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READ OUR TTTT Tf 9 K3 RESP0HSI3LE V TESTIMONIÁIS. -TAAA-JLV V29 AGENTS WAKTCD. vJH DOUBLÉ CHLORIDE OF GOLD TABLET8 J WB1 COmpletely destroy the desire for TOBACCO in from 3 to 5 days. Perfect] y h arrale; caoM no öfcv I i sïckncss, and iiíay be given in a cup of tea or cofTee without thf kauwledge of the patiënt, who wiU L r V. t VOLUNTARILY stop smoking or chewing in a few days. L ▼ "% DRUNKENNESS and MOR'PHINE HÁBIT SJtKSÜSftirtJSr V VOY tient.bytheuseofüur SPECIAL FORMULA GOLD CURE TABLETS. ,g.' . kkN a - ! During1 treatment patients ure allowed the free use of Liquor or Morphine until such time bB-TV te W as they sh 1 ;y give thcra up. E'IbW .W t6Stl ITIOVc senti particuJ irs and pamphlet of testimoniáis free, and shall be írll to place . L J sufferers f rom anv of these habits in communication with persons who gBL. - s "- " mals IVoïTl : curedby the useofour TABLETS. M lKk „,u HlLL'S TABLETS are for sale by all first-class drugg-ii-ts at $ 1.08 3B . persons "WHO perpackage. jf&$5s3Ë. . iWw hpvf Viifn put- ' ff yourdruggist does not keep them, endose ns $1.00 ad we wil! sen ■: fk k UCC'aU1 you, by return mail, a packaffe of our Tablets. 'V :V' Vt 6(1 by the USÖ Of Write your name and address plainly,and state whetber Tablcts M SSfeli VBk are for Tobacco, Morphine or Liquor Habit. V -i?V -j'i$r - I 'O THDI TTO P3 _.._.. R p_ p # TMk TJk nlLLö ■'■ IAdLUo. ■ t-- '' - 'Vl LD C_ l B -eiv ',"Hr The Omo Chemical Co: nP . . . . - t . HkH ÊÊÊr i k Sir: - I have been usinsr your W e r.rARAJJTEH a cure ami invite the most earefulinves mTflk. care for '...l.accc. habit, and found it wou ld tigation as to our responsibility and the menu of our 'kk 0 do vin claimed for it. I used ten cents lablets . H& wnrthnl the strungest chewin g tubacro a day, DO NOT BE DECEIVED mto Ht. k nd trom „,e to five cigars; o? I would smoke ine any of the various jiostrums that are ling L k.. from -cu t. f ■ iv jijes oftobacco. Havcchewed Si&rJ,ifor ?alV Ask for HILL'S TABfl. Bk and tmi.kcd for twentv-five years, and two packagei LETS ani Itake no uther. Wkk. Bk of your Tiblet cured rué so I have no ciesirc for il. Manufactured only by B. ■■k B. M. JAYLORD, Lcslie, Mich. THE Kk BwBk Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. dBH 'Bï OHIO CnEMlCAL CO: nUlf PUtMIPAl Bk HBwIl Gentlemen: - time apo I sent lor $1.00 worth of yotir UlllU unLlTIIUHL UU., B Bk BW A. MaB Tablets for Tobacco Habit. I received them all rig-ht :nd, aUhough ■ mi lun er norai ■■ nnv ■■ itw ik I vras both a heavv imoker and chewer, thev did the work in less than 61, 83 AKO 65 0PE8A ÍL0CK, V Skk threc days. I am cured. Truly yours. LIMA, OHIO. B 3frxM ' MATHEW JOHNSON, P.O. Box 45. PARTICULARS Bk. ÍL. . Pittsboíob, Pa. W _ R Tas Ohio Chkmical Co. _,_._- É. H kv HdS Gentlemen:- It eivej me pleaureto speak a word of praise for your Tablets. P ri t, t. k IHk CSÜv 7 sun w"ls stroní'y addicted to the use of liquor, and through a friend, I was led to Hk ABk try vour Tablets. He was a heavy and constant drinker, but after using your Tablets . M. B [lk. but three davs he qujt drinking, and will not tuch liquor of any kind. I have waited ijfl? 1 ik. r lour "lunths l)ctorl: writinif you, m order to know the cure was permanent. pBXHk MRS. HELENyMORRKON. ÊL Bfk K ClXCIKÜATI. O. fl k lk Blr Thic Odio Chf.mioai, Co: ■ k M r Gentlemkn: - Your Tablets hare performed a miracle in my case. I have used morphine, hyrjoderk "■ micallv, for st-veii vcars, and have been cured bv the usc uf two packages of your Tablets, and without Bk BH "ny effort un my part. W. L. LOTEGAY. k .A.tlilress all Orders to tin writing1 picase mcntiuii this paper.) 57, 53 and 55 Opera Block, LIMA, OHIO.


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