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Townshïp Ofïicers. , . . re the oFfir ed .in öhfl towoship erf Plttefleld, all i i ! i 8FIELO. Supervisor- Morton F. Case. SI. ushtp Clerk- Jumes II. W bb, Ton Dshlpi reasurer-Uharlie Mills, '■'■'■ :rv of the Peape- Newland C. Carpeüor, (fuH term) - A Dwighl Crlttendeu, 5. , . Bchool Inspector, (to fill vacancj ■)- .Inool. L. Vallace,84. , Higliwny (oiinni-sioncr- liraiw Red,29, CoQstablè-Cllutoh Allmendlnger, -.'7. ann Ai; town. Supervisor - im Iíiíium. !J. -II1. Clerk- Cari Widenraa, D. 18. Tfeaaarer- tieorge (rt-.'ii. K. SI. Ülghwav Comiuissiouer- John Sehënck, H., 1 r liu Commissidiier- H. li KeUltanip. D. Hcjindof Review- JpUn O'ilara. 1). School Inspector- (red Haas, D. SY1.VAN. Supervisor- Jus. L. Oillicrt. K. 4"). Clerk- Fred UoeiU'l. K :;".. TreasnreV- G. W. Beckwith, D. M. Justlce (..■(. . Turnbull, I). (i. Uighwaï Coiiimisslouer- Ja. H. Ruucimaa, D. Drain (.'ommissiouer - Pliilip Schwcinfurtli, R. Board of Review- John ('ook. D. School Inspector- Ira Oiover, li. Consinhlfs -Jacob stiillaii. 1;.: Rush (.reen. Isaac Stavens, Channcy Hünnel, 1. SAI. KM. Supervisor - t'reti Vhuel;r. Clerk- Marshall Wlthee. Treasurer- Nathaniel Kider. Justice- N. A. Wlthee. Highwas Commlssioner- Wilber Jones. Kuard of Review - Kranü J. Tousey. bchool Inspector- chas. Kyiier. l'or tiie D, "i tí. fcpríqs v.i ation. tbe T., A. A. & N. M. E'y maké rate of one and one-tthird fan' tot round trtp t all poinUs in tli MMllgan and Oentraj AasociLatlon Territory. '[ 'i. krtB to le soid studente on preMatttMn ot t!ne propor c 'rtificates of iiKiniK-iT-iiii). on April i;!tii. l-ltii and l,"iii. ]mited te return uiitil April i.'." tíi. 18Ö8. For tlhe Odd FeUowv Oelcbration at (rand R-apids. April 2tlii, tJie T., A. A. & N'. M. U'y wiill iiKike ratea of 011 ■ and íiiK'-t'jKrd tace (OC til ' round trip. Ti kets to BOld April S5tb, liniiK'il to return April L'TtJi. 1898. R. 8. GltEENWOOD. Aijcnt. W. H. BEXNETT, B. I'. A. XoTICK TO CrBMTORS. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County ol' Washte k nitw . s-. N'otlceio bereby gi ven, tha1 byan order of tlie Probate iiniri for tbe Couuty of Wastenaro made ou Ihe nvcnty-seventh da y of February, A. D . I8.-I3.8tl nionths from that date wero allowed for creditors to present their claims jti:;iiiisi the estáte of William Burnham late of eaid County, deceased, and that a!l credltoru of -aid deceased are required to presen! thelr r lui i to Baid Erobate Court, al tiie Probate Office i ii tbe city of A nu Arbor, for examlnatton nul illowance. on or liofore the tweuiT-eightti day of August, uezt. and thnt Buch claims will be heard before -ui.i Court, on tlie twentyseTënth day of May and on tlie twenty-eighth day of Anglist, Dext, at ton o'clock in tbe fore uoon of each of said das. Dated, nn Arlior. February -.'7. A. 1). 189$. .1. WlI.lASD BABBITT. Jndge of Probate NOTICS OF ('ham i:i:v Sai.k. IN FURSUANCE and by vlrtue of an order and decree of tlie Ulrcult Court for the L'OUnty of Washtenaw. in rhaiu-cry. in the state of Michigan made. dnted and entered on the elevèntb day of Febrnary, A. I).. 18B8, in a eeitain eause therrin j.endin-j;. w In-rein Kobert Cuthbert is complalnant, and Samuel N. House. Elisa House. Charles H. Manly.Izora Malily and James Tolhert, are defendants. Notice is bereby givop that 1 shall sell at public atictloD tó the hlghest bidder, ut the east front door of the Court House, ia the City of Ann Arbor. in B&ld County of Wasbtenaw and Mate of M ieiiiiiim. said Court House being the [ilRce for bolding the circuit eonrt lor said County. on Friday. the twenty-eighth day of April. A. D., 1808, at teu o'cloek in the forenoou to raise the aniount due to said complainant for principal, interest and eosts iu thls cause, all of the follón ing deseribed pieee or purcel of land. to wit : All tlmt certain piece or parcel of land siturtted in the city and town of Ann Arbor in the Connty of Washtenaw and state of Michigan, known, bounded and described as folio-". io wit: Commencing at the east (uarter jiosi of section twenty-one (21) in town tvo(2) south. range six (6) east theuce west along the east and west quarter line seventeen (17) cliains and eighty-eight and i one-half (8;._. I links to the southweal corher of John Kuller's land. t henee north twenty-flve degrees (25") west bIoiik said Fuller's west line seven (7) cbalne hik) twenty (&} links to the sontheast oí the Dixboro Road, theuce south fiftysix degrees (Ö6-) west along the southeRst side of said road about six (tí) chaina to8pencer Lemon'a land, thence south twenty three degreea i'2.l ') and lifty minutos (SO') eat three (8) chaina mul twentynine (M) links to . h'1 e&st aii'i wt't (juarter line, thenee sonth parallel with the north and south quaiter line three (:(i cnalna and n'fty (."oi links, thenee east parallel with the cast and weatqnarterline five (6) chaina and aeventy (70) links. thenee sonth parallel with the north and south vnarter lino two (2) chuins and seventy-flve (76) links, tbejice east parallel to the ciis't and westquartet Une seventeen (17) chaina and elghty-eight and one-hall ish'.i links to tlie easi line of k-:ui sectlon. thenee north along -aid section line six (G)chalngand twenty-five 136) links to the place of bei;innlug contamina sixteen and o fiïih acres of land more or 1-". said s,ii(. win be inHilc in aeoordance with the terna of said decree. liati-d Aun Arbor, Michigan, tliis Mili dav of March, A. D. 1898. PATRICK HcEBSNAM, Circuit Court ommissloner in and for w ashtenaw i'ountv, MicliiKan .. 1'. Kis.., Bollcitoi for Coinplainaiii. h„v -lrti Estáte of Jbkkib N. Benmett. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty ol Wuhtelijiw , BS. At a aesslon oí the Probate Coun ior the Coanty of Washtenaw, holden at Probate OfBoe, iu the City of Ann Arbor, on Saturday. the lirst day of A]ril. in the vcar uur thousaud etgbt hundred and nlnety-three. Present, J, Wlllard Babbltt, Judge of Probate. in the matter of tl rtat ol Jennle N Bennett, deceaaed. On readlng and filins the petition, duly verilied oi Krank Bennett, praying that be may be licensed to sell tbe tea] Estáte whereof saiil (ir t-cd (litil scizt'd. ïhereupon it is ordered, that Tuesday, the second day oí May next, at ten o'cloek iu the forenoon, be asslgned for the hearing of said jietition, and that the helra at law of paid deceased, and all other persons interested In said estáte, are required to appear at a sesslon of said Court, then to be holden at the l'robate Office, in" the City of Aun Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, whythc prayer of the petltlouer should not be granted: And it is (urther ordered, ttmt aafd petttioner trive notiee to the persona lnterested In said estáte, of the pendency of said petitiou, and tbe hearing thereof, ly causinga co. ol this order to be published in the Ann Arbor Lonrier, i newspaper prlnted and circolated In said County, three suocesslve weeks previona to said day of hearing. J. vii.i,ai;i BABBITT, (.ïr",e Jddge of Probate. ff . G !: sister. OoMMISSIONKIls' NOTICB. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County oí Washte uaw. The undersiyned having been appoluted by the Probate Court tor said County, Commis9l ra to receive, examine aud adjust all claim-: and demanda oí ull persona against the otate uf Henry Tower, late of said cpunty deceased, hereby Kive notlce tlmt six montha from are allowed, ty order of sald ProbntL' Court, ior creditora to present thelr claim h agatnst the estáte of sald aeceaaed, and tlint they will meet at the ollieeof ThompHon. Harrlman A Thompson In the eityot' Ann Arbor. In sald county, on the tweiity-tlnrd day of .1 mie and on the twenty-thlrü 'day of September next. at ten o'cloêk a. ni. of etich of said days, to receive. examine and adjnst said cl aims. Dated, Marcb IS, 1888. Get nvcr riuH's - Mud. An OJulttstiinl . iinil.iiic '1 lii' necdle aml tlLi'ead. A towl imsiiifvs to engage in Rala!ILV ■ 11 rki-n-;. NOTICH TO Ci:i::;:r"::STATK OK MICHIGAN, Cuiiniv of WMhteNoUce is hereby glven, tbat l.y an order of the Probate Court ior the Couuty ol Washteottw, made on the flfth dy ol December, D i.v.i-J, slx moiiths f rom that date rere nllowed mr crealtors to present their claims agaluet the estáte of Caroline u. Chapín, of said rounty deeeased, and tbat all credltors of said deeeased are reqnlred to present their Olums to said Probate L'ourt, at the Probate Oftice In the city of Aim Arbor, for exainlnatiou and allowance, on (jr before the fiftb flay of June next, and that aucb claims will be beard before said Court.on the sixtb dav of Maren and on the flfth da; ol Jnne next. at ten o'olock in the foréuooB ofeach 9l days. Dated, Ann Arbor. Dec. 5th, A D 1899 J. VVILLARD UABBITT. .1 udffe of Probate. Rlse in the - Doiig-li. Opeoed taformBUj Ojy&t&n. A stipeoftor [(nu man Willlam. A current novel- "M:l(licinaivli." All Jiavc Heen drawtogs "ï ! '


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