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.I., ri Twamtey, oí Nortli Lake, cUed Apri] i'il. aged 8 I. - ir. ui piano .-i i s il ii" bas i-r-u ired iiinl o; ii ,1-wi o toned . . c. ol Salem, h ia gone to ■ i i - 1 i ] ■ ■ cii1 :■ ra tra 1 1 - 1 1 ■ - M. Phielp luas ' iugh I oui the 1 ery bai!nii se o! Fhiélpe - I ill, at Dexter. liiee Sm r.-i ii Mc] leea, dled Tu.'s.lay, Apr Illni S :i Q l. l ! 11 i Ing Mlian yourag Poll Weeks. l'.z; a Saa ord, i Brtdgwater, recently sMipped 19 Uorees to Oathey, N. Dal. tu tlM' ni ton House. Wbitm : g, Mpb. Jv SipsUa-ntl. dier's ■ui ii ï'psiïant!. C. 1' en pn te V. '. 3. at Beatón Hi - d the you kno ■-. I)-. ; líxred a paim ne is nr.' "üncle I! U" Haskims trom Anu week, among hls Dun : can■,,ni : by 15 vu -. : i made amd ii i '1 be repi iper■-'c.v. and ]■■'); and i rea niM I P8. liool in line ; ' 5 IeEnglaad, all sh'iw . In a year or two i, i-rii s tour . - Mlian üeadSevera] hiundred ■ Bubs ■ oward a Mei b ('kim-h a' ' ';'! ■ rted ai'ii i-t ïooks .-is i tto c hm-cli would be bu i News. n v!:i Ii they gre der. atteodaace al the M. E. S 11 ll('. l.v 3 gUiW til'-' Hli'lll' . bttl ily;:, :d. A wit-' 27 M. : ■ c!m: : Clinton 1 . ley j y and i b Jcíx at tl: ■ kii. ■■ ."'vi ' e fetrafined. BJe Artïmr !.yo! a mami barn on ] meeday la ut, torty by ■■: and Ann Arbor road. kind a Looka as though BarmllTig Dexter Leai bje wli(it cro] r every dey. When tho e was a p 7ö p ' ii ouW ]:aiiiy ri a h 50 pr eeal aad i V' ll'ix:1 most a total raMuire in places, l'ntejpráise. (mr luw ïi.-hnv Umi. James B. M ■- Malmi! vu elected clircudt Judge iy tbe republlcmne oí Masan cminiy. it wJi!I 1m_l remjembèred I h;u ae lat ly miotcd l'i-iiin I.uiliiiiitnn tO (rand RapJds and tiir,s [a a good ndiraiion tliat tlie peopi' art We old home wam hlm back ii.ii-a.n. Maii.-iic-trr i"n t crpr is ■■. H raiiKt liave been in what luirse men cali "IkuI form." FUlemaker, tli ■ fïimous hbgb-]umplllg Ikh'sl' with a record of 7 ft 4 1-ü iDCbes, trted tbe other lay to jump au (irdinaiy feuec tuil failed. He iva inipaled on ;i i( ket and rouetved injuries whioh wlU probably prove fatal.- Ypsilanti Commercial. The let ot April joker was abroad In Piuckney aicording to this from the DGepatcJi ! "One of luiiiicH men wae fooltnl Sncto tli'livoring 100 jKumlB of floiir and 250 pouiidc of bnan to a. famiily who were visitlng out of town and had been for a weck. When he tound out it was April lst he wantend took the fiour away whlbh iie hiul left on the poroh. The "Telepnone" oalJ oaunlit ïiiany in the evenisog to the amueement oí a largÊ numbear." i ■ .. :- all ooit '■' WW! more Lake, ;ii!l navígal ton reanmed. Jotom W 1 on April 2d, aged 83 3 ■ M. E. Sun:!iy s ■ ■ I bel1 uj sed '- 1') b.v I: _ 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 ■ vill BOOn h 'vi' a wind mfll. S ■ 11 bownesWp wil pay .1 b umiy for li-'ii liawk pe. i. S. MllMt. i.' Syl ■ -vivan, "ii M 1 aged ir Ks !i!i!'i. 'I M' atnounl ex1 ■. .1. G. k.'TI. C. Leee n a aidw Ita, oear Man -ii ter, are 1 ! 'MIS. Tiic 23 ivenW. C. T. D. 1 i -7. .min men ni. F. R. Emer! k, to R. O. B young st:il100. ! Un ! : i'S.-u :e ,:■■)■. Mrs. Shower1111:1. Many 5 beig'n t ir ír um■ Ms Martflia W ■ i:!i the I . E. : '.un at 1 . . .1 . i I . ! w:ifh a ti -. Herald. Mrs Ran !■;:! ploye, re Falr rnat. co. W'.Hnir an Riper laki - . M. C. iaMtb. 1. I' tí . -i. ■: D Mts. .iui:,a E. Sflierman, Mrs. E. Hew,. are reídles' L;hrai-y Ai OÍ 'i pellaati. (ín Lyodon nnhuen he sun was low, ('I ;: ■ rat nr's hat. Sun. The So. J.y, i de]!i'u'.i on Su. l.yoa papera for support 1 mt!■ tirinl iiiu' dOnc. Th".v Iu Salem I .■ electe 1 as Pollows : 1'. c. Wñeeler ; clerk, Marshal . Natli. Rider : ;uX. 't luee ; schooi Lnsp - Ryder. Milling ly r - ■ciitiy, ni rkrm, w.-is reby. ■ i'lsiMr. Helbw Ba wi men ly mi the i be raí ■,■'■ conormfi as the mpleted 1 1 x t a a ! ma ttnee in May are lalready v nd mu li i tli1 ai iken. Salí rer. - of Jay [voitli, ni Dexter vJJlage, are very mu.ii rejoiceil on i t liat he uas .-liciseu ■ .!i. Jiy ttiB huadBomc majority I an idvi !.- lolitical jti.i jijift y uí aUout 1 ai.i'runl . Fro.l WSppert tuae aaved enough niüiiey. altJiouíili he ÍS yet a youiig man. to iui':liti-e i lie Hale íarm, near -Mvailvillf. pay ', avh OH tile sjmh for iiavc ni(i::" teft. Tliis had all i.ein eeirned moridfcig out ae a farm band. ïooug ttuen iu fiot-k dnto iii ■ lowns tu i:l 1 1 gooaye t-oft clerkshjp eíiai emntato Mr. We4pert'a example ■■iiiiil prOÚM llu'ivby. - Stockbruliie Sun. A i-ertíiJn seluooliiKirm has found a niw and KLttatactory way (to the üholmrii at least) of punishment. "Wlieii mu1 of the iJi'l mwnes a word, tile boy BpeUtag it cxrrectly is perniiitted t ki tllie girt. ïlie boys are imptxrvitifC, (Uut it i fearetl tb girl will foi-jrt liow to epell." - Clieslea Mr, llan-ict Wood, relict of Thomas Wootl, íoriiLerly ol thífi place, dted at thie homo of her danglitor, i Neenah, w:-. ■iinsiii. Manh L".)tii. aged 88 yeare. (ieiicral deUility and ild age cliised htr fart'lily eareer. Mr. WimhI's people Bome ,vi'i:rs aun were residente f this Tirinity and will be remembered by maiiy. ver. ' .ii ::i Tw.-imy.v. agied 83 yeara, cUed Sumday ntgtivt, Aprl] :M. Mr. Twaanley was crae al Ui n ily pio rs In u i inivii':isr(i the Farm (,i u !i: -ii lie dtied, trom the governnicnt. Ili' w :i - tfoe father of four chJ dren, i la dead. The funservi es were beid .-it North bake (lim-ch :i 10:30 a. m., Mr, Pear e, oí Dcxter, offlciatStanderd. au will drink Inspiraron] "The Uttte Bcown Jïfg S:iti:, rt. mi Ai-iiur CXurier. . ei Ypsiuui! i bolste-r up b ■! ;ui! i-roee ao Manager Rose o Keelej [nsfil that a will Iiii; ■ uní i i riir Press mam :- in. - YpeJla ntlan. A peep oh-uTches . mu ated i ■:.! I i:.-is!it Is bccomtng an eveni - ' tance denomina 'i: ns -v ■ 1. A ]i med .-i ' .-ml beautiful appropria servcd i peala] features of i ■■ B ald. I eallimg tibeir caui Dexter towrasïii'p and that the demoii t hi s;m Webe i i t a tííkeí -'.i the o ficial bellot, ttiey must - í un i; ; ■


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