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The Burglar

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liherete a gort of coxmecttng link fceIuitii pathos wad liumor in the lincs ]ii oviilcd I'.ditha in the pla.v of '''rhc Iiur.ular." vtrhilch wül picsriii.'d ut Graad opera House on Friil.iy cvi ninir. April 14. The r'h.'ld Ö mad' 1i say, imrniisciously, lliüu's tu tiii' iniilniiilit marauiler, ivlvh, wliiv cccnii'üiily improbable, tuc in v;'i-!'i: '!c-. ■ o-nsOtent wtth the utterSmgs ni a precocjoos youngBter. The autlhor oí "I'lic Bungtor" bas gfivh i ful child-fharart riza t ion -I ■:.'il iiiinniiiriHc in his wOik, and p ay is in un small ir,,'.isuri' chic to the tataxMluctlon of littit' iMiir.i. as her cate and charm!ng aliandon affordB untold pleasure to .-m aiftJ iefly compoeed ol a and vlifldi-cn. Tlic introduct.ion in playa usual type of trarg'are likev.isc Inepired tl; ■ author : i'iiii't ■out oí tlic 1m -atrn iatli, and in tiaracter of the burglar, whlch 's a potent Da in tllve ilay. we aro treaird to an i'iiti; iy new and ucit Bt all impleasant personage, who, ■a , i i. i emgaged in bis unlawful woi-k, cxii.'bits tratte convinclng iiMii.-h thai behJlod a had rxt.Tior libérele a hearl lll'ed wlth hmmaalove and tenóernese roady wtoen proper occasCloD iii-cscnts ltself, to manifest a '-i-fat drai ui' regard foor a puro conoce.


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