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Lay Of The Georgia Office-seekers

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We nr' marchin' back to Georgia, wc ar' wcary au' forlorn, Au' we'll soon be boein' cottou an a lnllin up the coru; We ent wltn bannen flytu'an' a marchin' all In line, Hut we're roíii' back n stragglin' au' a skulkin thro' the pine. We thoiight we'd all git office with our Hokey iu the duur. But we found tnat Grover Cleveland was ■ runnln' thingí lip the re: sd we folded up our' we took the rallroad track, An' the boys ivill uil be hooiiu' wlieu thi omln' back. Las' fall them speaker told us thal we all should ha' If we'ii keep tbe"Nlg8 und Weaverites" Irom wlnnln' of the i Hut in splte of all our workln' an' our risk of ■ We toe dad-blamed mngwumps ar' tne Nr. tre've got togit to"glnnin' " anda Rittin' inoc l'[,r v. " not In it " on them governmental snapa ; sn In future wewill stay at home an'let toe iliv'. For we are trampln' homeward wblle them Yankee mug uinps i PRINGLE. Manistee, Mlch. Apnl 1. -Detroit Tribune. le repoated. -Moni:lt . V. 'Uit it iiow V Th. trotn this cUs. rat. kripaB. Ilru-k : ■ i I ■ i --i 1 li.' e ln ? The present kB-Dganoo ballot luw is i kjcker, amJ Utue pe iplc, resardleew :i".y, are ki.kin'-i SgatTWl it. It I to go. Umi. James 8. Gorman now eaiizes t!i:n if he liad nol Interlered 11 Waehfeoftw politics, tilinga miirin iavr gone :: .íe--'iitiy on Monday.- Ann Arbor Democrat. That may be truc, and vet- and yel ! Hh name of EJx-Qov. CyruB G. Luce I -■.■(! 8or tbe pi Men :j ol tatc Agrf ■nltur.-i! ■ !l _■. at Laar ftag. A gDOd su.iïucst:in. He woultl n.ikr a Bood ]ii-ei.(UMit. Put luit yoniT tnisi 'Ja any ptvsile pffomiteeB oí ivii service reform tutti] } nu b tve liad a eliaiit-e to htiuly be maya of hfc Fourth Ajsei8ta.n1 PostDBBter general. -WUwavkee Beotinel. A Eentucky coiool has a cow wh.iili sheds ItB hurns evefy sprinii. 'lilis is a very valnable kinil of a COW slied tu a Kentuky eoloiud who is iiid of his homs reiíiilarly. - Detroit .lounial. A un ArlMr Democrat : "Hou. E. D. Ivonne v1ik was electcd eircuit judge I ■ unsHW'i-ed ti Ik.' me of tlhe ablest jiKlgeis In the state, and that be )i;is jriveti Katisiaetton to uil parties, is eTldenced hy tli ■ lars' mojority he rec-ived." Bepreaeutattvc Bemo;t, of Detroit, ia introdued a bilí repealing the aw pvoUUtlng prlie Oghtlog in thli Htiate, and raakiing it lawful for men to tftianil up oud pummel eatíh other. It e to be hoped that tliis nii.-ij;uided representutive will ïiot moceed In his undertiakihig. A repetítúom of New Jersey teginlation would not be lookcd upon witli teaiienvy Itere. At tlie last democratie judicial convtnti(Mi loc tfaja district, held at Dun1t. Hou. Jota J. Robison, now a newldent ini fhe old Uomcstead in Sliarou, went there with a proxy in Ida iKx-ket from W. B. Owborne, supervisor of SSuaron, au a delégate. The convención refiused to recognize the JTOiy and ribut Mr. Kobisou out. At ihn títaae be toü to them, "gentleiiHMi, ym tyhall hear from me lator." S3x yean ago, wheu Judge Kiene wfM Blected iy ao overwbelmtes majuiity, tiir townab-lp oí Bbaron provcil ti-ui' to tlir il ■ 1 1 1 rat ie mimiucr, Jodgc Laadon, and gave nkn ;i majoi-ity of 58. 'luis year Bhoroo glvee Jtvdge Kiane iiu even 70 majortty. Tlue gjeottemen wim were ao anjust to Mr. RoUeoci luivc iic.ini trom him. The electton Ixiast that li n thcir party jiul hoid of the books alt cus t uní house they wouldBhow Mi BOme naiiils, has lome to ïiothiiig. The reefllit of the exaiiiiaation whieh Treesury Exporte WbStehe&d and Miiiiiu-unu-ry. Mr. Sroville of tlic troasni-.v departmeat, and Mr. Freeman of Um Bib-treaBucy aavB been maJtlng tint,o tbe aifairs of thi' caahter'a and audit.or's departmentB, Da t luit they been oblfgred to comp'llmen.1 ('ashter Wiiliain i,. lío-tAvi.k on lus exact, iHi-iiic.-.s likc iiici'iiuiU. Thelx nvi'stid ebowied tiiat Snoe Gashier Bcwtwifck assuiiu'il cbaige of the flïian ial lv]iartraent of the CUStom house in Novuoiber, 1889, he lias liaii.Ucil over $450,000,000 and cv-.ry cent oí ii h:is bci-n accimnt -il for.- X. v. Prees. ele íttoffl ol Carter Harrleon as Oayoï : I ,i-i.. [fl iri-iai,iy a Mg -'t ba k bo ttue Worui's Fair. The ■(imiiKni peoplie of tlLe country who (treal ■liiHition a mi.-ccss, if it is made n teei that the lnau lui had the biU'kiliií oí the ü-anibi dan, tibie hooiaei i -r. ihb lli'cvcs and tliugs, eau not, finm tSuat ver.v la: t. iiiakc a j;ood executivo I City, do matter how mii.-li hé may dcslrc ld. Th-rc air tbownaide ot people bbtroaghoat Mk-hBgaè, almic. wlm will 'licsitalc alxiiit -u ü- i,, Hue WorW'8 Fair nqw, and tSH inajo'-iiy d iple will [)i-olahly nol .nu at .il!. It Ds a niisfortunc tliat Han-s.,11 hliould liav.' cbOSen mayor r that dty dnctag the World's Pair. WrontfM up - Iron.


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