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Motor Line Time. Taking iflrrt Sunday, July tí, 189$. Leavc Ann Arbor. f rom Court House, at 9:86, 8:40, and 10:40 a. m., and 1:10 3:10,5:10, 7:10, and 0:10 m. Leave Ypgilantl at 6:80,8:80, and 10:30 a. m., and 1 :00, 3 :30, 5 :00, 7 :00 and 'J :S0 p. ni. Sl'NDAY TIMB. Leave Aun Arhnr from Court House at 1:36, 2 :55. 4 :35, fi :25, 8 :10 and 9 :40 p. m. i.c.ivc Ypsilantl at 1:15. 2:1;"), 4:15.0:15,8:00 and 9:30 p. m. All ciirs run on city time. Coupon tickets ÍS cents, for nulo by conductora. Pleasure rlde tickets Ypsilantl to Ann Arbor Tunction and return 20 cents. For sale by conductors. J. E.BEAL.Prea. OPENING AND CLOSING OF THE MAILS OP'FICK HOUR8. LOCAL TIME. General Delivery aud j 7.30 A. M. to 6.00 p M. Stamp Windows I 7.15 p. M. to 7.4o P. M. Money-Order and Registry Departments 8.00 A. M. to 6.00 p. M. Carrier Windows 7.15 P. M. to 7.45 p. M. Sundays- General Delivery, Stamp and Carrier Windows. 9-00 a. 10.00 A. M. mTtls Mails" GOING EAST. Losíi. íf"'" Express Pouch to Detroit i.4o A. M. Express Pouch írom Ch■,!. cago, 111 h.OUA. M. Detroit A Grand K 10- a. M. n.30 A. M. Detroit Chicago R. P. O. 4. r. M. 7.15 P. M. Express Poucfteí írom Kalania.oo, Mlch., Jackson. Mlch., and Detroit, Three Rivers & Chicago . R P o M MDetroit 'Chicago R. P. O. 8.00 r.K. 7.80 a. m. Express Pouch to Detroit .00 r. M GOIHG WEST. Detroit & Graud Rápida K. P O "Paoer Train, . ■■ '-du a. M. Detroit & Chicago R. P. O. 8.16 A. M. 9.00 a. m. Express Poliches to Chicago. I ll...l!U'kson, Mich.. aufl Kalaniazoo. Mk-h... 2 10 P. M. 3.00 P. M. Express Pouch írom Detroit á.00P. M. Detroit & Grand Rápida W p O OHJ P. M. Y.lO P. M. Detroit Chicago R.P. O. '8.00 P. M. 7.: a. m. GOING NOUTH. Frankfort &Toledo R.P. O.j 7.15 a. m. 8.00 a. m. Express Pouch frorn ToIpHq 1..J F. M. Frankfort Toledo R.P.O. 4.15 P. M. 5.00 P. M. GOING SOITH. Frankfort '&TOÍedo"R.'P.'o. 11.4ó"Á'.'m. Ú'.iÓ p. m Frankfort & Toledo R.P.O.I 8.00 P. M. 7.30 A. M MESSENGER SERVICE: Mail leaves íorWeinsburgh.Tuesdays, Trmrsdays and Saturdays 12.00 M Mail arriv'es from Weinsburgh, Tuesdaj-s, Thursdays and Saturdays... .5.45 P. M. Maií airives from Dixboro and Geer. Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays, 11.00 A. M. Wail leaves for Dixboro and Geer, Tuesdays,ThirsiiaysaiidSaturdiiys, 12.00 M. Ann Ai'bOf. Mich.. June 189S. WANT COLUMN. 3hort advertisemeuts not to exceed three Unes, or Lost or Fonnd Houses for Sale or Kent, Wants. etc-., iiisurtcd three weeks for 25 cents. Situations wanted. f ree. LOST- A ladiea smal] pearl Bwise watch and gold chain on the rond between Saliue and Ann Arhor. f KKWAKD will be pald for ts return to Mis. Elimine Helber, Saline. Midi. Sept. 31. 1893. 85 FOK SALE- An old-fashtoned mahogauy sofa. BS s. Thayer St. 84 FOR SALE- Two Farms. Mrs. North's farm uear conuty farm and Bullock-Everett farm in Salem town. Andrew E. Gibson, ;0 Maynard street, Ann Arbor. 6m A GENTS (male or female) make $10 a day. New inventlou. Every household must have it. Small outlay, bie profits. Perfeetion Mfg. Co., 155 St. (lair St., Cleveland, O. 6w 85 ROOMS TO LET for light housekeepiug- 3rd Hoor Hamilton Block. Steam heat, water- all modern improvements. Apply at Room 3, 3rd floor. tf WANTED.- By a young man 23 years oíd, a place where he can do work m nayment for board and room, and attend the University four hours per day. Good references. Will not object to going in the country. Address Student, care Ann Arbor Courier. 2v TH IS YEAR THE BOYS WILL WANT TO eoonomize; but you cau't afford to always walk hen POLHEMUS has added a lot of uew -tylish rigs, before hard times vrere apon us. -Hnd ilow ís determined to make the i)riofs BO low, thnt it will be a pleaeare to spend adollar how and then. Baddle Horses for Ladies and Gentlemen. I am prepared to answer all calis for Hacks wlth the 8 nest tmiiouts in the city. l.'all up POLHEMU8 by 'Phone, or ordei at barn, corner Main and Catherine streets. Can from l'uiversity stop at our oiïice. 83yr FOR RENT- SIx or seven good-sizèd rooms, uewly papered; large cellar, splendid well and datera, ivood-sbed : also good barn, if desired. Iiiiilre ut 39 Spring street, up-stairs.


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