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Concerning Complexions

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"Huw cu van do 1 '.'" was lile enii-as-.i- gree-ttag oí a wrorrtedlook'tbg lady, in in acquatntance wii . iiniili'N'.oM was a thlng, or a ■iii(lii:'ii. Pot wiuch qaeens wonld exfin- t iicir crowns. "Mercy on u, what il jov mean '.'" the rciily. uii, l mean that exqvüBtte skin," w;iil Ilii' w.iirifd OIW wit li a lnok of . ciiivioiisiy comparing her own faded face witsi the radlant glory of t lic ni I ■■! woinnii. ■WY'.i. deer," m&d the tovelj roman p:i imi.v. yéi til i. kind of superior anii Belf-congratulatory manner, "1 have Wied aboul .- 1 1 1 the beautiflo-re tliat bormeated svomanklnd, nnd to teil 1 1 h ■ trutli I really do nol jn.-t ..uw ii, wae done. T ie rlghi ,.!■ iiic may 111.1 !,■ the rlghi :nr you, Imi F liave learned i!:,-n dhanfjUig Crom one thing to anotiher and never pureutag any one i :s icu:iiiii;itc concisión is 1:kI vcry bed. For a yeor now 1 have kp( to oae plan and (again that ii, uk oí compasión) ü's a simple oae t." "Te 1 me iii t II ia, aod ril go thiouii i re, li in emary, to get all ii" good i!i.t( is in t," Báid the qu?sI'inili'l-. ■Wel. tuirii. every nlgiirt on rd3rImar, [ .-i:.-is:i my ui .ui. l neck wltfc lepid ale-, .' iiiinl witli a hantHul ;,: oatnal. Wïi a i g( up in t :nnioiiiinü' I bBtJie my face in coM aber añil rub it flve minutes wiiii a i e t oí í-oíi, wbJte naavoel enoúgli to arouse smtttelenl frictloo to be visililv. luit takinu.' ooi to rub hard gh to produce rougiineee or a : ion. l liiül tliat my ! luxnfatakably dirty, bo two ar tblree times a week] w.-i-h ii thoroughly ji a pimt oj very bol water to w !i bes i "'M .- ; : 1 1 1 l ,i tablespoonil 1 in' jiowiU'iud Imiijix and a huif ;n! of alcohol. Beyond thc-c locjtl ipplieatiorw 1 am ; good exerclser. I'lir opeo alr, briol: walkiog and in('11 nr.lü T "i-i-I attCT all. (!: mOTC f(r ii ■ complexión tJiau all ofcher tlevlces inder the sim. Avojl patry, eat no i rad bul t h.i t wlili is made of iiuinlicd ïicai, keep porea open, nul aiways remember riiai friction is ■s-cnt:ai io a 'health-y skto." Tlif w-ui r't'il woniaii &aid ■■Tlianks. beair," and luined away witih a lnul if determBnat Jon in hér eyee iiiat IümI'il a.n asstuilt all alomg lii.' l:ni' of (kat had complexión oí hei'8.


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