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The "courtesy" Of The Senate Is

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dfsoonrtesy to ttoe people f the naIbera are elghl nomen in Mlchli holding the piwition of County OotmniasioKter of Schools. ir oongreM paeuea a. "tarín for revenue only" law, it shonld also enact a 'benkrnptc? law to gx wttfa it. The financia] theory of the Press i t display more dolían and never mimi the cents.- Adrián 1'ress. 'Thrni-y" i good. The public debt Increased $8,000,00Q last iimnt!). (lone democratie, with the country, yon sec, ly a big major i ty. Speaker Grlsp feda the neeeneity of tiue common Hense and buniness-likc ruk'N tiisit were snaoted to expedito business when Mr. IU'ed was Hpeaker. I tliink we all agrie tliat tlie prosperlty of tiiis coomtry, and of eveiy Otber commercial couetry in the world, -n-oiild i)e promoted by the concurrent OM of lot,!i g-old und silver as moncy.- Senator Dolpb, of Oregon in the Nenate. BeptemtKr 13. Hoke Smitih. is out witb a statemnit tihat ho s "a triend oí the vrttran." 'Wblch partlcalor veteran no-t ttated. lint ií he pretenda to be a Meado! Dnlon veteran, then that individual may well exclaiin : "Ixwd deRter me from my trfcód!"Train robben in Mlcbigcui, eren in tibe Bparoely tettled nortiwra penlnsnla. ai-., in ,-, (onntry Hiat is loo civilizad to allow tlicir presence. Micliijxan oificers go aiter them and gel tbem. Aurang the aemi-barbaroiu ilenizcns of Indiana, of e. ihintis are dtfferemi . W. B. HocnWower a rattier sngSfeetdve name - o4 New Tor, ]ia.appointed to the srapreme Judgertilp made vacant ly the deatli of .Tnstice Etamnel ülatclnOrd. of New York. All .Micliiuan uiüld liave. rejoiced had Hxn. Don. M. Dickinson rrceivcd that appoüntment. Tllie Chinese have al last adopted Aincriian and JOnslish ln-ains in the 'mmnnfacturO of cotton goods. They li.-tve erected milis at Bbaaghai, and the people are rapjdly adopt'lpg nutnine made -loth. The laborera in - milis recetre but a u-w cents a i!ay. Huw wonld it do for congres t aholish the tariif on cotton goOd8, icnd h-t t.liein in dn tv tree, for the benelit i! ( "liiin'sc inaniifactiirci-s V The CouriiT has 'been censured in the past by some people, iiir ts poBitkm in advoca tiiiü tli,. tax law as tfae vcry best temifrancc ineasnre. onr sister cnuniy of Jlillsdale has had viveral moutb'8 eiperteace now wltb i-ai optton, and tbe lasrt Issue oí the Ilillsiiale Leader, pu6Hebed by B. J. M;uc!i. liail thi to say oí the success :at ])lan : A pronúiK'nt liusiness man. a niei1cliant, said Wdne%dá; altenioon, -'1 am lojd títere are over -In pltfCes in and nround Ilillsdale wherc üquor ld.'' n appeorancea bhere are more tlian two salooiiH nndor " op1ÍOI1." to evi'iy one th;it existed llllder llie law. How has ,; temperance bt il ? "VVatres ir down a great deal rasier Uian they go up. tree trade In a few nioiiihs put them down, whiJc it -took years of protetiom to build tliem iij). Do the wrn-kinffineu begin to see it ! There are 81,000 men out of raIilnyiiiral in the plg ron industry in Alabama and Tenncs.-ee. So say the wftneeaea betere öhe coogreBaiQnal teeriif commitlee. All witnesses from iii.-it aeOOxm protest agalnst tariff for revenue. Tht (iermnns are drivinir the Englisii nut of the carrytng trade on the Mediterranean, and ttoe Kimii.-h are jrrowUnK about it. Hhey laughed excessivcly, howcver. w -In-u they drove American vcssels ironi the ocean by llleans i l" subsidies. That the AVorld's Fair has not lx'i'ii a snceess (toom HM day il opened is siiitly auil only to i li .- ra41roads. As iiiii:;i.ïn is the gtreatest raOroad Inwii in the world, and as QhicagO citize.ns jrat lip the nioncy to make tilie fair what it is. they deserved Int 1 it t rea t inent. I here were lunded in New Vork ('ilv during tin' nionih ' .luly. 5,785 undcsirabie. In otiirr cirds, pauper emlgranta, irmn Italy. Austria, Kussia and Hungary. wiiat are t hr governmiiit aulhuril irs tliinkinsr of 1 Ha' we not a Bufftcteat number oí unemliloycd people aircady to take care of? The orkiiimncn who voted agalnet protectteD are now jnst beginning to teel iiat tkey oogtat to hare !■( wisc cnoiiiih n liavc iorsecn. Wlicn i laboring man, in whati'Vcr field oí babor he juay be, votes .-mainst the nnincan pollcy oí protectloni lie votes aainst liis own inli'rests, ancl the ünterestK oí his le and children, aul hoinr. PeOple wttfcO i-aise laru'e suins of niiiiiey and oiíer i hem as Ivouuses to nianuíactnrinií concerns íor locating iíi their clties, Ín arder to Uuild them up. oíte.u vote luw tariií and thr coneiiirnt tcarinir down of those sami1 industries. An easier incthod oí etinií rid of tille monoy would le ti pkle it m a heap a.mi set fu-e to the gtack.- Grand Rápida Herald. Tlie Ann Arbor ()ripr saya there are sevra] peraOBtt ready to take eiiy's sewer banda (íour per cent.) at par. IVi' trust for mr sister City's sake thal t lic report is trui - and respedfuily suggeial ühey boM b,forO work is coninieiu'ixl, 'to ftvold i nedr use as a coílatera] and final confiscaiion at a disomint. - Ypsilantl Sent inel. Experienco in a dear beaeber, tometimes. If tibe McKlniey bil'l is the eauae 61 these hard limes, as the demócrata wotild liave you lelieve, why, in the name. of all t.hat's great, and good, ajid siorious, don't mus democratie comgregs, democratie Ln both houses, repeal it, and make U 't ter linies? If tJiey know the cause, why lon't fchey apply the remedy ? Tbey are the doctors. They have the Inedicine, and t'heii power to administer it. "WJiy tton't thoy hustle and save the patiënt ? Hoke Smith is pretending to shve the government momey by lopping off soeie pensions. It is diffieult to see wbere the ecoaioniy comes in, as the salaries and expenses of i lic spies he senda Hit. will amount to muc'h more, than tlie penejotis cut off. Hoke etatonfi to be wwTkiaig1 from i moral standpuint , tor the purification of the r]ension system, but it looks to a mam nji a tree just as if he had it m for the northern soider.- Fonton Jndi'pendent. Tliere luis been somethhtg accoqipDabed at Chicago thal never eo'uld liave happened antll tiiis age and ln tliis country, and a contemporary remarks cry jiointedly, thiat it is not to be forgotten tllnat the religious Iiarliament does show that WE are increaslng in poUteneaa, whetber or not we are growlng more rellgloue. M'a may wen beUere that something is aecomiiilisiied wbeo we eau get topether and dtecufea qr severa! reliKluis witJlout bloodshed and wtth n ostenlatious disilay di malice. It does not mean tliat the' millennium ba hen-, hut it does mesui that the jirimt iiip: presa is at work in the world. And tliat ík a (real deal. The lirst IJiinic to le considered in this world is Liie. Tlie next thing IS Ilie iiieans oí sustaininr lile. To sust a in liie all tlie pcople ol thv civilized world must have some source of imeome. Tlie better the ineome of tlie inasM.-. the better Utte is enjoyed by Ilie, eniiic people; In America tliere lias Im'.ii a cinnniercial policy adopted maipjy by, tli' republican party, ttaougti Carored by many democi-ats. that lias built tip and developed the resources of this mation sueli as nó OüDer liation ever enjoyed. Oí coursc. thcre lias been HO oploiiion, and now that opposition is in the asceiideney. Tlie result i apiiareut on all Bides. Üusiness stagJiation and bankruptcy are all nround UB. There. is do ncome for thousands of workinginen, and distrees stares tbonmjnde of ]eople in the face. is prospect ti ploasant one ? - Wfll ti editor ol tüie Senílael bé kimil enoogt) to teil where tha1 particular display r Caaadlan dothinií te, ;it tbe Wortd's Falr, tb&i la so remnrkable V We can not íind anyane who sa w i . Down in oiiio t is said tliat the free traders have broughi up the great and n]y tiiird party, tbe proliibs.. mil th'rOTlgh tliem .-'.re Miden vortag tu sneak in tfheir un American doctrine of Engltóh financiering. A person reading the finaneial utt ■ranees of tül-e Adrián Press can come ti lnt urn' conclusión. The PreBS would like ti) llave sume graai schrille hatelied by whlch evcry man couW become a mUltonaire. Woll, It shows a generous spirit, to say the ItvM . Dmder republiran rale the revenaea of tile gmerniniMit ere ncit cuily suí(ieient to pay aü expenses, bul the surplus was considera Ule and wascmtinually applied apon thr ext iiiLniishinent oí t he nat innal debt. NOW there is rejoicing over the íact that the KTPOnnes are "'nearly" suííieient to meet nuudng expenses. Du.ring tJie years 1891-92 not ]ess tlnin 472 Ameritan looomot ive.s were exported to forelgm countries. 01 this nuinbei-, lirazil took 1!.", ; Cuba, 86, Mexico 34, OhJU 28 and Japan 12. Kvm fi-oin Joppa, t lie American lovomotive hauls the train to .Terusalcni. Wonder how this last tact will effect Prof. Cooley's lecture 'l'riim .Toppa to .leiusaleni." Tllf propositinn 1(i continue the WorM'B J'ai(r is nol a Avise proposition. People will not visit the exhibitiun alter cool weather sets in. amd tiie fircat expense necessary to run it WOUld oinly nwike it prove a losnij; experiment. Besides, exhibitors wlio have made contracta for a speclfie.d time will deslre to remove bheir joods whem that time arrivés. A tJiriff for revéame ineans atariif on tea. coffee, silbar, sjjiccs, and all Mich household necessities that this country ma not pTtsdnce, nul iiich the repubUoan policy of protection ha.s made free to every con■nmer in the United States. A democratie law to Imj consistent with wliat tliat party jireachcs, would return tbe duty on these articles and thus mike them dearer. Tliis is the manner in whicli tariff is a 1a, and a. tax. too, that the poor man, not the rich ome, pays ly iar the grreater proiortjon of. If ('onuressman (ormiin is determined to secure for Aun Arbor a public building, wliy, in tbe nanu'. of commoai senw, doesn't be secure .money einougli for it to put up a respect a ble building ? Tlie bill ilie Introduced the otiier day calis few $75,000, whlch aïter securing a location, will leave eome $35,000 or $40,000 for a buildiag. What sort of a strueture will ]ut upï The present post ofiiee, erected foc the jrovernment, on plans approved by tJiem, cost that mucli money. If a new one is to be built it should certainly be a better one tihan is occupied already. If not, why erect a new one ? If Mr. Oorma.n wants to k sometiMnj? for Ann Arbor, he should do it ia a liberal, not a plcayune niannor. lïie mortgagé debt of New York exceeds per capita tlie mortgage debt of twenty othcr states, iiicludinii Kansas, Jtiwa. Colorado, Minnesota, N'ebrasks and OmpOO. N'ew York was more hea.vily mOTtgaged, aceordlmg to its population, tbaB any ome of tllie states naocoed at the peaiiod of takün.sï the census of 1890. So faafrom tbe mortgage, therefore, being a product u' tiie iraries, it. appeara to flourisili much more luMiriantly in the Empire Btate of the Inion. When the Kansas farmer feeJB that the interest on lii.s mortfïage crowdn him a little itoo closely, let him turn hls gsaxe, tliereforc, tuward the New Yorker, niarchimr aioog COmfortaWy uniler a umi-h lieavirr burdao, and be coinso'.ed.- N. Y. Prees. TJiO repubiiean party gave this nation tlue only sound and sa ie banking lystem it cer had. A system tliat maken its bank eiirrcncy gOOd in any part of tihe cdvillced gtobe. Athiug wWah the majority, bot not all, i the demócrata in coagrese are radlcaüy opposed to. Tliey don't want boo much stability. Tiiey want to allow tilt; speculntors, the seliemiM's. ïhe shrewd tvnd lishonest poUticiang, the men wtoo hare contracted honesi debts oin a sound currency basis, an opportunity to ff rich out of an irnstable. fluctuatlng eiruclation. They want to pull down that whlch is good and replace it with that whicli is iiot good. 'Il good old times'' when i. d.illar was not a dollar, but a lialf, o,r a thircl, or a quarter oí a dollar, are tbe limrs they seek to rerall. Then i man ooukl pay liis debts easy, and cverythinir WOUld be llusli. as the expression is.


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