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The debate was continued ín the senate on the 4tn on the questlon of th right of governors of states to appoint senators when the state legislutures have been in sesslon and hava lalled to eleci The following nominations were received from the president: Jamoa O. Broadhead, of Missouri, to be minisier 10 Swiucrland: liiirtiett Trlpp, ol South Danota. to be minister to Atistria-Hungary; Aben Alexandria, of Nortb Carolina, lo Le minister to Qreeoe, Roumanla and Servia. On the 5th speech) s were made in the senate on the question of theaümission of the senators appointed by the governors ol Montana, Washington and Wyoming. A resolution was adopted instructlng the con.mittee on immigraiion 10 inquire fnto the oondition and characier of alien immigrants coming into the 1 States. The (ollowlng nominations w .--■ 'ü from the president: .lames S. Swing ol ü Inois, to be minister to Belgium; Thomas T. Cri Menden, ol Missouri, to be consul genera] at the City f Mexico; Louis C. 'u-iznna. to I e governor of Arizona: Willlam T. Thornton, ol New Mexico, to be governor of New Mexico. In the senate on the fl;h the following ofiïeers were ubosen, their terms ol office to begin on the flrst day of the meeting ol the Fifty-third uongress: William S. Cox, oi Nor'.h (.'arolina, seuret.iry; Richard .J. Brlght, o( Indiana. sergean".-at-arm.i, and SVilliam II. Milburn, U. O., of Illinois, chaplain. The following nominatlong were reoelved from the president: Hannls Taylor, ol Alabama, t u minister to Spain: Lochren, oí Minnesota, to be oommiasioner ol pensions. SïNATOR VooBBJtls tln.l.) introduoed a res olution In the senate on the Tth djrectlng the Interstate commerce oommittee t report wnat legini.., essary to amend the interstate -is to protect tlit' rights of organlzed hibor. The nomlnatlon of Caleb W. West, oi ECentucky to be governor of Utah, was roecived frum the president DOiWESTIC. lN the United .States circuit court at Toledo, O., Judges Tefts and Ricks declarod the Brotberhood of Locomotive Euíueer.s to be a conspiracy against the laws oi' tlie country. Fire in the paper manufactory of Godfrey & Clark at Allegheny, Pa., caused a loss of $g.0,000. Fivf carpenters feil Ou feet by the falling oí a scaffold at West Superior, Wis., and all were probably fatally injured. Tuk paper of one of the larg-est and oldest niillinff firms in Slinneapolis, Crocker, Fiaic & Co., has pone to protest The assets exceed 81,000,000, and the liabilities were placed atSl, 200,000. At an Easter celebration in Granger, Tex. , a feud of thirty years' standing was wiped out by a shooting between Jim Beard and Jim Curtís and both men were killed. Thbbk blocks of buildings at Cumberland, Md., were burned, the loss bcinr $150,000. A baxd of white cappers, comprisinp some of the most prominent men at Janesboro, Ark., were arrested for committing sereral outrages. The four-masted steel ship King James, coal laden from New Castle to San Francisco, was burned at sea 200 miles off San Francisco and seventeen of the crew were probably drowned. The barn of John Frische near Seymour, Ind. , was burned, and eleven head of fine cattle were cremated. A. A. McLkod has resijjned as president of the Philadelphia & Reading road and the Philadelphia and Readinj; Coal & Iron company. lx a prize fight at Helena, Mont., Jim Burg-e, the iron man from Australia, whipped Billy Lewis, of San Francisco, in the fifty-ninth round. A CONFLAGRATION broke out during a high wind and wiped the heart out of the little town of Lockport, Pa. Two cars on a "switchback" toboggan slide collided at Raleigh, N. C,, resulting in serious injuries to eleven stilden ts and one teacher. Frank Denney, 9 years old, livingnear Elgin, 111., while handling a gun shot and killed Mildrcd Jackson, his ■ousin, aged 6 years. A frkight train on the Jackson, Tampa & Key West railway was wrecked near Palatka, Fia., and A. C. Knox, engineer; J. H. Olmstead, fireman, and J. A. Lewis, a stockman, were killed. Daniel Donovan. of Cleveland, O., a middle-weieht pugilist, and Joseph Dunfee, of Syracuse, fought seven rounds at Maple líay, N. Y. , and Donovan received injuries from which he died. , The 8-year-old daughter of James Sharp, of Poplar Grove, Ark., was bitten by a vicious dog and died from hydrophobia. Hknry Delanby was compelled by the parents of Abbie Ohver, of Sturgis, Ky., to marry her, and on the way home frora the wedding friends of Delaney fatally shot the bride and her father. As international conference of state boards of health was held in New York to consider what quarantine measures the seaports of tne country are preparing to take during the coming summer. The greatest forest fires ever known in Moore and Richmond counties, N. C, were raging in the heart of the Long Leaf Pine district. At least twelve turpentine distilleries and scores of dwellings scattered throughout the woods have been burned. Antone Wood, the 11-year-old boy murderer who killed Joe Smith at Denver for his watch and gun, was sentenced to twenty-five years in the penitentiary at hard labor. liY the annexation of the suburban towns of West Cleveland and Brooklyn the city of Cleveland, O., will have a population of 322,000. This will make it the largest city in Ohio and the ninth in the United States. Indian' Aoent Hennbtt recommends that the Choctaw nation in Indian territory be placed umler martial law. This he believes to be the only way in which peace can be maintained. ÜAR1HUUIUEW J. MlIRPHY, one of nine pers.ons indicted for assault with intent to kül Georg-e -V. Rudolph, an ex-priest, who attempted to give a lecture in Lafayette, Ind., was found guilty and sentenced to two years' imprisonment and a fine of f 1.000. It has been discorered tliat Mr. and Mrs. Asa Barr, of Homes te ad, Pa., are brother and sister. They were separated twenty-tíve years ago and grew up strangers. A Ft i;iei s wind and hailstorm swept over the southern portion of Chicago, causing givat damage. Trees were biovvn down, bil] boards were lcveled and hundreds of window li-hts shatteTed. Wir.i.iAM Moore (colored) washunged at Philadelphia for killing Charles Madden last September, and Dennis Cloonan was executed at Pittsburgh, Pa., ior murderiug his wife March 17, 1898. Tm! fishing . schooner Uenesta, of Gloucester, Mass., capsized in a ftqnall dO miles off Barnegat and six men named Hiistings, Jlark, Butler, JIcVenner and two brothers named Doane vvere drowned. A Grand Trunk passenger train ■truck auelectriccar at Bay City, Mich., injuring seven persons, one, Ed Vreeaiid, tlie motorman, fatal )y. Thï dedication of the groat Mormon tempie at Salt Lake City, which w.i eonimerieed forty years airo and which bas cost more than $5,000,000, ms begun, and the ceremonies wiil exteud OTer a period of üfteen dais. Thk. Northwestern state bank of Sibley, Ia., closed its doors witli liabilitios of 8150,000 and assets of S75.000. 'J 'iik reports of L'nited States Marshal Paul Frick show that bis deputies, assisted by the United States troops, captured seventj--iive of the Mezican bandits on the lower Ilio (irande border during the last four montha Hbbbbrt J. Do'.vk, of Rochester, N. Y., died at a hospital as the result of swallowinir while usleep a rubber dental plato to which a tooth was at tached. Thk Ilekla, from Denmark, Norway and S weden, with world'a fair exhibits and 800 passengers, was eight days overdue and auxiety was growing ia New Vork. At Cmnming, Ga., three small children of J. Nance were burned to death while their parents were at a neighbor's visiting. The famons College Hill sanitarium, sitnated 3 miles north of the corporate limits of Cincinnati, was burned to the ground, the loss being 5150,000. Almost the entire business portion of Anson, Tex., was swept away by an incendiary fire. The national conference of state boards of health in session in New York discussed plans for securing a uniform system of interstate inspection to be adopted in case of an epidemie of cholera. The sentiment of the doctors in attendancc is that cholera will sureiy visit the United States this summer. Mamie II assen, a girl aged 11 years, who was run down by a Missouri Pacific railway train in the suburbs of Omaha and her leg cut off, has been awarded damages to the amount of 811,000. Business failures to the number of 223 occurred in the United States in the seven days ended on the 7th, against 194 the preceding week and 208 for the corresponding time last year. The exchanges at the leading clearing houses in the United States during the week ended on the 7th aggregated $1,198,743,949, against 1,050,868,539 the previous week. The increase as compared with the corresponding week of ltty-2 was 3.7. Two DISTINCT shocks of earthquake frightened the residents of Lincolnton and Edgefield, in Georgia. Fredebick Kalenberö, one of the leading men in the meerschaum pipe trade in New York, failed for $250, 0OU. AVithin twenty-four hours three of the frajrile hotel buildings adjacent to the world's fair in Chicago collapsed under high winds. Jksis Rlen, a. Spaniard who butchered his mistress, Francisca Flores, and an aged Germán named Goldkoffer, who tried to defend her, was lynjhed at San Bernardino, Cal. At Owensboro, Ky., fire destroyed the four large warehouses of the Glenmore Distilling company, containing 18,987 barrels of whisky. Loss, $350,000. Nixe men were instantly killed and six others seriously injured on the line of the drainage canal at Romeo, 111., by the falling of a uiassive iron crane. CXIFTON, a village just below Pomeroy. ().. on the West Virginia side of the river, was alraost completely wiped out by firo. Rai.i'h C'hamiirrs' barn at Yorkville, Vi.. was Btrnok by lifihtning and nineteen nvs and five horeea were killed. AxintF.w Campbell, a farmer at Bangor, Mich., shot and killed his former wife, from whoin he was recently divorced. and tlit-n took his own life. Tuk ih'w directory, just out, showa St. Louis to have apopulationof S74,560. The clothing of Mrs. Claus Frahm, an invaliii at Ilastinys, Neb., caught flre, and she jumped into a bath tub and turned on the water to quench the ñames and was drowned. i n:: Yellow Poplar l.uniber company's plant n lronton. ().. and thirty dwellIngs were burned, the total loss being 1470,000. Mrs. Brush. an invalid, perished in one of the burned houses. A PBA1BXE flre destroyed timber and buiidinffs covering an area 12 miles long and fully a.s wide near the Black Hills in South Dakota. The counties of Banner, Keith, Dawson and lilaine in Nebraska were completely devastated by prairie tires, many farmers losing their homes. Hurglars stole 12.000 in cash from the eounty treasurers office in Fort Madiaon, Ia., and made their escape. JüDGE .Iacksiin. oí the United States district court at Wheeling, W. Va., in a labor riot case said that men could refuse to work, but the law did not permit them to intimídate others trom working in their placea. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. The I-'lorida letrisiature met at Tallahasse and will continue in session sixty days. David Meuryweatiikk died at his home near Louisville, Ky., iu his 93d year. In June, 1852, he was elected United States senator to succeed Henry Clay and served until December. Frora 1853 to 1857 he was territorial governor of New Mexico. Joseph II. Mii.i.f.r. the oldest activa newspaper man in New Jersey, died ia Newark of pneumonia. J. II. Pbixce, for iifty years a loco-, motive engineer on the Boston & Providenee raiiroad, died at Detlham, Mass. LrilEN Scott, banker, capitalist and cattle raiser at I.eavenworth, Kan., died in New York city of hemorrhage of the stomach. He was worth $2,500,000. CtaOBea I. Senev. the millionaire banker, philanthropist and art lover, died in New York. Col. '1 f.mi'LE Clark died suddenly at his resulenee in #shington. Col. Clark served on Geu. Eoseerans' stafï during the war. Caktkü UaBRISUH (dem. ) was elected mayor of Chicago by ls.OJJ plui-ality. The board of alderman will stand: Republicans, R7i demócrata, 31. Ai. most complete returns show the election in Michigan of Jiulfe Ilooker (rep.) for supreine judge and the two republican regents by pluralities of more thau 10,000 each. The Milwaukee democrats elected Mayor I'eter J. ijomers to eongress to fill the vaeaney caused in the Fonrth district by the election of John L. Mitchell to tlie United States senate. Thomas II. Bbowm died at his home near Johnstown X. Y., of pneumonía, aged 108 years. FCREIGN. Skvkxtv deaths have been reported from L'Oirent, France, in the last fort■ i from a mild form of cholera. Tlie disease was spreading. The revolutionists in Chili under Gea. Tavarez fuught and routed the national forces at Artigas and in the battle 000 on botta sities were killed. 'I ■■!!■: Commercial bank of Australia at Melbourne suspended paymuut with dt-posits of over Üt0, 000,000. A cyolonk Btruck Caatleton, Ont, doing heavy datnage to several bnsií uess blocks and residentes. Great loss was also reported in the surrounding : country. With the setting in of slightly warmer weather the official reports show the recurrence of cholera in nearly all the places iu Russia iu which it wrought haToc last summer and autumn. Thk steamer used by the sultan in connection with the palace for his own pleasure foundered at Constantiuople and sixty persons were drowned. Severe fighting was reported from the district along the Tamiang river in East Sumatra iu which forty Dutchmen were killed or wounded. Ir was stated that martial law had been proclaimed in Chili. Ex-Congrkssman Ulount, sent bi' the president to ascertain the feeling in Hawaii concerning annexation to the United States, has arrived in that country. He found a strong sentiment in favor of annexation, and also discovered that Únele Sam must eithei accept the islands or at once refuse the offering. The United States consul ate at one of the Peruvian ports was sacked by a mob, with apparent pólice sanction, and the officer acting as consular agent for the United States was fired upon and wounded in the foot. Bb Johnson was killed and four other laborera fatally injured by the caving in of a sewer at Winnepef, Manitoba. Mir Khuüad Khan, the ruler of Khelat, India, suspecting uve of his numerous wives to be guilty of infidelity caused them to be cruelly put to death. Sixtv houses were burned in Vaskut, Hungary, and three persons died in the flames. Wimpfheimkr & Co., cotton broker at Liverpool, failed for 1350,000. LATER. Thk nomination of James li. Eustis, of Louisiana, to be ambassador and minister plenipotentiary to France was confirmed by the United States senate on the 8th. No other business of importance was transacted. Nicholas Stkubr and his wife wer killed at Cumminsville, O., by a train. Thh total number of fourth-class postmasters appointed from March ♦, 1893, to April 3, 1893, inclusive, is 878, of which 508 were to fill vacancies caused by resignations and deaths and 370 were remováis. The hailstorm which swept over the southern portion of Chicago did damage to the extent of $100,000. The legislature of Nebraska adjourned sitie die. Before adjournment reeolutions of impoaohment were adopted agaiiit ex-Attospey General Léese and Auditor Uenton. JRSSK Jacksons large barn was burni'd ut Duytoii. O., and with it sixteen horses and loo sheep perished. Thk steamer Bekla, ufterbeiug twenty-four daya ;it sea, wm towed intoport in Kew Yorli by the steamer America and her TOO passengen were safely landed. A. '. MaGRATH, uho as g-overnor of s mth Carolina in L8Ö4, ili.'d at Charleston, affed B0 years. BaBBT Habing shot Annie Kurtz at Allen, Pa., because she refused to marry him and then shot himself. 'I'owns along the Bio Grande in New Mexico feit four Bevere shocks of earthquake. Thk timber laiu's of the counties of Roas, I'ike and Athens in Ohio were laid waste by fire, the total loss being over $300,000. Thk Xewfoundland seal fishery is admitted to Le a total failure for this season. GbOBOB Snow and Arthnr Gainer were shot and killed by Arthur Fields as they were going to church at Livingstone, Tex. Jealousy over a j'oung lady y;ls the cause. Lkk N'kwki.i. and León Styles were burned to death in the ealaboose at Stanberry, Mo. They fired the building in the hope of gaining their liberty. LuKKira it Co., lamber dealers at l'hiladelphia, failed for $170,000. Almost the entire western half of Nebraska has been swept by prairie tires, the area laid %vaste being 30 miles wide and S0 miles long. The counties of Grant, Perkins, Thomas, Keith, Brown, Koek, Deuel, Scotts' Bluffs, Kimball, Uanner and Cheyenne sufierei immense loss ■


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