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The Seidl Concert

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■; concert :u Uni n-sitj Hall ;at 'i ■.:!.■■ evenioe was one of the year. The magndfleted the per formera proved how thoroughly the Vrii;i' of Ana are iaterested in ; ■. Ttuat audience would have honor in oven eultured Boston, . h Dg Of ' ;l" :l 1 . ■ New Sork, Ftóladelpfola and CliiIt ie juite a pasttkne tor s;.me of bhe mnclana 1 11 apon the 1 I and : ai-M - OÍ the nuiKc.i :e and tflae li til. Ii La a ■■mine surprise 10 most of tfluem, whirii they 1 etoken plftinl'y in their countenam es. Antón Sriiü ,:is ti director has not ._. e ■■■ of '1 beodoi ■ Thomas-, it. is i ui 11 another director has, but he can -jnal Artlnir N cUish o! the Boston s. Mpiiony. tl lic is not hls BOiperfor. The oi-clir-tra COUld not ïi.iv been fmppored apon very weii. iTverture from Tannhaufier was (liiffoi-ent from any rereion ever jïiven hre beüore. It eeems that when Wanner ii--' uto;,' tiiis oVerture, he !'■■:. and tn pander to the - o I'.iivsian.s before wtoom he 1i-oii;!it :t out in 1845, he re-wrotè pdte e. So i. ' Aun Arbor andleuoe ïiaii the pleasure oí Ustenlng to i'.iiis nevlsed edltloi, or as muBiCiana all it The "Paris versión." Wiicthi-r r nut ft iis better than the fiiininal tfhere te a división Oí opinión. Ti:. inajirii.v favorlMg bhe original. Nevertheleee, t is quite satlsfactory to have iia.i mu i ■ verstom reaifered - remt m'-iit be sutted. To thorouglily apprei ate Wagasr's music one efootild be fhoroösrhly ',:!. lint illly ill musí, lmt lo lile llis■ii-y oi -1 8 ;íír:viit jirotlu tiiins. Tliey nü íuive m iniens; hlstory. There ;- BOméttiltíg pecuIlEW about Wauüei's muafc thai keepa you eniMpiui-eil Imi ai tSw same time yon do not Beem to comprebiend ft. Only fhose wh) liave stuITed t can ínter íully inti) its beautlee1. Th:e most exqudsite ptecea rentJered TliursOay cvni 'mr. :tsii!' íruai tlio overture, iu lile niliid.s oí inany. uer ■ "Sii síI'ried- Sicftfricd (uul til-' l'.ird." and tSottevdüumniTiims - iig'rieii' Tlliie vo were gXMl with an bZdeptSOD ir livn. Miss Knima Jucll u as cs])e ially Que, an;l Mis S; in and M s Fiabrla ■:■ excellent. re xver ■■ inany in tile aiulienre v.]; I t d'sire to hear Miss :, 1 - [n-eiMitioiis part, be.- ; nsi' tlnat hear votoe and training ■would strike tli.' popular heart. e iiudi-rsianil liiat Ule Seldl or( iiesua iuis been engaged bo upen tiie Ohiorai Sertee 01 concerts next year, a fact that wHl bo pleaslng to Ana Arbor people. TM'M Wanner con -en lias heen ftiinply a taste. They desire bo licar more if it. Now il' Prof. Staii'.ey wlll secnie tli ■ Stranss (.) re i les tra. lio avüI have made the íTOuiídrí. To be eure tli' Strauss ni :- ■ coiis'.sis eniirelj' of light dance 1 1 1 1 - i : , lmt it takes wit Dl the pnblie, nuil th.e Strauss ir, liestra would lili l'n'.x ei sily Hall. As tile piople ;i. mil ooníijied in tliéir baiaites ti an.v parar scii jol. tiiey would appreclate the Cavor. Tlnat Aun Arbor has got to be íaíñous as a. musical oeoter, is duo alrnoü't entirely to Prof. Stauley's efíortei.


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