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Ate His Own Leg

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Sonic vcirs algo a man, wJiom we will oaU Farmer ,. transferred l.:s from ;i c-hief hotel at BasCnjjto-rd, Ym-ksiurr, to .-i mimor tote] kí-t by ii Mtb. Barker. He not h dümer at hier Harmer'e ordinary, tor wbJcb lic pa ■ il Is iil a-i usual. One day !::■ o!d lady QOtÜCed ihat the J uld di! ter a !■ DUO] B tiian an orddnary aima] tood lor tJw M:in ],.}. si. ■ Ëhereüoro determlned f I -i'ü.rlllüity, t: Köe llnw :.: n aid con um. The nexi i .me , ame sflic e a . r ' nged ma tters i here waa i. ro n for Uim at ■ i Kin toto an :mt"-i lioin, wluere 1. ■ EoiLnd a steamiag Lig n: mm :.a ai ;. :; ::4' him, with pply ui' ;.in! i.uin yOíd GrayBon, nol a vhit displ' :i uo'i.i ca.::. t, and whea ■d the; ■ was notlilng leg oí mm . the aned. The hostesi i ly peop :, i el ■ room, and, aa Grayeon pi s ■ bar, he ■! in pey !'(;:■ I .: ! dunner and "quart o' yeil" - two sii'ilLmgs. 'l'he ept payi ... i i lm' :,! onven cd h.m go mu i. Dellgrbted with lus i meal, Graye ie -d to li:t iarke1 basket from a hook on the ceillng, and, flndlng it llg'h'ter than be, :; ■ tore ofl tho cloth and yelled otot : "Here, Mrs. Barker, waa's stoin Dii tig o' nnuion T" "Wha, ye awd fooll, ye've hed it i' year OSaaer."-


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