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A Lady Barber

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Ií Hiciv is amything wliicn n roman s oalcnlati-d to (li iM'ttcT than a man, it. s in the care oí and attenrum to the bair. Her matura] skin and laste makr hrr jirc cininrnl ly ïiian's superior. Th is exp'jaina the I populaxlty trf Mts. c. V. Wentwori-h. who sta ca.sily the [Oreiihisi Kmsofial irtist in Ihis coniit i y. Sri .u at bonsorlal parlors, at ."1 Main street, WterviUe, Mat&e, sa il . "I tim wcil and Bttong again aow. BV :hc past two ycai-s my iiral'.li lias Imth BO poor [ ronlil nol. do niy u orit, COttW iiot walk ac-oss ! hr tlOU9E in fact. I gol so teeble iii.n bhe beel doctora in this city Beid ií I mi m sleep m my Uit gjde I rould wake agaln. ■l ilicai-d oí Dr. Greeae'B Ncrvura bioiiil land t:i'ir i-i'tncdy and thoii.uht 1 wonld try it. and wlirn I had taken one böttte I was vcry nnicli betber. I have taken (out bottles of i.ins medidme and it bas done me more frooil tlian any nicdirinr 1 ever took. 'I au ablie t do my work and have gfulned twenty-live pounds in welgbt. I caiiiiHi say enough in its jiraise." The Singular thing is that all the doctors ta Uw city tara. Wentworth ni1 as incurable. Baying that slio could QOt possililx live. Now that thoy have Been the wonders pcr[orxned by Uiis rroat and vatuable medicine, tlhwe is no doubt tliat they are proscribimir an] glTlng Dr. Groene's Nn-wu-a SSood and nerve rem'dy tor cvcry iliscas". Il eert ainly CTiree more Aseases t'ian any other, nndiriiic ver (liscnvi-rcd and Ihysk'i'ans and dragglsts are rcconiiiK'ndiiiir it all over tbe country as the best oí all medicines- tibe Ideal remedy, ln tact, to btrlgorate tihe Hlood, sii-cnurt livn the ncrvcs and start up a iH'althy act ion oí tlic üvcr, kidncys and bOWVÜB. Dse tliis rcmcdy now and it Avill inalir yim BtrOOg ancl wcll - in iact put yon in perfect health again. It is inircly vegetable and harmlcss and druggUtS keep it for $1.00. It is tli-o presoription and discoAcry of 1hi fainons physician. lr. (irecnc, of .'!.- W. 1 1 til strcct, Now York. the 8UCcessfui specialist In corlng all forma of íiervcms and chronic disoases and h eau be consultod [ree, personally or by letter.


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