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Yarns Of Fish And Fowl

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An enthusiastic sportsman in' Port Kenyon, Humboldt county, Cal., knovvs plenty of queer things. "I have," he says, "a true ├▒sh story for which I can vouoh. A gentleman living not a mile from this town cast seven successive i lines witb three flies on his leader and securely landed out of Eel rivcr seventeen trout weighing over one pound each. Three different easts yielded three fish cach, and two different casts two fish each." The writer says this is not a fish "story" and then goes on to relate some more wonderful things. "Jlv son," he says, "killed a whole snipe on the wing with his rubber slung at a single shot." Inferentially the 3'oung man frequently kills part of a snipe. On this particular occasion it appears that he killed a whole snipe. Tli is interesting writer says further and with becoming modesty: "I had what I think a most extraordinary thing happen to me. I was riding on horseback from Eureka, when I saw a single duck flying toward me. The duck made a swoop down to a slough, running along the roadside, and settled on the water. Being a very active man, and having a way of alighting from my horse at a leap. I jumped down and pretended to throw at the duck. Ik1 dived and, the water being clear, I kept sight of Mr. Duck, and by throwing rooks and sticks kept him under water until he was so nearly drowned that I was able to piek him up and carry him home to Bear river alive." The writer concludes by telling of a man who killed forty ducks at one discharge of his gun, and of a party of six hunters who killed over one thousand wild fowl in one da}-.


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