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The Viking Ship Coming

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Sii.i'nr roen wixó hiave seen picturaa and u-ad deecriiptlone if tfhe Viking' sitp wiiu-ii is booh to si, ut trom NorA;iv ;i'-ru-s Atlant.V tl) tkis City, ]ii-c. I: -t ttüBlt ItiT ni:iy prove ,-in i' nu ■til otic in ways lint su lar -et loi-tlt. liad a uarrnw escape Brom bel!qg crucAied .-iiühuts in tho Jice on luer trip to ('lirift ianscnd, and lier crew ncarly t'roz ■ t diath. Slu' e hui ii smaller Bhaai was LJefa ship, and eailor meai say the Viking wae nver intended fer ocean vnya n ■. lhe bulwairk protectíon i not cnosidered tb lx; Kuffk-iont for tlue waeb of the big wavcs. Thr Viking Bbipe w etc de kr m 1 ini'i', Tli's nar s to llave a ciiiiviis scrsening to protect the seaaiKin, bul sa:lms dKMt't think tuis wijl avail hui li. The Peeeel, thcy Miy, ó little more tluui a big open Towboait, ex; ■'iiciit In lts way and day forjthic kind of tripis tube Vikings made, but not calculated to well stand a long otean voynge. Even I:M's liu; nliip miade a coastinir trip to Amerua. 'l'lic caiin'n wil are lo brlii.ií tilo Bhlp ovt iscciu bo liav' nu tear vh at ever tfcie trip, but maiiy sailor menvi;l wat-li iis Dartooas with


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