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J WOHTÏLAJ5ÜINEA A BOX." ? ij 5fS Science MÉÏ?t5, medical ! ; , L&8Éi grreat triumP!i in j , r-- the production of S BEECHARIfl9S 1 Olí I C whirli irill curo f,:ck J r I IbiB Ilciiilache and all g Tono Dliordpri arising from ImpulreilJ) lliirí-(lm, Cntipjilloii anti Y 1 derci] I.iver and thej irill qulckly '-■[_ ! sJure onicii to complete lic:ilt h. S ] Covered with a Tasteless & Solubla Coaling, % I Of all drugfiisls. Price 25 cents a box. v New York Depot, -r5 Canal St. X IBOfLABMTR FOR THE EAST. D. & C. DAY UNE DETROIT TO CLEVELAND. C. &B. ÜNESTEAMERS CLEVELAND TO BUFFALO. One of the tnagnificent Bteamers of the 1. & C. S. X. Co. leaves Detroit daily, (except Sunday and Monday, at 9:30 a. 111., arriving in Cleveland at A : 30 ]. in. C. & B. Line Steamer leaves Cleveland ut 7 : lö j. in., arriving in Buffalo at 7 : 30 a. 111., close connections with all railrdade Por Niagera Falls, Torontci, Nëw York, Pbiladelphia, Bostonand all Fastern and (.'anadian pointe. Fare from Detroit to Buffalo $4.50 NervejAj. Blood Úy -.'r' fjRHr Sen d f o aÍÍm ÊmkW descriptfve L gr&ÊQÈM íít' puiiJ])bleU YOUR BREAD CAN'T BE SOUR 1 IFYOUUSE GILLETT'S MAG IC YEAST !55 NEVER GE7S ECONOMICAL AÜÍ. Atjk for "Magie at your Grocer's Let hinj eelJ hia otfier kiin-ts to oiftc people. MP1 ■ '11 neat Makes an every-day convenience of an old-time luxury. Pure and wholesome. Prepared with scrupulous care. Highest award at all Pure Food Expositions. Éach package makes two large pies. Avoid imitations- and insist on having tho NONE SUCH brand. WERRELL & SOULê, Syracuse, N. Y. sïïilTöirs CONSUMPTION CURE. The success of ihis Great Cough Cure is without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may becotne known, the Proprietor?, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home 1B the Uniled States and Canada. If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for it will cure you. If your child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief is sure. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use. ít. Ask your Druggist for SHILOII'S CURE, Price 10 ets., 50 ets. and 81.00. If youi Lungs are sore or Back lame, use Shiloh's Porous Piaster, Price 25 etsGarf iel d Teas ■urea Constlpation, Restores CompU-xiun, Saras Doctors' LMls. Sample fiLc. (iAiinKi.nTEACu.,siyW.ióüiSt.,N.Y. Cures SickHeadache


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