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I. I. I.iiiiii to Obélaos to Uro. i hetee EteraM trota out a t-ii-:Tifï (rag. Edwiard Blal ii. o ( belaea, has gone teveteaid, 0., to ipvk kn bJa brothstone. Th-e ('l''I.-fM F. -:■■ made $12.50 by a mu-:i and orille Bajial i;u' uihiT n?u!it. Tin' pt'.'i i ii:i,i-i around Chelees are reportod ta excellcant condlttoül Trampa are htcreaslng in uumber ntry. A :i oí i ii ■ LOO os odie pow cr IncanleKC'Clll ],lr lu-ll pul 11 ]K)Bitlon oa Ei hnogie place, and they _r ;i apleodld I Dtprlse. A 1 : t s'.x -y-ni-tll a1 the table, ini]i:niy, ,-,iiil : "Wliy, 111:1111. vu ii oogbi tu col the Hoini holes ■ II if Vbe :]i]U--." M-i 11 -lioster líntejrp) dujiht tii 1' ;i Uiti' law and a etate congtalmlar to eompel tlic clearhiir qp if .-illfys, atreeta and lanea in out RmiaUer towns. Good heflltS itenviindti ít. Uur fh'rifty faviiur, W. ('. Logan, mema tohlnve beatón mi prtor 1 orfls in welighl f í He Mild Tfl Taesil.iy llhiat evernjed a trifle over 111 ponnda ikt bfd.- Unf1i8ter Ijitnlrie. Oabtegetarwn n NuriJivi.ic, baa ■ hüiimd ]lte name. Ii -ted to bo ja11el "NerthSWe" ly ;i large 111aJoríty. Well, tune portüaiiite te the i-igJit níle, eepeolally wlien yon face tlie wost. A Btaangper ji tu pui 50 years of ae wf'A drc- ad. was foond bedde Uufence near KimihiIw, (lejil, Tui'Hday. Ho had opened one of Vbe veins in liix arm, by Uie une of a ivket kiiiife.- I'lymou'tii ]turt liulüi; liian lxun the Job of peelftig tllie IkitU off the 400 conto of popla-r wood at tkké depot. Old Sol vvill pce tdiie Bwoat off his an.itomy a vrood many times Ixsfore lu ii"tn tihiouglh.- Stoi'kbrklge Sim. Crank Donlevy ba sbtpped the UbI lot of over a Ihnif ml rinep whicli be contracted last ftill to furnisli to aetrn Imyei-s. Reporl -.ays I'rank hbe Kliipieil tli.' lot of tiecp fi-oin ttocS depot. - Dexter Leader. ("hitK. il. Wlnos, abe oí ühe must it(pected ciuzcus oí Cheteoa, dled an Marrh 24, acii 7;i yeaw. He canu in Syivan w'h.'ii only ten yeare old, and ïiiis Im'c-.i one oí the leadlng dttsena of Hm coimty. Hls deatii wil] inakc aiHttlicr va aiiry in ihc ranks of tflie old pflooeens. Wc hope our youug oieu wij prollt by Uw i'xi)er"i']i ■■ ui one ui Bheir butu1 er w4ao bOok IllH li v; -ii- oót ior , i-We and let her il! mi if 1 1 1 1 - buK o i ii ■ mud. Tic ].■-.( n to be le cd trom i'as .liil.-ii, a that yon -iMiui.i iK,t bdre a team tii.-it yon cannot luoid wiiii eme band, in order t íi:ivo' tdiie other arm tor emergencies, yon kimw. Dundee Beporter. iownslii] board beid tlic-ir anona] settllng meeting Tuesday and fouml tlu Roancee of bown Id good !'■ wnii ni,' ezception oi útrg íiuhI wíirh lus been enttroïy wiped ocut i luis past jne&r iy tiic large immher of Küiieep ttat liav been killed in difíervnt parta if tlic Saline Obwrrer. Wtí.v oot ki;i a few of the dogs ? A beawUfo] gold watcb was present ed Ki Mr. ('. C. Vi-oinaii, Tuexday tmntog, b.v Cbaptcr 20 H. A. M., on nve occaadm of bii retiring trom Uie offiee of H;igii í'i leat. Mr. Vromaa bad hell iliis o.'five In lii ehapter for abotrt iIltoc yeam and fcii be coald not acicpi tfue proífer lor aootber term. and o tilu loys have set a watch ivt-r hf.m ín i. nay to please both liim and h: s man; triends. VpaQantlan. Tus la tbe waaoo hen vloroaa prwecUion ol tbe work of cleaalng ni tta treete and aiicys m tliat thcir lary cidition will lw in gtjod sfiiiix. to preven! Uw spread of contoglooM dtaeaaea. Dexter wi i undoubttMlly Bal] .ito line and. as twnal. '■ome out -flw ctoaneat i i 1 1 1 - - town in ttoe country. Derter Leader, fiood. 1'liafs Um Uilk. No diolci-a breeders Mltoiiid 1m ïwrin'ttcd tbta üeaaoa. Wïll ICiM'.nniann, oT l'rccdoin, met witJi u vcry BerhKW a.cidont on l'iii iy. March ITtli. Wliüc a ral of hay. binding iwlc broké, tetUncr Mr. Kisvinnan fall a distan -e ■ ncarly eleven (eet, stnUcIng on tho ü-ozfii icroand. Ncitliu-r lic nor hls friendB tliou;-ht thai he ras serlouBlv Juirt. tfaough b comptoJined o; n pain hia head. Nto physiclao wns called ïMitii Uie next Toemóeuy. Dr. Palmer made aa examlnaeton and [ernnd tliat Mr. lv.s,-iini;m had Kiiffci-cd ironi i unv oí tiic ,,kn;i. witii au tulenlatic.n in mi -h a tiiai the lirokcn pari Ot Uie,1 was presslng dq the brain matter. ir. Palmer iit:eded ta tlic anua] vay to raiae .:.■(!: i - ,-.i poctíoo oí tbe Bkull "vii,;.-i lic (Ud sur,c-s:ully. Iliis opei-atjon teaveB a round hole about uvcllis of aa in U in ilianictcr llnou-h Bfcull into ttoe top of in,, head. At presea! wrSbtag Mr. Ki-c an is doing weil, w:th Kood proepe s of a complete re irry. diclsea Standard. Merritt Iioyd Uí to luiild a new atore at Chielxea. The sprint: terna o! Boho l commenced in Dexti-r Monday. llhnm HW68, O.' Ctll 1 6 i. '! e 1 Marcil 28, aged 81 3 eare. ,i s-aun-, near Fronda :o, dled : 28, ageVl 53 yeara. AVi;i McLeod, oí ïpsilaul towa, has gione Lo Washington, l. '.. to clerk :n ;i bank. people been onverted ai Gram J.nke tais winter. Joim C. ■l'ayiur e bo move back to jaSn. 18. Maebat, a weU dJgger at cuati, was killed laat week Tui a y betng hit on 1 toe head by a all'.n.ií Uu.ket. Kciiip; bas ïrnit-a ha farm and wfl&l more bo Chelsea 11 the near hitare. Be wftl bo toto parbn 1 v;;h Win. l'.a cai. (he'.sea Berald. ';in any of OOT iri.-nds get ahead of Job. ICyte (or a böunetag Jersey caö 5 ïnont'ii.s oM. He hos oae ol tEatag, a lH'auty too, wlV.. i weigha 825 poBjjlto.-OfbrWr. I i. amuse, M. E. s:ii. iu-v. .t. ciar]:u ainl Clvas. W. stcUliins pat in last week lviintiEiiK at BaM Lake, aiul èoeceedtd h baring! 82 daete, wWb no end of sport. - IH'Xter News. Many qucvtlona aic aski'd alxiut thfi raiiroad araae f a le -vtvks ago. KiM-p iiut't a ItttlC lonucr tiic '.fi(al-i are doobtleM Hoilinsï down ulnnt sui-vcy. Salina Observar. A winucd calf s tïlie latesf freak repoi-ted froin BrowB county, tefkotoü. 'I'hat B mitliinu ; nul at 1lie Ridjic tfliey iwive tbem with horas aml a dart-tail.- Wayiw' Kfview . Bj Saturday. Win. Rebfuee il haVB Btópped Hiis week. 1.IKKI Bhecp, ÍOt v1l;v.1i h ha.s iviiil the farmers si. 988.41". He has oteo siiipped 50 11001 w n .h cost him $900. -Manchester EnterpriBe. M. J. Howe jw Oitain tlie repoWican nomiitoet' fcr supervteor ol Milan townslfp. Thiw i his U2d qpaecutlve term, ahowa hiin ti le a popator Metal and Un riirii t tnaa tor toe plsioe.- Ihindee Beporter. It is iiaoura'niK to note tliat 1lu fruit growera of Michigan are unanlm : iis in ttae pn'di-iioa of a big iruM yleid ftós eoason. As ihis is quite a truit growin; aectkm, wliat a greal tbtog ii wouiii 1m' KDexter only had a good eainiiinji factory, eii '' Dexter NteiwB. H. A. I'olts, the liaine-s man. BhOWed is a rare relifc ree 'iilly in the s'impe u.' 111 old ïas'.i'.iaeil Port Uit, ttiie former propèfty út Dr. PKkeriag. au old ï'inu' jiiiys; ■in oí Hlgbland. Dr. I'dtts OBMUB in pOUBWWtOM OÍ tlü iit thirouMTh .Mr. Joeeph PltKertng, of II iilanil. a son 01' bhe Old doctor. Tlue rel: ! s over sev--nt-,v-ii e years Old.- SO. J.yoll J'irkel. 'lli-ere are iliiifinns oí opinión reariliiif; 1'lH' outlook tor wlieat on the gri-OUUKl. Scnne re]iorl to us tiiat t s IkuII.v killed out : otiaeis ihat t l'(Mks ery well. niii'-'h better Ihan Vtuey wisli t did. they r-ay. Nobody t-veius tu (are mith for tho erop al tbe pi'COMlt priccs and tbQ only thinf; to i; done is to lïo out of business in part, umii ralnea chaagje. Chelsea llenihl. 1 ndoiihieiiiy i musí prottperoua ton hi tJie Unltod SOettea has iis nucleus at Klg'hi, minóte. In tJie Kl■Jn dixtri.t, aml represen ted 011 toe ElK'.ti Board of Trad', are 826 butter niKl oliieeBe factot4e ji snee sful ope1 ai ion. TJueir iroïiu-t. tor the year 1892 was 80,496,000 pouoda or butter ani 7,115,000 Doonch of cbeese. In sanie scrtion tnd oeratinf; in pcrfex't luarinoiiij' with the above nientioned fatories are two or fhree prOfilerou ooudenaed in Uk tactories. Horse-tllilieves are sii;l plylag their Irade in York and adjoiniuu' tOWOS. I 'rida.v nirfit. Mr. Reed GllbeTt had B bone, hwggj and ha mess taken, and ko la r as learued no tra. -e oí thein lías heen foutid. Whe.n Mr. Eaton 01 York, iluiid IUk liorse stolen last fall, tlhe t nieves took a harneaa and iiu-íí.v froin Mr .(iilleti. so it seenis the latter igentletua.ii is quite a farorltc u-Mh 1he raaCalB. It would lx? inbereBttag to know just how many lioreew 'liiare been mu oí! froin that ! '■aiity wltiMn Hue la-t two or three cars. We irnll natte n Qurabor.


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