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A Democrat Asks Some Questions

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Aim Arbor, Apr. B, L898. Editor of Ooarler :- Please pat tihc followinu qnertions i B. W. Beakes, V. W. Wan.-. J. R. Be u and others: cents : Do you believe your mant.uvinrm of iiic democracy of Washtetf.iiiw f -onnty i-i reaJly ii ■aitiiy tot the öemoeracy ? Io you be'Jeve th&i ttoa crowding nut oí cwucuaes aod convent i ma ol aml more soibeta-ntial democrate v (lmoeracy ? Io you believe ttial I : Idea wTilch you lotead to ha"ve go abroad ttaat you air Vb democracy Ie vory healtby [or acy v Du you bellere tti tjorlty o! ■ui - :;ii-i . aa -'Kiwn by the voto be tl kei I bis s)-inií. In thia n compared with the nrajorjty Cleveland had in L884, ivi'i-y 1: allliy POT (lrinn ra y ? Do yon bellere tJiral I h ■ a ■■ ■; c.iiflay In cowultlng you as : bie d va -y a .-! -; vrrv iralüiy íor G-ilday or acy '.' Do yon belteve i:.-it fcha Impression yoo try tu taake ;::.-n öemocracj wijl die wiiieii yon díe, looka vsry healthy deniiocracy V !:.:i't yod bejleve tinat unloea you :t afce and cultívate modesty, t'lnat t lic future vriïl 1 e unbealthy Por democracy ? In ■ en'l m-.i gol [oreslight and bre.'.ne enougb polJtieally to Bee, öhiat sinee you took nold oí the mar .luim' and run ii, th.a.1 the concern has een troubted tí b hkI K ia vws '■■ alïliy lar JeniojviM.VXY DEMOCRAT8. - a rae :;.inu Sentioel has tlii aay .' Mr. G-Jlday's íefeat u i! dtetrict : Mu; 11 oJ tile oppoartion agulnst Mr. i,...iy, iu ttoe l.isi oanvose, reaiílted un oí an ou the part oí un todiKrrete frtend, tu pload íor vafees becamee í hlB rellgtoua aiiu. - mUglbrt iiavc i:-.-u expected, the (renta í Mr. Künn secuired oojplteB af the Letter wntu-n for that arpóse, and u i-f.-uit proyed it to ye beet oaimp&Vgn weapon. The ntiinlu -liiin o!' reUglVDfl ir ;i ;i casuii for tibe isnpport of or opposití.aa to aten ín a aanvaae Ls wrong. It s mn liis faitli, but hlfl eitizeuship ewwl dMuracter whicli Khould be conBölered. The Jani;n.t letter wvs a t durd sword. toJurDg Uilday's feupport in two ways : Many wlio re■i-.vrd it rewated it as an insult, and miaiiy iwt in sympathy with secret a.nti-catho!ic uocieties were in'luonced to oipose Mr. GHday becausc of ít. It is to be lioied the result wlU tend tí prevent future repotitions of BtïrohJirdism in our politkal contesta.


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