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A Southern Beauty

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Mr. E. J. SmiHJh. of the Adrián Press. írlio is stayuMí at H'oward, Miss., for the winter, wrLtes this of a fierce insect tliat has its day ia that section : "Thíe 'buffalo gnat' has arrtved, brimging wíth him Mfl brothers, his wife and his matlier-in-Law. The wtooLe triibe is seekimg gore and getfcmg it. The buffalo gnat does not liive a great wihile, (if he did, noth5mg el&e could), but Jie lives liigh ■vhile he lasts, and on Bome of the best blood of Mississippi. Caste and color, ho wever, cut no ftgure wlth liim. Now Jie claims 'blood' brotherliood witli tlie 'conlederato eolonel;' a-non lue micks tlie tiated voins of the uupedigreed 'Redmcck, 'or the lifel.i.'ct of the dlonkey ; but the blood of a nortdierner is not rejected. The mulé a.s a apeOtal object of assault from th'.a fierce giiat, and íind.s in it au riiriny t'hat cannot be unseated by ■bii'.king,' or hit witti heetB, and ■often looses iü'.e lite in tibe cneounter, 'A not reMued by ttoe hand of hi master. Iben hayo been inany Lnvtancee f Vbim k'md. Tlie buffalo gruat is íilKut one-tUrd the sizc of a small house-fly a-nú a tboosand ttmee more cutsseil. X"Mi Hatos rcsuly iioíeed, lio Effcrtfces like a bmllel and taps a veln lirst r-nick.' Tlie more vigorous our tVViLM-. Hhc WOTBe hilB assault, 14 yon CadU tío 'Bcore' i him. Like tlie inuK'.v (i]c_', he te roiiMMi by reaiBtaa :e, toa more hei: attack. '1'haiiks to ecoiM)iiiy of naiuri', ttue peiSod of Iiíb - is 1H1 a tew days ; t li-.-n ili and wasictli awa.v, s-.cinluiíiy boe v'.iini oí owu murderoue deban to." uhat relatfoo ttie tellow b to tlie buífalo bug that "chaws ui)" oor cárpete and clotbhig of all The people ai Vo:-iii's Dlepeagai-y ui Ilini.r.ii. . Y., have a &tOCkI ; : !v : : i Umi,' om B yc;ir and w liat d; yuu tii.nk ihe.v flo ? OOUOi the number n' boütlee tlhiat've boen iy Uw iiii-ii and vromen wiui liiai Dr. l'riM-s I ".i . uit Pres;rililiiii diiln't d(i wlitit tlii'.v Baid :t uouid do. And Iikiw nwiny dn yiiu Iliiiik !hr. have t coumt. One ín ten? Not one ín five liundrcil ! Hcre are tivn ivmeil one t lie "Golden MedDba] Disnmi-y." [oï; aml .inviií(ril in tbe liver an.l lur:'yu)fí tbe 1v]ihii1; i he other, th of weakiy wonwunhood ; they've lieen sold years, sold liy t'h' niilljoii botties kom usder a pos-ltlve Jiiarantce, Etod nol 0B6 hl five hunilvcil cao -ay : "H was not the inedirine for me '." And is Bhepe any reason li v yön should lx the one ? Am! Mippcetag yon ave. wliat do ynu ■ .M(,liit,.ly mu li'nu : Suinctli :nji to inake fun Of- Comli a] Incidente.


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