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Lost In New York

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The great origina] "tank" (irania, "Ixjet in Nw York," wttl 1' presentetl for the first time ia this city, at the Grand Opera House, nert Tues(lay evenlng, Oot. 8d, wit the New York and Boston Gast and tWO carlomds oí elabórate Bcenery, painted ly Mr. Artihur Yar.iïtleM. ui the M.ulisooi Square thentre. New York City. A vast river OÍ real water Iliat covers the emtire stase to a deptb of 4 feet and over (H).OOO gallons oí water, a. itill riiiged yaolit. rowboate, icrrics, a becuitltul prismatlc fountaln and a pcaotical Bteamboet ttvat runs at fnll speed anl c-inii's Lid paSSeagen are a. few of the realist k' features of ,tlic productlön. The Toledo l'.lade says : 'To tll tdie stor.v of ]x)t in New York' wouW he a soraewliat leunt 1 1 v tawk. It is a play witili a very deep lail pint. which developa in t lic iirst act, has on addition built on to it In tJie second. is irustrated in the third, then partially rebutlt in tli-e fotirth, and finally dies a natural deatli in the last act. It introduces sotne very clever people and a wealth of mogniflcent soenery. In (act, jii-eat charni of the production is dne to the lattOT. The scène 0Í the third act in Kast Kiver by mnnnlinlu. and is au exact represent ;it cm at a sec t ion of t-hat portion 0Í New York. In the iniddlc is a river of real water, on which an ordinary sniall steatn lamich plys back and (ortb, Htllng the theatre with the sound OÍ its pufflng and tlie shriek of t lic whistle. hi the river. tii!, the heroine is si-en escapinj; f rom the hands of her encinies in an ordinary row iKxat, tfce splash of the oais and the inotion of the boal vastly differcur froni the ordinary stage effect."


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