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Motor Line Time. „ effect Orí. 1. Teave Ann Arbor, from Court House, at 7:20, 9:20, 10:50, a. m., and r.otí 2:80, 4:30, 5:60, 7:, Leave Ypsilant) at 7:00,0:00, iO:SO.a. m.,and 12:40, 2:30,4:00, 5 :8U, 7:00 fi:30, i:::1! p. m. srSUAV TI.MK. Ljhve Ann ArDor, rroin Court House, at 2:20 8:50, 5:20,6:50,8:20,9:80 p. m. Leavi; ïpsilanti, at 2:00, 3:30, 5:00, 0:30, 8:00. 9:80 p. m. .,, , Nights of entertainmenta lasi trata wilí De held to iici'oinmodate passengers. J. E. BBAL.Pres. OPENING AND CLOSING OF THE MAILS OÍ'FICE HOURS. I.CXJAI. TIMK. General Delivery and 17.80 a. m. to 6.00 p H. Stamp Windows.. I .50 p. M. to 7.80 P. H. Money-Order and Reglstrv Departments B.00 k. H. to 0.00 p. M. Carrier Windows 8J0 P. m. to 7.30 p. m. Bandayo- General Deliverv, stainii and Carrier Windows. y-00 a. ío.oo a. m. Mails M.ui..T GOINU EA8T. Closk. Dil?b Exprese Poucb to Detroit 7.20 a. m. Express Poucb from Chlcaso. 111 ;„.; b.A.M. jli Gnu,,! Rapids Detroit ACnicágo E. P.O. .ló p. m. iM p.m. Express Pouchcs from Kalamazoo, Mich., Jack-■(ni. Micli . an Detroit, Three Rivera & Chicago R p O O .SO P.M. Detroit Í CnÍcag'K. P. O. 8.00 p. K. 7.30 a. m. Express Pouch to Detroit e.00 P.M GOING WEST. Detroit & Grand Rapids R. l' o "Paper Train,"... 1M MDetroit & Chicago H. V. O. a. m. 9.2,5 a. m. Express Poliches to Chicaeo,in.,Jaokson,Mich.. and Kalamazoo, Mich... 15 p. m Express Pouch from Detroit ,_ ■ im P-MDetroit Grand Bapid, p Detroit Chicago R. P. O. 8.00 p.m. 7.80 a. m. GOING NÓKTH. Fríinkfort&ToledoR.P.O. 7.20 A. M. 8.30 A. M. Express Poueh from To]vdo U.rfO P.M. Frankfort it Toledo II P.O. 4.25 P. M. 5.15 P. M. GOING SOUTH. Express Ponch to Toledo 7.00 A. M Express Pouc-li to Milán.. 7.00 a. M Frankfort & Toledo R.P.O. 11.26 a. m. 12.30 p. M Frankfort & Toledo B.P.O. 8.00 P. M. 7.30 A. M MESSESGER SERVICE: Mail leavesfor Weinsburgh.Tuesdays and Siitnrduys 12.UUM# Mail arrivés from Welnsburgh, _ days and Saturdaya oab r. m. Maii arrivés from Dixboro and Geer, Tne-days.TliursdaysandSaturdays, 11.00 A.M. Mail leaves for Dixboro and Geer, Tuesdays.Thursdaya and Saturdays, 12.00 m. EUOKNhi E. BtiAIj, Ann Arbor. Mich.. Oetober Í89I. Postmaster.


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