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.lud.ur Ctuampiato i now lecturlng tio tbe ïawe. I'riii. Troébiood bas been as al ba -u oí iiin.-üitis. It is t iioniiii t the Bouthern trip f tlhe Iüim' bal] team wül eosi $1,000. Tuition tOT tftlie 1'niviM'sity of IV1111rj i n,;,! i.-i vt .- h'i.ii been ra u-om $100 tu $150. tfyou bo stand In with bUe C. ,,.; m. Ai;r,c:ir boye, .iui Bubwrlbe sometihilnig tor tiic base bal! nlne. ■; he I'. f M. i:ii' ball atae deleated ■..;, - last Saturday, 00 the Al ar. i ■ 1 t 1 . 1 . iiy ;i BlCOre i 1 O to 4. Tlu amteirifled are expected to come out in Uil lfoTCe to-merrow aften uní .vcn:]i-. Greal expectatlons. Xlhe üeebore ot Umi. V. h.. Wiison h-K been postponed muil uome time 11 May. , He rannot rcarii here ïifM l'rliiay 'vrn;im-. as va tntendcd. 1 h, v. of M. cxIkIm;. iu the oxteni of [out tar loads. has airead; been lorwanlrd to tb I :: a-o World'a Faiir. i Kapjia. Kappa Gammas held a piiMs.-uit receptiion at Mre. Dr. Carruw's Saturilay p. in.. In Imuur of the Wiimaia's I.rauiH1. u e jee t Ion of new cdltors haa taken place tot the I'. ui M. Daily, and the new Dorce liavr tatou hold oí the pen :1 pwsfa-lng liHsiiicss alrcaily. i', oí M. democratlic banquet OCCUTB Tlnirsday and a large ii)vd ie expected. A rate oí 75 i:-iii tor the round trip bias been maJe Detralit people. E. C. shielrt'S, i!t. 'íit, lias ben electni pi-rsjlriit oí Ui' Athletl-c ssoclatilon, .la-, Balrd, in. '"..", eecretary ; C. W. RIcketts, flnancial secretary ; and H. H. Sharplesu treotf'Jrer. Prof. .Mcilü'in lectured in Newberry Hall Sunday nioriiinu-, on : "Sic ubere tuo ut nc alieniuin lardas," wliicli nifa.iis ■'.-.() use yoiir propertjr as not tn Injure a.notihier." It was vci-.v InterBBtSiag. , THe ncxl ( hainlMT ('oncort in the courae win takc ]iia-c at Newberry Hall, on 'Jhur.sleiy, to-morTOW oveninfa-, tfi Ik' Kivwi iiy iiir MJlwaoikee Trio. It win be ell wortli g?otDg to beer. The .stiiilcms are pretty generally getttag rrady i'or a ruslh nvxt Friday . the t gtoctng ol fche spring vam. Tu" boye turnd gtrte ewne al ready to go hotme to ■ the old folka flor a i toe. It is raiders: mul il' ai the Duiver: ; a]iiiriiprialion bilí is in til o liandfl ■ aic commil'btee on appropri;ii:.i!i-. ni i:-!i Senator 1'ox bs chalrïnan and Senator l'.nvi a member. ir it ever gete out of tIMa eommlttee's 1 1 - 1 ■ ! i huil', it ha tiLought heroi ■ iwi'ts w';i be neceseajy. The new DniivereLty Galendar jnst teBued trom the Ocxufter prcsses, la prnlialily mtie oí til:1 nea ! -.'st ever ssn!■(!. It printed Brom electrotype made trom eotttrely new type. 'iiic lunik gottea iip wiiii au fcdea of it as linln as poeeibta tOT tlie mails, to be in no way Imlky, and yei contaiita a I the Inüormation deelrable. Tlue miatter ie esi t in gKxxl aizcd type, and i ue paper ie f Xo. 1 garade. It WKrald be íiífleult to Burpass it. foiceaitmese. Tlve Junior Hop, whk'h íls cm of the greateel eveote oi Uu' seaeon in I'niversity ircli's, todk place last l'ii(Tay oAght, in the new gyinnasinni wiiich was propcrly and vcry Vrottüy dcroi-atcd Eor til' occasion. The vxcrci-'s ui'ir opemed iy the (Ui'' and Itanjo Clulbe witlv a concert, and ïnerry auatlog and Joy reljgned enpremie nntii am early liour. ïhere werc 25 nnnilMTs li-.-siile scveral extms UipoB the pniüi-anmie. The ''.K! hop w:',l !■ ai-eonnted a glowkig sucCH in swcial hi.story, and the dedlcatilon of tllue íí.vninasi'mn be Long reinenilu'ied. Tin' iipiv (it;i]iiriK'-i are be!ng iistributrd. hoial I'ilou will have two reli amata eadi week after vacatton. C. A. Dentoon, law '04, Ie the mw maoaglmg etlltW o;' tin.' I". of M. Daily. 'Di i ■ i- -t '.rux offtcers oí the 8. C. a. ta vr a vri'v );;isaiit. reception s.-ii iinlay evemiag to succeeeors, at Newberry Ha [1. Dr. .!. ;. r , wiii s bere boImg ticaicil liv Di-, i'anwv [or cataP8 I. was a iiiciiiImt ol il:" i'.i'sl class e. of M. ;::, 1 ! i college trom ■50 tío '52. A "I'r.vl ice Coui-t" s to be 08ni'ii i 11 the law department Jh: to be rader the superviBion -e ol tlic niciii!'rs of the law 1a uu y. Tii:! s . mr) ivi ? been placed ronder ttne oontrol ui Ptot. B. F. Johneom, it is intended the second yoar stuil'.'iiis shaü bare au opportun:ty to ]m Hhe tiii'in-y of ploading lato actual practitee. tu speaking oí fbe objecte oí tihiifi new feature, Mr. Joluiwon uays : "A stndeat may liavc r" 1 1 i .- 1 1 1 1 -his .■■mil-si' n theory of li!r:ic!3iir (inil !;:■ alili' to (Im.f1 the slnip'cst pleadlcg, i::l.' on the otlior i ; 1 1 1 i . hl' may. liy mevr routh;;' of wrk, ba ahlo to draft a more ditïi■ult. {'■■rlarat i'on or petWion without knowitug tibie KpsI i-udiiacuts of pleadjuii'. 'l'lif invrstiatioii of the law sliiiuld go htund Bd hand wllth the tudy of pleadtng a ml t lu'i cfoi ■ bhere tejao lIa e su wt'll suiti'd for the proper training of a lawyer. In tlic actual practtce, as i,n the law." The Law Journal hereafter w511 contaln a departnueni w'ii.ii-ii win be devóted to gSvlng tlir jiews ;' the Prectice canrl ti.nd 1ih.;' varioiis o;li,er eourts oi the ;av di ]iai'tiiieiii. XttuS part Ol the Journal will be i'dit.'d li.' l'i'O"'. .lolin'wou, ass;.si.ed liy a student, wbto is i;, he aniiii.i.iited beforo l!U' flJet of May.


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