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foUowtag letter from an old Alm Arhor boy (to tij mol lic, I who lm been travettag In iii ■■ wuthern statea tor the past tew montha has been fnrndBtied the Courier for publl,i and may bc o,' Interest to i'iiiii ratlci-s. alfchough nol Intonded Do ie tbua u&ed. N'susihviSle, Man 11. L893. Arrlved bere O. K. Frlday nlg-ht. l'op.inl vuur two letters awatting me and alao tibe Aun Arbor i u ■'. :■. In awwer in yimr question, I wlll say r Iin'i .. ; wil ven! lire boinc 1 1 1 1 it wanne:-. I Öön't wani any banda t ;: ir or mur I cm niy d It Is warm here bo-day, tó warñi inrit blue people all toke the sliady te s! reet, aail Jre !iavr all Uk doore and wtodows wldA open. it Mensa exW, And i efcoi't briïrg mywlí to realice i"::at show diiíls and toe are actually extetïhg at btome, wiiilc lu-rc the wcailicr hl warm. All tih' Bpritag vcn-ciiil! -.'s. rad-isiicK. l'tiii t. onticms, pW ]i:am. m-i n, il-.. are fïi cwli,.n hiere and tor s;i!-' at the ïnaiki-ts. Wlhere ■ board We laiullad.v fM'lls niral tii,kci.s at. til-.1 iatc of 2 tm -' cemte ; tii uk r tiiat. 12 1-2 cent a nu-al and all ur can possllbly want. SiaiH' di. IV rene bptiveen tiiis a.nd lward at $3 and si per weck. 1 was u] ti tiu' Siatc BMU '■■■- io!-(K-iy aml to-day and looked n ujion Wie state legislatufü, whi ii is :i -c-sicii Uére niiw, and 1 t :1 ymi iJiey u-i' a linciVi lot of Olea. '1 'hey Bi1 a-roiuxl mioknjr, talkii; and laugb' inn. ftöh ilicir fcet 'levatcd m the deeka ín troai at tliem, poióe wrltlng nd HOim; anytiiinu' except listteii:nff and iayinn attntilon to the hills tiKit the tlerk is raadlkff, aml tflien WÍMD it OOOHÉ tini' tO votu, 1 do bot bel'vc that ouothird of them kiiow what tJiey are votiMg for. Thcy jiiMt ye'J Y'ea" or "Na.v" a.s the not.jon strikes them. Dnrijisí ln (ir tiluce lionrs wliJle I was preMOÉ tilt' OnlJ Vb&Og 1liat falrly wokc them ui, was wlicn simif member pot in a reeolution in lower Uieir niilcaii' ■ .illowa.ü e imni 8 oenbi to 5 cents por mile aird tlivn ti'rc was a ,-iinin;it ::m mm Uiey killed the bill. The ad camping grojund father apoke cif ik all covered wlth houeoa and .streel ars are rnnnilii;' riunt tfartxujgti wheiv the lóri was. i havo fiew retios in t'iie ehapc "í ballets tiiat [ dng nul ol t'lie furt al Brtdgeport, Alábanla, and (JUÍte a nnnibev trom oíd Lookourt Mnuniaiii at I lattanooui. l'cnn. I wi'incsed a BurprlsLiig and peculiar thlag here ai one of the churchee last sunday. Funeral serrices wcre held over tibe IkmIv m' 8 man. uround h:ii the rebel dag stars and bare -were urapped. It. gfilrrod me n) '(iii-ideralle. to se ■■ Ijtit flag, bot then, 1 .-cc a good nian.v thlngd 1 (Von't ■xactly Kke. Hnt win-iv il is ihr i nstoin. a northrni man, ii he ! wl,-e. on o.-easions like liiis. alwa.vs keepa búa tooguie in the rooi m' b: nioutli. However, i Oeetroycd ail tlU9 sitleniüily ol' tile o-easin. in my cas,'. Liove ti) all Voure,


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