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A Russian Judicial Solomon

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)H "ir. al jiisiii' sometimos limls n taraltel ni Rumia, wfluere lodgea and e ere H u 1 m raaking -:ons and tak Ing oí tin' ii si t tur t -'ivf-:, leavng ttoe stieils tor the pialotlfi aud do.i: ii:lllt. i il.i.v át a v:i;inc niaikc! a I naker tKWKgiht a caltekln tor two and i i ir lililíes, aml hav;im no iiuincy wWb liini wi ii t i iiiii' bo pni -u-i' it. Hie larauer meanwtuïc aoid the .k'.n to a .c oini iiuycr liiiT' rubíes. i,i. mi ;hc ■: 1 1 -ijia.l'i' retnrned, and and uilen hi' dJbcoverad tihe trtek thai Leen playi'il, was su aidlmianl tlial a quernel eneued, and i! ■■ saatter was ■ i beJore a Joel i ■■. "Yon bougiht tbe sk'Sn liisi ? sald to the slurniaki1!1. after kiwtetttag In t hr tl 11 r. Y." r Jiow mu. h '.'" "Twfl Bd a ii.Mli rubl"-." 'Il.n e yim i ,!■■ money '.'" "Yes." "Pu1 ii m tiu' teibte." I ' ii tunAng ui tin' M'ini'l buyer iin' jnsii -e isUcci : "You boiiüii t the skPn Bifterwarde and paW far ii ?' "Vi1-." ■Ilow inu.ii clid you pay ?" "Thicc ïubics." '1 l;i vi' you t lii' k 'u '" "YeB." l'ui üt ander tbe taMe." Hm in. mu uiiryiil ;i:i1 bhe farmer was iirxt nl(lrc.--'il. ■Yim agroed t wil tor two and one-hall rubhs, anAJem the buyer 1:1 nol return promptlj wi:h the money yi. u .i](l to ftnol toer [or tSwee rubíes ?" ' "Y." ■ ,i vr j .,u i hie I toree rubíes ?" Ves." "Pul i hl-m on tin' table." Wh'Mi tir been done the Judge (lclvcii'il bde ision : The ghoe mak ! in Mama tor tvargainlmg i.limoney and threby endangerlng the peaee o! Uie towo. The seconö ïmycr ie tw blame loc out bkUüng an(iiIht. and iiir seller deal'-ng wjth 1 - 1 j I ( ■ wltluout mtmey. Xow all tlncc of yen go. M.-uvii '" And ihf.v upiii perJorco, lea ving ekln


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