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Good Things To Remember

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When the eyes are t : i-.-i cw Inüained apply bo ihí'in a eoti ektb drlpping wiUi water m lint as can be bonte. I'nt iKiwdcrcd copperas down the sink and i!i-;iin plpee at leasi onee :i wei-k, ainl si-aid tin m frequently ; use i.üi mhIs on wash days. Tlie ratt of m.TiIt,iplicatioin of whlcli genos ot cinitaKioiis dlsease are capai;lc, is gurprislag. A single Berm iil:iced in favdi'aUlc surriimiiliiius for umwth. (piicUly divides int o luii; each of these dividrs tnto two, these ftnir int o eigtat, and s uu. 1 lic etooo peachlug Into the thonaands, and by t'he ond of -4 honra to more tlKin 16,500,000. As woiiicn grow towarda mtddle ag tlry are apt to al'ow the stoinaoh bo assumr unduc primiinence andthus deetroy the oí tbeir appearance. This i.s quite unncccssary and niay be avnidrd by t daily practice of lifting the cbest and holding it well npward, drawlng in the abdomeo so t-hat a line dropped [rom ttae chin bo tin' grovnd would hang exactly stralgfct, and nut pnahed ontward. Tliis will be troublesome and awkwaiil at first bat will bood give a feeling of Btrenghb to cheel and Btom;ich and impt-ovc liraltli and appearaince. A decided bmprorrememt in oambnge and walk mi.uht f made by wa.lkkng some eadi day witli a wriiit poleed om the head, w) tha1 oniy the correct carrjage oí t hi' body fceeps it from f.'illiiiü; off.


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