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A Question Of Justice

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'1 lic doctrine oí protection may be wnmp:, l)ut tbe majority of til!' ]('- plL believe it tu be rlgiht just the same, amd there la now, at this time, a local illustraticm t lint most any 0 our people can ser tüw force of. We ïiave In our city several dealers m rendy made ciotiiing. Gentlemen who have iuvrstcd thousands of dollars of capital in th# business. Tfaey are here witii ds, part oi us. "Í ii ]iay thcir l'iill sharc of taxes 110 liiiln thiiiii, either- or the support of our city and county, and are ent it led to tbe patronage of our citizens of tJiis sectkn. Now is the time for the fall trade to open and lo, and behold, a tra veling ïirm. wiüi a so-ealled barikrnpi stock, comes in town and heralds it about tliat their gOOda are to be soM wonderfully ciheap. Th?y pay neither laxes ir license here. Peopte like to be hummigged you knuw. This lirin sclls for eash cxrlusively. of cotirse-. A ml many people who have askcd bheitr local merchamt to trust them, have gome or are go'ung liere and paying ealli, with accounts still unbalanced on Wie looks of the home incrchautN. It is a fact that few people do luisiwesH for notihing. Traveling estahlisluiiciits eau DOfe and do not sell J"on g-Kd any cllwaper than do your home nieTchatits. If they prekend to thcre d deception sewnewhere. Tliere is sufficieint COmpetitk ht-rc in aai kinds oï bu.sincss, to kvrt prlces down to tlie lowcst posBlble living figure our iiiH'i-cliants can buy gOOda in tbe eastern markets as cheap as eau any otJieraive men. Tlioy are as good judies OÍ goods, also. as are any ot.hcianeixlliíintH. They can and do sell you goode at as low figuren aa it is possible to Bell tliini (lid makt' a livinií jirofit. Xo oaxe eau do be&tor. IÍ thvy preK'nd to, 5-oii cui di'])eivd upon it i!iat Hiere is deception soinewhere, and that deceptton may in quaUty oí goode. It is eerUiin that sho-ddy goods eau bc 9oM cheaper tliaii nonesi oods. Hut sholly is dear at almost any price. Is it mort t'lvc duty o.' the city officials to so trame a law as to piot cel min' home dealers ? Are they li'l cntitli-d to some COnsideratlOD tl! the hands vi the pilblic ? While trade is tree in this country, lU'Ycrlheless there are soine rights ihat shoiild be protected. And if any persou Oï persone come hrre to particípate in this maxket tUey slioukl be placed on au even [OOtlng wltb our mvii business men. Eitüier they shoiild be compellod to pay taxes eiiual to tlhe taxes paid by our own ineicliants, or etoe our home anerclliants should have. their taxes d-emittcd. One or the othe.r of these iropositiims nhould be complied wlth. Xeariy c 11 lines erf business suffer trom this outside Oompetition, wliich is UlljUst. Por ínstame, Ann Arbiir has two OC tliree gOOd lK)ok binderies, all paytng taxes tlie support of the city, and couiHN. and vet tlliie county and some of tbe city trade In blank books goea no íoreijíii aouses, when it by rigilit leloings mt home, wnere it could le dooie "as well ad as clieup. We have known of business men ordertog jobs of prlntlng I'rom outside bornes, paytng just as much tor them as they would here at home, and acceptinii jobs that they wooilU not aci-rpl ii at any price trom a home ■house. And vet there is not a place im the state uliere competit ion has brnuirht primtiug down as cheap as it is in Aun .Vrboir. If you owe your home merechamt anytliiíig, as a matter oí ordinary just ice, Jiot to gay common decency, go eind pay nam before paylng out yOUT cash to some olie etoe. I'"' JUSt to tliöso wli o liave been accommodat ing and generous to you, if nothing else.


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