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Grizzly Jim

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Grizzly Jim sal outelde of hls oaWn amo ':ry 'nic ■i tai-red' lat ilutt ilay and were 'only Jul Hfttng ti t;i; - 111 1 1" vcivfty green, tora by ragged i and beamed wíiíi im bing ledgee. i Muike írom Jus pipe ciii-icii upward lUrouüli ti.i' 1 i ii.iiii i the live oak beoe : there was a suUtle bl " tlH' aun bal gare "f a mu afi Grizrly .lim was lang 'Hit. Cod ■ med to Bmouider wJKh a fm-iiiil5 Ore, wii.'iinT he had won the i by virinr oí bto prowi encounter itii ! i lll' ras, or wiheUier It luid been be.iiiiii li : ni oí liis unta appearance and ehwflsh man,,,,. iirinriit below coultl s.-iy. 'i ic Httle cab'.ü OO t lie ino;. and iis loiicly ila Tln'iH' wU9 a bMttie maten of - i by the ■ i ; a cía BkM '' tra 1 : a sniavt little mi! ■ clearing ;ind ír.s rider Bprs whlle Grizzly .lim dropped lila pipe a zemen t. KJd íaiinijii:'. Btr," eaíd liis visltor wflUh a Criendty staile. ■Jlic ilil miner etaased : il. wilh a Bklrt lrawn over a camh . liiv iveal:i ia in'viid("i-ii. .. m oí [resto frílls, wbïle a plquamt little looked liini unal.asluil, un, ; lircuvn and a olded - .-mil rO6 a wkwardly, CO1U 'You'il es i aánt up ío my I I'm not ii nobody, lel ; 1 1 1 . f ■ - . " "M; Erom di fl'Oin 5 ."' rrtur: laily -vvüh iiimiity. "I'm here on baali. J'iu t -i i ■ arslial for lh ." ■'i orted the iiiiinT. bul entlem:ii; ■ known to Bcrípture i literature. "And ton you'il '-?-i out Of )l: tul'! I the quick car reciu gome --vi. .1 oí hita Bhe mountaiD disto] -t wlio ■ 1 improvemente-, a ■ i iüz.-ithiii. qo contad witu L, . 1 1 1 l wlll) mI rema uiU i ] ■ commui e where ntly. meux, luit i '■!'.! 11.1 111' and you were born, miarried or single, all i'iir o rernment loyal Ci'ti ■ a book trom a po 1 lap and advai il in hand, white she was gpeaWng, Uut her heart quaked at Sou i ber bUthe y arn He 1 different i i -i les. "Tafce a Beat. l'ou must be very i rlde up the tralL? II' ii f.-rcil i n slump. glrl ai-cepty -y. but started as li'uil came :n contact wlth ; bree h lotud mg rlfl thai leamei agaiimt i he cliair. a queer giloi in hte eye thai ! mil uiiliki' a ïanla-ür gleam i luinic.r. (IKzzly Jim i,„,k Vi,LBter anA ostenta! limsl.v'W iiaiics, then palled an uglj looldtag kiif fi-oni luw 1m-U and laic ï'iiic and knMe in tu,!' mde table tha mhm1 betweeo tbem, as th' savag lertinoni.uslv la.vs down his arm betore enteihn upoii a parley wttl hïs foe. Dut tttre ■ik i limit lo lii iwwiiitality, aml he was not elow n announoe ft. 'TH be luanged ef 111 give awa; m private affairs, to very man, wo man cv chliid that aske. Whafi i to you, amyway ?" n s exaotly 25 eentd," returned the ir' frankly. "That it what they al low in ttiie thinly settled mountaii district. You wouldn't be worth bo nuicn if you wre down in the valley IV;lee, you sce, I teali the schoo fn th viliaige, and the Mate allow au -e- pretty nvuch Uiy whole K:ilar, - (UpeiiiLs ijkmi tdie numlKT of chi] i'icn we oom inustor Sm the district.'" ■Tlici-f's no ciiiidi-i'ii here, as yo (.■iu see," retumed lier bxx uitii grln cheer a mi tflue tUr oi one in ha round as etusy Boluflfon tor a vexed roblem. "And ea I "" '' '-" iinust íiis hands tato tía trousera JL. ,,.,i gome c-oins there he eyed ber alttentiTely. "No, i i-ink ycu'ii better not," .niply. L carn my fl x i e io tbe guwernment. ,:,i],-i tafc fot oegloctlng iy duty. Vve come u] o B out, and I won't ave your answers. No, ,t even ir' yo reloadod your Wlni r." And she wound ap wiili b lauii. s burdy sea long -lumeriog in (li-u-c, awoke i'.i tlie miner'í - .i w the angrj i,,. , anig vleitor. But .i;iid mak no conceeeion. I won't do lt," iomee in-i : here young, brlght, ing wltlb rlghteoue purpoee ; hlí ,.,.,, em, flog,..l .n mem. Hiey met .nd (-i-iin!. held i-.u-ii otbcr kmg and ïlic man wa -1 t" k. threw up h in-rlll'.T. "IKm't ! Vuil look yon look ! 1; ■ Forty yee . '; mi. He WTam ad pulled I1U3 that oni; in.u'e ol inm gray beofd visible atooulders. The glrl looked i ii Ui curtouuly, amd not without og. All h-, fear "i him was . and a vague xmiwissjon Btirred i heart. had andertaken her da rrand, i iv;iy, llluuilt lier ui owa tlu niouiitain trai] before hc Vet. a ii sympatb; may ooi reHeTc kept her il siill in her iiaii'l. 'TH teil you aid ;a ! avy and ■■I've i over it re I unir on i. the wotse Bnari I make ïou seem m vonuan. M.-i 'arer ] i : i.i i a ii oid man." II .■ Looked b ipreence was , aeed. How ■ ould :■ c iWl lmt vhat the sorry ili m1 hlin down mighi be a mere jesi tobes a eoo iuntament of frlvolous eom] ü' !■ -i": ired hlm. 'lt betftioe Ui of men ol niy aliiornla," .!ii,l t -was notl c.-iUle tfhat rdropped tlu orrupblon i purer erizci! 1; a (lrawl, nul ïiow and tlh-en he made ol ;i Wdl'll til ■n umi I . "] i:id a n I e and niy frifiiiis, 11 ld o I everyi h ■ ortd, and. leaving a siiiull gum witi! her, si e land irnla. !i ,:, 1 don't thlnk reaïlied hoi Ofi u ii ' . ■!. I I hat lay, and ii ■ Ca Ol niy ïittle Miriam ii I; me all these years." "Yon don't mean 1 o yon ted j onr ttamlly : ttoal yon r v. ■■■ med VA, ■ ■ migfat cali i so. í'.ui [t always seemed as II . 1 1 - - ivurlil Mit back lood luck, Fortune . om that moment. i reckon you've read i ni oíd people tell what II mr.-iiii ertajMi to tSi Pa ; l - 1 1 : 1 and l;mnvr. People aiul oattle dylug all akmg bbe trall. la(lian on tlue plains. I anlly genge 0 i'iit erj i rain i ha i wbb knvown t o car ry nioiicy, weJtcfaing tor a chance o ptlUalge. Befiore we rea; bed Sal Lafae robbed by i coopte of rawals wlio bad asknl om protect.ion fifty milea beck, aa.l I lus rvcrythinjí I liad; iny muii-.' . mi applle, my bla.nkcts, evorytJiiog but tbe horee I rodo amd tbc clothe I wore. A Mead wlno heul come witl me, was mnrdered. Una UndneM KtraiiiM-s savcl me froin perilhlü) w'uh cold and Inniger in croaslng the SeirraH. About thrc iiKintliM ofte I reached Sacramento very ick wittl fever. When I got wel) eooogh I erawled off t the diggings at the firat bar up the river. It had been arrangied when I left home that os soon ae I reocihed Cnlüfornia I was to fix some kind of a home and eend for my wiife and little daughtcr. They were to start by stoamer as soon as tlu'.v )ku1 word from me. I couldn't wrtto home and let tbetn koow the WB In. Kut 1 liada hcapof -ii. The eouniiy w a full of gld and uhmi wnv all 1 lio WÜÜB d buirmitog Cpom Que digslnge wiih hecCp I wdiild slrikc it like he res and fchen send back (or my and c'hiiil. ''The liar wae overerowded, but licy Kicil; ]iity oa me- I a pitabe object, wcik aiul wasted by fever : iiicy H-t me stafc íaim - gpot. a:i the men round paüninií OUt tWO OT lircr ouncee a day. Every now and iok mu a fortune. 1 :iíi. ved iTtfaer up tlir new diggl i better thiere. On again. :k followed ia ■ everyvlifi ■ the uoet pran -1 of claim 1 could iii-cly Bnd pay dtrt. Wlhian 1 gave p and moved on 1 waa ure to bear ellow liad )un iy il:ii!ii and made a pile OUt Ol it. nid want prewpector (uartz. ISue líroi - OH t in' snr and 1 dldn't1 aire to 8&nk fu viiaia iil.-iy 1 or a song. h.. mam bocked it. i, put up a b'.g tmp mUl :ii:l kei i i on the iiinii bo-dey. EJverywïiwre i; was ■ ; never tnann o -, tbaa even wlth TOTld OT : l' t.) uore ih.ui v arry me to I :amp out. Be! knew :t mi ni t Li i and j i, unless - -in-ak ií Ín :k ía wed me.' 11 , began walking up nd down Cu a gtradstul line under rvd tibat tii . "d how o -a :ed :! . "ín '55 I topurr i wltto liiï I ín anil yet a! gold I. n -■ om the int. It . nii all - f me t'; ■ o1 oer men took ou1 mili ïind r.l had e-nough Ig luCk Up i!: m ie, and havlng i! una w ares : ! 'imwd I'd v-ainii orne D me. toüled steady froin momI Iif1 ny ! ' tnouni adns 1 re id 1 i.'in u;ii a 111 ble dueil Klt u .ti-lll 1 : tü ay I iiiy drilJs pointed quh umi; ai! I ■ a til ■!. I ni 'Ai il ; i e ou rtever i I wrlte '.' 1 i (i.-iy III ,a :k." marshal In hor !. 111 11 !H'SS of mimi wiiiii which the oíd miner kkI i i jn his liuin a luuiul to "strike it rich" almosi i i1 lier wa. - 'ld t bat (lid nut cal! tor .'ml BliLlce. li: img all Iris lonciy yeaira ii toll it did nnt appear icurred i" hm that the same in any li and enal!-.l !i in t. make a home and --.lid for I I .'ml rhild in wlmiu lie ha boem bo loyal lln purpoge, bui liad .-ii mlseratdy r.-i ; ii-l in d "Now ym know avíiv I don'1 want niy n.iiiii' ti uu down In your book. Yuu know wiiy lvr never exehanged a needlese word wiiii man woman :: juli ra mi' np tra il tu-day. I v (lved ao loog alome wiih the rocka and brees and inc bare [acte i nature 1 ve a-lm otteo the K3 b o .-iviii.,".] sjicc-a. Vu i think Vvt taade you DGndervtamd. Do you waal niy name ?" Tin' liiri hMtt&ted in indecUton and (knibt. "Yon djn't know ? No mbre do I. Do you see tlhat tace m tlio roctya aCTOOO tJie OjuK-li 7" He led lier t au opening on the btümbie and ivointed across the cluuam down wJiose bed the mountain stream beaped. In the jagiged outlmes of a great cMff tJm.t overhuiig the gulch the girl easily discernetl a raaseiTc, sjAinxlike profile. "When you live alone in the mounuiins." naid Jim, "yoa get to depesdtag on Migna and omens. You oaa't hielp it. AVlien the eun Umchet ttaat lüff, ii little noon, sorae das the face apttlee, Bometimea it frowns. V,-'ll t tn-day. lf the ïarc gmilee I'll wrlte in yoni book." Tlii' mit liad Long sin ■ ïlown back to the ■-(■■■!. - t ml the mm rode high In 1,1 . ' inly tli! portdon oi ga] !i i emaöued i the shadt . c-iiut (i f iiy thr crage thai rose above S nu ly i ■ _ it nvpt 11,1-1 ro fey barriere. A ï] 1 of sunUighi i !if dirk ni :he. '1 h.e ripple o the water below soonded Kke a bella ; .-i imi-st ot bl-rd song iiiviiiril t'i ai!-. A wave ol Ught Iptuxed face, aad a moni rul : ttue teatures relapeed luto their ni. Grizzly .üiu i a tremb■ ixink ,-niii pen :il. .ü.usiial 811 i1 1o lier ! il her aaddle there was an:l i he steep t raí] was slippery Low[y aml awkwardly, ckwely Bcrutinizi ol ea -ii column betore toe made entry beWhen lu' liail Ctnlshed, He returih'd li i mi pen il lo the marshal - :ouTtesy. She da!-il absurd had -!ow a prop j by closing i wil h -:! lo iklng luto ii . 1 ut her w ,i i [ty overmasi ter an 1 1 he I ook on i quj k gla at Wie rtamie, which woa boldly and plainly WTltten. Her Da ed. ■'It ie nol u n ■." sbe satd ladignautly. "Jam rey Peyton, dled ■vh']t ;.i. Miriam J', my motlhier." in: i tiip-! ■ old man to span the cruel gap ■ ■'M Uttte Mlrlam'e child!" lured her oul. 1 1 old imbeltef waa beyonfl ' which had -Nnisiii i-'-aiiH' lila weakLnmauned ii,:m wben it wa laid bare. He nak. l:ur. ■i hls han Is. lm i on inetani fail b in hls ■It liiiinhly li, jray i' a ' hila vvriiikled i i away. ■ i y ' ' He :: lui a it maiiy svly : Aii oid, ragi'tdoi Vi ï'OTi'll keep II from J'.ir -:.-,i tlie : iiii which lic waited lier reply, were "We ■ ■ I p i--, boi I 'A-' . i i vo!-k and ma ■'■" ■ ;-l. I r.iwly. "And Uí il 1 womaa. yon all iiü' lt V r." ín ;i!l;-li. vvhere a proi iouhi y ali :it tli:' renr I (k)vi. Two won I slowly back and ion! ;i it :i, borderid plump and íuatiOíd and .-í;l;íii : ily upon tone ypunger woimin.. "It'e pa in come, liriam, bo Let fchat cliild ■ country alón bell íi'í luit uiay happen to he ." i'. l'd trnsi hcr 'anyuin re. i:v-,'r. urned thc yoonger wom m r'a prund eonfldence. '"I kiiuw I'in oíd a-Mimrd a my 3, M iraní, hut I can'i lee] 'ay. A yonng glr] llk i .1 1 : 1 1 oughtn'1 bo go aroiind tfbe country doáog a man's woi-k. If fallicr mily liadn't gKtne to iin' haii or her yrandfather liad livetl- " "I. ci us go i-i. h's gnywiafs chilly." "HukIi ! Th?re' sonie one coming lip tin' Kiad. 6ne has come. SoniOine is witlh her," aid the old lady. The twiilifi-ht was klnd to úrizzly Jim. lt Binootlhed out the wrinkles on lii'.e face, dyed hviir aad beard, meniied hLn tattered c lot hing and brougbtt out the nUMJUtm strcaigth of Wb great frame, preeentimg him as he really was - a Juindeome, stalwart nuin, nuil in the vigor of liis i)rime. The slight woman on Miriam'8 arm peered wiBifuIly at him, thcn she tremMedmid mvayed. He spoke one word iimda wild cry quavei-ed on ttoe nlghi tiíK'nce. The old maner foi-ot hls poverty si.iid PajgB. Th;iiikv-;v;i!iï wae „ uis lieart u h Boided U.t In liis arme. lü.s voioe broke as be trled bo Bpeak. Tve struik !t riili ut lABt," said Orlzly


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