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A Chance For The Girls

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Oeeeeni Claap Worka oí tliis i cty, üb ome f tiic Iwtitutlon (hat has CKftne ti ntn.v. II manufactures corset, waisis, etc., and its business la steadfliy tocreaBim?, and as Ita goods bécome knowm Bhe dtemand for tliem jgrowA gpeaiber and greater. ín convcrsiit.on wriii Mr. McGee tho supci-imi-mlcut. a few (lays sin :i . tedia uta i h 1 1 4 ta InupoesiW to ;p ii]i uiili orders, and lliat mu an order i he past Kix wci'ks has been sent tai on tjtoe, becauee trf tbc rush. New marl) nery tor extendtog the worka beam ordered fcwfce sdaice January I 91 . .- 1 1 1 1 i si :n thie oapaclty s not gafH Jenrt tor tune dem nul. T ■- corset ni.inu a tui cd ;s growlng In populariiy i-ap'd'iy and il certatnly be a u:nni'r. The iiivuliar cl.isn nr i'astenUi'j; is mi mm i'iiii'iii and pérfoet, tJiat after i lady weare ome si: ■ never will be contemted wiih -iny othor. One strangie tliiibg te tSie toabllity of thte ïnanaiii'incni in procure suffi'cient lwlp. Tlir Impreselan soems to have ,ünt abinuil ,-Diiii' v,-iy lliat the Clasa oí tyadtee eniployed Id siu-h faeini-:c are nol up to fcae standard. Nothfnig coui'l be Darttuar from thc trutli. Thr.v are al] :u t !] ' ■■nt , bright íukI .-.tri -i l.v íirst-class girls, and none oilicrs will le peceived, as no ome can cVbtialm emptoyment wüh'Mit first givbg rciVi-cn;-.'s, í they are etrangers. 'I'i' .uii'ls niake good waucs after havíng become familiar the vork, iiid f eouTse i.iir bettor workmeo they gO1 ín be ttoe nwxre they oan earo. The DacftCM-y, im-atiMi In the Oourler Hiock, occoipi'es tlhie entirc thinl iloor, aaid jf tllue juv-nit i-at ■■ of increase of lu:i:rsK cinii unes. uiH soon be oblig'c(l i o spi-cad om and nave more room. It 'm UT.'U ifyiiüu; to kno'.v tiint BttCfa n.n industri-y is on road tw succeea in city.


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