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Public Office Is An Anti-snap In New

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York. - Appeal. Gooii !;] Mt. Gfldey : Jamtaettl ! But mm'l ü .1 whdrlwlnd ? Borne people attrdbnte tibie democratie apailiy ín he recent clectlon tu ' tired teeUng." Detroi.1 Ereoing News sii-'-iight to 1hl a "Si ate Home Lor 1'eeUie il Legfetatora." nt Iris ,-i chance to do somcili 'iiii'. 11" openod a íair in IWiltimore Monday Djgbt. - Bo lis tr (N. V.i DwnDcrat. SíMi.'ii nr V'oortuees voueboa ior Miinis1er l!:sn,'.v ; lnit uobotly hfl yet OffOTril to vo;i üi, Senator Voorheos.- K.iiisK c:.ty Journal. Senators 11:11 aiul Murpliy are kept ratlier 1um&' theso (tays gottlng aejtiiiini til with ttw New Yorkers ivho hre appoBntied to o:foe. - Wasih.liigton rst . The reeult im Michigan is aald to htivt' giren Mr. ('lev -lanil sat sfaet ion. Tiliat tí, be tliinks that CTOWd of ofseck ■.tu he sent honie to Win a Yfctory. will not daré to return afíain. But tlivy will. A gentleman í our acqnaintanee wlio has yet quitf in affwtion for his fatihrlsuid, Baid to ue tlie other day : "Do j'ou notice im tlhe long lists of ttppointjuents niade ly Mr. Cleveland bow many Germán ñames there are, tiliat oomroence with Me or O' ?"' It sKniijiliini, when the ftict is taken !nto ctwiU'raiim 1 lui t tho Germana elH't-(l Mr. Cleveland. In 1891, for the twelve inontlis endnir Decemlx-T 31, tho Atilue of wlieat ílour exported from tllic Unútod States tb íreiign cooiiniries was $64,783,861. In 1892, for a corresponcttng period, ínuU'i' i-eiullkaii recoprocity and jirotectjon, tQiie valué o sucii exporta was 182,460,102. Thiie of $17,676,241, or over -7 per cent., was largely din' to re]mlI: ■;m rtvipnn-it y and proteo t ion. - N. Y. Mail and Kxpress. In lSíil, for tilK' Iwflvc niontliK ondmber 81, i tus i aiae ui cora cxported Drom t lic United States to forcttgn countrtes waa $19,876,526. In 1892, lor tbe correspondlng perl." 1. urnder rcpnuii an reciproclty and proir i mui, tlie valué or siK-li exporte Avas $41,416,878. TbM ii: $21,589,852, or IÖ8 per eest., wee largely dne to jtimHii-an reclppoclty and protet4on, free traden may u wrell "acknom ! the oom." - Mail and Expres-. Mayur IKily, who iviii-es trom ilir oflhse of chivf magjBtrat oi ttaia city, uro yeara' gerv e, caa look back opon a 'rood record. He luis been the iivst mayor in a greal many yeara who Iwua bad ilic aiiity bo appear betbe v.-iuii eoaventlone and bodles o; people, and rcpreeeni lm a maniicr ciiiiiniriisiiratc with i a aWe speaker, ajirt has had e (freat deal oí public talklug tó tto. [noomirag mayor, Mr. 1 i. . i ii ii . wil] nol allow the viiv's toteréste in tibie Une to suffer, bowever, tor he oaa mak.' a pretty I sp i:, ateo. M ' 1 1.1. nucí will [rade two lots In Wlndtor, :;iix1ni. il] lix'ntuil. for two eiimrts oí cod livir olí. n packHKC of mustard piasters and 100 qulnioe pille. Box J, No.29, rree.Pron 'Hic aliovc ts ;m ai-tual ftdverttoonif-m appeanlng in :i it in issue of '■- the DetroM in Pre If iiii' iiwiiins ut two lots in Wlndior, i'ho vu'.v iv;iiii ai Qboada, makec a áfmael las t imi , wbal woni.1 nnc öf l'ii'lv Saín ií lio slicmlil aiimx ïhal enrjrc country ? vny yimr Brother Jonotban wlll nrs'.ii;aic betorc hc goee acroee the boiindary courtlDg ;my more.


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