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Tlw DoUowlDg aJCtlOO was laken by tiiie vcsiry of 8t. A.ndrew'8 church, at ti mieetöug beid on Monday cvening iasi. in rficri'ii .-. bO the deatib of the pemior warden, Mr. Jodin M. Wheeler : In Uw ilrath oí the s'ii.ur warden, Mr. John M. Wheeler, the parish oí St. Andiew's Jias muien-d all irreparable beivav. 'inent . StriUen U) n w ': !e in the f uil IruHlion of ia reiined and cnllured inai.'n.':od, and .-u a time, when thi.s ii had in.. heea a ;cuetomed t KKk at 11 m a ihe she 't an.hor in ner tnDalB taoó stonne, tiiis uaexpect■I depart me Oí our fr'.'iid and liroiher, i a iri ellmie, brimige w'nh It, imspeafcablc sadnrss and regret. tu vain. we c-eai-ih among mir memieis ; tibiera Lb oo on to uil Uie place. Nto more loyal heai-t. ever knelt ai illar oí St. Andi'ew's. No moic levoled ii'tiardian ol her pil rit, v and üinoi-, cvei' stepped wiihin lier porals. J'. be was conservatfve, it was bul to nspii-i' wiih nsiaiiu'd proeperity ind itjh igora ied Ufe. II : - ïiiVr ui . e.-cil n ii ancortain sound. ïypoCTuBy and luie -uiK-ei led taints ;iry m.iai'. were etrangers to 'nis nanly suul. Candor, tnith and the tolifug ir.di'])enden. ■ oí speech, SlOUgllt and ;i ■ t i in . which are the i un 1 1. a i barougluy eouscien'vms dis .■'iiin ,iic of dnty, ere among ii dist inu'nisliin.ií cha nu-l elist ies. Tilt' ]ar:Kji of St. Anili-cw's i.l lli ]i y in'is-; Ji.'.-s wisc couüscI. his kiiiilly jiine and hi'e long contlnucd, and leviiled servi; es. To st. Amdiew'e bie tuas beqnoethed i'iic prïceleee beritage of an nnUleinHved Clirisi ian Ufe. Ail too ninwilliiiiilv. wc lid onr trusiil i'ii.'inl iind asoiaie. farewell. aftlicted iainiiy we tender our n ai in si synipathy and condo'.ence. IIK.XKV TATI.OCK, E. D. KUNNE, C. B. NANCBEDE, Commlttee.


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