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Resolutions by the S. of V. The followinK resolutions of respect adopted at the meeting of J. T. Jacobs Camp, No. 90, S. of V., on Friday evening last: Whereas, We are again called to bow in humble submission to the decree of the Supreme Commander, who in his divine wisdom has seen fit to remove from our midst our comrade and brother, Ernest E. Woodmansee; Whereas, We feel his loss as only those can whose friendship and fraternity has been sealed by the blood and sufferlnga of brave and noble sires on the battlefields of the Republic; Whereas, We shall ever sadly miss him from our earthly encampment and broken ranks as only a kind and faithful friend, a true and loyal brother can be missed, therefore be it Resolved, That we unite in expressing our sincere sorrow at so early a loss of 80 valued a comrade, even though we cannot but feel that he has been detailed t a hifrher and grander life where the harmony of heavenly music is unbroken by clash of arms and contentions of eart'n. Resolved, That we cxtend our heartfelt sympathy to the members ot the bereaved family circle In whose aching hearts we teel there is a void that never can be ril led and that SUCb further action lc taken as becomes our order in memory of our sacred dead. K. C. KERN, J. E. FLAGIi, II. M. PBRKÍNS, Committee. &■ An Aun Arl;ir jii.i.n mggeets 1li!lt Que min dauw be reiiijDvcd epome disbainoe, 90 as bó ni.ikc a race counè l'roni Ann in Zukcy iJake. Thi' ï of iiic i,-i nis wouiii reader 'iir rfver mavUgjatule by smal] steam yadhita for a atétame oí iiMint 15 liililc.-i. - IK'ti-oit EÏVenkog News. tIku Btetemmn may ! correct; bnt il WOUW t.ikr .1 woiidirfiilly nood fertgftaeer to make tfae Iliinra ïwiviliiiUlc for 18 niUrs by sinijily romoviQg Ihr i !;i i ii -s . A lui.liaui wolk - ('iiitáig diamontlB. Une milky way- l'atii to the dairy. a beaírtly o.vhíiiitum - Tbe


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