a boneaome ro i;y gluch deep In the nuounfcalln. Thy had a Oesperate lulu Htere, Oal'e adminew related, and , r; í bad to Uil the robber. ,f:-f cal. all glood o fi rs, Ie mBttwxte, and wi 1 üot teil how he domad out that Ja :k h . robber, lïiey say th.-.t be,..ul glory gaSaeá from thte oí work 1 1 Thair waa re-elected l;y a ticnicii'!' My. and BOOn jiter lic marrted ome i the greatest


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