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Serenity Of Japanese Women

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"The secret, perhaps," says a traveler, "of the sweet expression and habitual serenity of the Japanese women can be found in their freedom from small worries. The fashion of dress never varying saves the wear of the mind on that subject. And the bareness of the houses and simplicity of diet make hcusekeeping a mere bagatelle. "Everything" is exquisitely clean and easily kept so. There is no paint, no drapery, no crowd of little ornaments, no coming1 into the houses with footgear worn in the dusty streets. And there is the peaceful feeling of living in rooms that can be turned into balconies and verandas at a moment's notice, of having walls that slide away as fre,ely as do the scènes on the stage and let in ail out of doors, or change the suites of rooms to the shape and size that the whim of the day or the hour requires."


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