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i; e 1!. Dytgeci and A. W. a; - ander bave gwne '" CStfeaigo. Mi-, and Mis. Elígeme E. Itci] speni Sunilay wiiii reíativea la Dextor. Wm. Ili U. of Kcw.iuii"' . ;- vlsltlng Bey. and Un. i.i..i i'. Jooelyn. Bote i SiarMn-, oí Toledo, Bundeyed wirh hda pareóte, Mi1, aad Mrs. Miii- bae&ter. Mi-, and .Mrs. .!(;!, :i lerdón wül a rnívc hioime tlii" weck trota Florida, :i expe ;tod. Gkr. i"i-l ii and dafflgütw Mrs. Colé, returoed 6pom tihelr trlp to Florida, i-t Sauu-day. G. I-'. ci-ui gr, ai Efco b aer, x. v.. ionncriy oi ttbe 1'. O. nwB depot, was :n i]i,. élty Mwiida.v. Andrew Hnglhes, Uhe Rogieler of , tías moved wüh his íaniüy to No. (L' K niïsioy st. Bev. s. a. Carmam :- attödJng thr Bapttet Young Peopíe'a so iny state mertinir at ( Ibiarlotte. Pro-'. Hall, of öraad Rapids. t!::' guies I Of PrOÍ. and MfS. ],. I', .ln i'lyn lasi werk. Mis. M. BiTiincr, ■'■. oí Sheriö Brenner, wiaa caUed tío Ohclsea Monday, hy tibe Illnese of a sister. Mi-s. Cadinun. :iu air.H OÍ Mrs. GrOVer Clcviland. and Iit dauiíhtrr, of Jackeon, at oded t Junior Hop. Mrs. i. F. AHmeradAnger ganre au aiftentobo iea, Satunlay. n honor oí her gue1 Mre. Burfchardrt, of Owosso. Ber. .in'ii i N i ■ 1 1 1 n : i n 1 1 leavos to-day j.i. na a delégate to a nafdiiai 1 1 n ■ . ■ t : : i .ü of ïoung People'e bocHetleB. N. i!. Darliög h ivíiil;' pin-ii:isc.i the '■'.i:-iii 'i i':t i sfteid om ( Iw motor line, .])!. i-'ic n. I). riaifs. lus removed 1 iicrctio. Prof. (ion. W. Kniuht. of roliiniitus, Obi!, was Un' icui'st oí lus pareóte, Mr. and Mus. J. W. Kalgtirt, over S un (la y . Mr. and Mi. Gteo. W. MiUeo, of I ïci ï-i ; i . 'k:i vi been guestB of Dr. and M.tb. .[. V. Mortoa, on E. Anu 8t„ ilu riiiii llir paal weck. Mix. Huti h ii-on. of lïattle Creek, a.nd Mrs. Masón, oí (iladstone. Who fiT puesta of tfhcir párente, Judge and Irs. Harriman, on Waghienaw i ve. lor severa 1 days. r turiipd tü their imniK's Satunlay. Dr. A. ('. N; 'h'ils rercives 1 h ■ very ]l'a -:i ui :n uriniii ion 1 lint liis little CornelSla, who was gtricken wii h .-nrici Eever wbile rieitlnit with Eer niDiiier in Aijiena, Ie recoTerlng win Mura be all r;iii again.


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