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The Price Of Success

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There waa a dia of carpenter'e touis ,-i ml the rasptag oí a palnter'a scrapit nu the wesrt wlag ot Ui hoiue wbem Mu Htmter stopped in the jnidst of lier work :iuil Bhaded her eyes trom tibe gïaring raya of the sprkog mui. r.csidi's being a ltttle iiearsiiilurd. ovrrunrk wit the nee-die by lnmpliiilit ]i;id made her eyea week. Fadal neuralgia had leïi iHii'libl'.' marks i! lafferlng and iutv■ rritablciicss stamprd on the thin oTitlinc n' iiic pinctod fece, and the ent i re muscular systcm twitched symiiatiiftioaiiy with th bUnlctng eyes. Tlie eoivnd ii wort on the west wing of the Darge coimtry house liad at:ra-tcd her atteatiom, and slio gawd as oarncslly at Ute uurkiivii ;is II -, his constiumMl lier sniv parpóse in UI l'ar away in dislance the hazy outUnee ot tibe íiilis rose np majeeticelly In tihe snanïolt o.' thelrboldheads with Uk green vrnbirc tri another wasoB'a Naïy gruwlii. Long gtretcbea ol rkwr-decfced flelds, shad■d ivitii u-uit aad ornaawntal trees ; nl down íi-nni bhe lnlls tO the cioeely ccopped lawn Burrounding the mamBioa. Jn tbs ctoan-awepi yard clnanpa oí early poeea were ope their bode bo the mild balmy air, and BWet lioncysnckli1 viOM Were iwiniiiji tlH'ir delicate tendrlla over arbors and treJIIe-workB. Mn. Hnntcr's eyes pasaed by all of these si.nhts, and sa w only the dark di the whote weoe. Bhe tunied trom her pofrttiom near Ihe ivimt yard. and walki-d hack tO 1lii' hot kltcheil with her quicfc, cicrvmis trend, A gtri witii ïlnshrd cheeka and au old CallOO dns on. was bending over a gideboard scrubbtng tli' knivee and forks. did nnt haar mother'8 footstoiis, and Mis. Iluntcr remalned for a inoinent, gvstllg at the l-nt iorm. WJion shc Bpoke it was in a quick. vli:irp and unnindula ti-il voice. ■■MaiKly. wliat are the men duin' mi the weel wiog?" The glri start. -d at tin' suddcn inK-rniiitiii-n in her work ; but slie re!ied witlionit lookinf! aronntl : 'I (loii't kiiiiw, motlier, uuless they are rittla' it up fur- fur- " Tur what ?" ■■I hcnrd lather say as how lic ■pected boardi'i-s irom the city this summier." "Boardera !" Mrs. Huiitcr ciniliasizi-d the WOTÚ, but ïna.dc nu furtJicr comment for some time. 8he was looking straight ead at her daughter, bul Mandy did nut Meed tt iteady gae, Bhe kept on tn her hard. liunulruin daily work. ■h-en did you hewr lather say this?" Mrs .Huater alwaya addressed her husbanil as lat her. "Day before yeiterday," replied the írirl. ■■Why didn'1 y"" tU me ( re ?" the -woi-n-out wosnttn cooittnued, asking her queetioma pointedly. I thonght - as --how it miglit worry yon, mothjer, and-" "I see," interrupuil Mis. Hunter. She beonme iquiet agaiUi gazing tliis ame mit oí Une wtoötow. lt was an ínniHual tfalng k Un. Hunter to remain .■ven (or a íew minut, and M;ni(ly greW iktvdus and ri'stlrss at tlie chaniri'. Bbe BOrabbed away ;it t he knivcs more Flgocouöly, and venmrcd scvcral luw yi'marks almul ti1 arcase auil dirt, Uut her niothrr (lid mol licr. ■Yes, nicitlicr, we have more - tliJun - '" llcr cyis lonkcil arouiKl tlx' room, at the (lirty dislies, iintidy ím-nituro. unmviidcd clnthi's. and artk-lus needi i eodtaig to that iiail been stowed away vn cvcry nook and corner. "Tlii what wnuld W do Wlth boarders ?" "I don't know," the pirl rerilied, in the saiiH' wrak ínonotnons voícp, nmless- w qared 'en as ve do fnr otber thibgs." ■■Mandy. I ain't likin' city board an' sjM-rially ilii-in that father vlll I ring out ]?r Thoy're too liighíHitiiii' aa' Btuok np. We ain't gola' to work íur Yin nettber." "But, nuitiHT, how- " "Xever inind how- wc ain't goln' to." Mrs. Humor jcrkcd her wordi ou1 uiiii a decAded air, and tbea, plcking II j) ttH dryiaig towel, ah began t wdpe tlic kmlvea and torks with qulck ileít motiikiis. Ncit.hvr wxwker spoki íor a loog timo, aml tibe brlghi spring moTiiint: waned inte tflue catm, p íui aiiri-nixiii ; iu shc labora o! th mu pairs cu' lusy lianil. wi're not fin lehed iintil long altee áexknesa hai settted over the earth. .Tolm Hnnter ret-urneí Irooa Uis work u the targe [arm, and repairei to bis study where he Bpeal üie greal cst parí oi tliv aftrrnnüii aml rvriiins, BBUlttng bOOkl and diafíi'ains. He was a gferOng, wi'll iiifiírincc!, hand soiue man oí liis age, witu n large massive brow, and a liavd, determin ed jnoutii. The tew iron-gray halm and prominent -WTinkles of liis fací were in perteet harmony wlth tln -i oí lus appearaoce. He was .■ -■U-iuadc, successlul m;ui and onc wh had met and ovcrcoiiio many di.ficulties in llfc. Tne vcry adversltles wliic-li he had eacountered were the secrete of hla succes; Hut they had aleo nu-rn.-ii a c&aracter as hard, stern and reJentleaa as the iroflfcWiba of his hilly land. Amliit ion to acennnilalc :ii-y led Mm op l" enf liis ui: ml with knowledge, not for pleasurr whlcn it could affiril. luit tor tí hiuiicr reocb n' power and wea&tfa whlch il would inovitably 5. liis spackvus, weU-culfcivated Ptelde yicldfd hini 110 greater Joy than his well-filled Ubrary Btocked with all 0-1 the valuablt' bOOka wliich he spont a pari 01' Ma time eacn day, watohinir 1 he conree o4 venta in the world 01 liusinvss, polltlCB, BClence and Utera-tnre. The rest ol liis time was employed In condmcting ttofc affairs of the farm or in whciniii.ii iifv ]ilans for furthering his financia! Interest. By degrees he drtfted away Imm his family. associatinir even íés's with thcm in 'thoiijjlit and sympatliy than 11 peraon, but ahvays wit-h the ieMsatisïk-d fiTliiiir tJiat he was pni'vidwj: comlortaWj tot them. Xbelr Ufe begon and eaded in tbe affairs of tho lio-UKfbold, and .lolm Hnnti-r ünnly lH'lU'Vfd taiat sncli a narnnv. n-stricted spbere was essenttal to the happlnrss oí woinan, for a broadei field oí thouirlit and aitinn would be conhielng aml stuit iíyiuií to her mimi. Mi-s. lluntoi' Siad always been a meek modest wUe, ready to coneole her liushaiKl. and bo alave kxr the eomnicm good ; and dnring tilie dark days slic liad tolled aad -i-i braTely as her ahare im thr mutual bnrdens. These cariy lessona ol srif-d.-nial formed lier ctMtracter aud method al lite iat wiicn proeperity carne, sha still clnntr to Wttrk. As the arm and house ivcrc iiicrcas -d 11 slze, tlif work assnnifd gtgantic pup.rt ions. aml -Mandy and ter toother were ptusbed nifilit and day to get tipough with it befare bod-time. Mrs. Iluntvr's miidcsty inrli.-idc hel to riqupst the serflces oJ "hired fielpV in tüie house, end her hugband, absorbed 11 liis "wn WOrk and thOllghtfl geemed ohBVlotui bo the tact a aervanl was esaent4al to tlic hmiliuld. lic had his own men to work in tlhe fk'iiis iy doaen, bul tleee were all neoeseary dnrtng Ule Bhori harvfstinK pcriod, and the farm could nol be carriod on without tlivir lu-!p. "Mrs. Ennter and 'Mandy tofled onder hé adlitiomal bui-drns, and found ry littlc timi' (or and mprovement. In thi.s way the sepaatiMi oï the family gradually widend ; and Hm suoeeaaful man developed in tihc line oí thonyhi and action in a larger sphere, whlle the wlfe and kansbber nanowed and restrlcted llnir existenre in the littlc di-tails of household Blarery. The mow winK had been built n altvady latge house, without Mrs. Hunter's advicc, and, althouuli shc sccrctlv rclicllcd a.u.-iinurfïti- nemt o-f tlie oll parentel hom, she nade no opea oppoeltlon. The idea 4 oppoaing her husbend'e wishes had yet enterad ber miad ; but when ■oiind tliat the now addition WB8 Ing nt t-l up tor city boarders, a teflani spirit roe in her. John Huntor nevcr constdered t moomtnrj t t-n hía wlíe ol any urw arrangement uut il ii was all oomjiictcii. Xtoe tact tliat b was goJng to takv boorden frewn the city durIng fiic suininiT was uut menttoned uutii tlie weel wlng was all completed aad nirriy iiirnishcd. Thcn one day be i-fiuark'd t íiis wífc jnst before teavlDg vlllage : 'Itie rooms ave fiitcd ap nlcely and I puess our city people will fiaid ii tu tiheir liki 1 1 u - " ' Mrs. 11 nut galpeA down a lamp in her Iliroat, and t lii-n said in B VOlee tliat sfriucil minatural tO hT : "We can't take city boarders tere, l'atihor." John Huntrr did not sccin to conipreheod the meantog oí his wite's remark, and be coatinucd in an absvnt-mindcd way : "Wc can aCOOTOinodatc a yonog oouple, oc eren t brei in tbe west wing." There was another hard and tlH'ii. in the saini' nnnatnral voicr "Bnt, Catber, 1 say we can't 1aki city boarders." The man bagan to onderstand the nicaninjr oi the l'.ttle umi'ian's oppOOl lion. and he looUed a liltlr ciiiHarraeaed. "We have do Mrvani to do the woi-u." in wille contlnued, ■and we dn nut need the mooey. 'Mandy in woi-n out wilüi uork. and I caiinoi do any more. We oan'1 take cltj 'iTS." One di i'ic f;inu laborers Lnterrupted i ion here, and the nicck wdinan ï-ctifcd ihanklully trom the sccnc. Her courage was last ebbiag away and 1 lic litllc lio:ly wa all in a tiemblo. Nothins more was said alxiut Ui city Ixiafdcrs tor soinc time, and Mra HiuittT i il her (inict iy was thank fuliy eongratnúuiiag heraelf on lic easy victery. It wai tflte tlrat time she had ever dbjected to any of lic lmshaiid's piase, and the Rraci' wit wliieli In; icldcd, made her live aai respect luim all tlio more. She hal negretted t ha t she had openly refua ed to take liis boarders, and she en leavored to afane t'or it by nwnberess little ;icts :' kinclnrss and attenioii. "ir.ivr the papen come froni tiuKiel office yt, indi '.' Aii, yes iere"a the Bereid." Jöiin Munter always tollowed the cws ui Hoe ilay careïully, and, as he nopped toto a cbeJar m rest. he tore die froni the paper, and -i the sheet liastily. ■Any ïicws in part ickler V' asked Hs wi'V. rutobmg a few specke of dlrt ri.m the iuriiit ure. "No- tiifl.1 is," the man repliee lowly. "my advertiseinent appears o-day. I want to how it reads." Mis. Himter's brigilit face ehunged n au Instant, and askcd in a rembHog wiUspee : "Wnat advertisnent ?" '■viiy, ïor boarders," wem the imlettottt answcr. --It is time we did ij nu ■! iiiniï. ïlie west wlng is all cady for occuiiants." Be oun beoame absorbed in readnir 6he paper, white the poor woman bode stcaiiliily mt of the house. Heiace was white : and tile i i])s wei-e draws tiühtly over the eet.. Her breatbtng was qnlcfe and harp. Nature ïw ionger offer■d siuiits oí beauty t her. A dark (oud seeined bo obscure 1 1 1 ■ landscape. ; i ml the sun apjieared as 111 mbleiii ii' blackness ratlier than ui Ight. Uoder an oíd apple tice, where trance eyes couhl nol sec lier, slie pare way t her grtiei, ami wepi biter teara oí poi-nant sorrow. ju ui siarrow. the s tal w art lover 1 Wlamly. found her tlu're and neary stuinbled (iver the BtOOpiag ioriu. ; ried ' i Wde her tear-stained eyea rom bis brlgbt, eearchtag ones: but ie was jiiit BO easiiy baiïied. He liad valihfil a.nd iiilied the carewOCD II mi eareinlly to fail t: notico a bange. 'llullo. niotiier. you've been eryDg !" he said, in liis ïrauk way. ■AViiat's up iiow ? Broke a chiny (lal,-, nr splli the dishwater Om the arpet V No 1 Well. what ;s it ? hni'l be aíraid to teil." He1 passed a Btrong arm around ïer Kliirhl waist. and neaily lilted lier oïf tJhe firouaul. 'l'he tvar-wet eyes ;inked and winked hard tO keep back he sifrns of her recent sorrow. "OK, conie, (loin't keep anytliinu ack. I know sonicthin's wrong) ui' it must serious this time. You ire all lrokcn up. líut liere comea .Mandy ; she'll knmv.( .Mandy In searcli o.' her niotiier liscovered the two in tile orciiard. and soon approaehed bhem. A long raltatlon was held, durisg whlch the winde secret was cxploiU-d. The keywird to tJic whole diificulty was 'boarders." and 'Mandy's aciic in'-nd illed out the rest of the story. Mrs. Huuter feit bettor when Bhe returnéd O the house. The ion-e oi tibe blow liad been dendened by the BUdden otiUmrst iï tcars, iiicl then by the comfort imí v(inls and attention of "Mandy and ber lover. John Starrow owned n aelgbbortng lama ■ind liad beeu COWtbtg 'Mandy for years ; Iml he liad nul pressed hlB suit owing 1 ttoe faet fchat Mrs. Hunter COUld not spare lier daughter. So the Mg, irank, handsomc lover had ecjually divided lus tinir be iweeu tororklng hard n the lirhls and in coiufortiiiji tiie two iorlorn ivomen. HiH services this time were inesüniable. and he tiMk advantüjie of üie sceme to brinií tfalaga to a rliniax. Tire wedding day lor t!ie yOTMg COUple w;is set. '.lolni anl 'Mandy have decided to giet niarried im tliree days," Mrs. Hunter exiilained to her husbiind that ivcüinu. rJ hvy want to get ntarried in tho west win.u', and tliey'vi.' got to do it bef ore the iiy bonrders come." ■Well. 1 dun't like it ; Uut I BUppoee they must. Can't tln'.v wait until iall :'- ''No, tihey are determinfd to get niarried in t.liree days, and then gO'o the city on their tril)." Mr. Humter made DO furthc-r comnii-nt ; Uut two days latei' wille lioldins au open letter in his hand, he said : "Well, it's lucky tihey didn't put the ott any loner. l'e got hoan srs ior tüe west wltng Ing ilic ivry ojgbt (iï the wedding." ■oh, how fortnnate f" exctaJtned lus w líe, examüüng the letter. ■■Ves; hui we must gel the couple of beftwe uoon, mi's me nu Hï ap tbe rooms e Uttle befare '- baardera tomo." "Yes," assciUi'il Mis. llunter. ïnoilcstly. 'I'lic eicltementi ; the approaphing wciUiini; ])iÉ'vmic(i the Uttle woman trom inihilfAing in any grief. anl il ebL rebelled againel the coming ol city boarders he kopt lier ovn counsel. Bine and 'Mandy períormed a prodlglous .aiiioiiiit ui work duriiiir houra of the day, aiul willinii neighbOTB ofCered tJhékr m-). The eouple were t iuarri(l early n tille morniíiír, aud tiieu depart fo tbe city on the moralHg train. Vbe wedding naorning tras a bright and promtolng no. and long befare tbe sim wa np there was considerable bostle .".ronnil thohouse. 'Mandy looked pretty and liappy as she hurrieil Mi-mmii to niakc Jiasty prepara1 li wis iorUbecuiiiinjí retvniony. John Starrow booo appeared and caught tdue Uliishiuij; gili in lus anus. Ui sieal hifi lirsl l;iss ÖO lus wedding lav. Tlie brida] couple were as tuundsome as mullí be W'lsbed, and eren John Hnnier eamplUnented tbem oo théir appearance. He loofced at hto own won and faded wlfe, b1 i f memory brougfat np feelfags i regret he kcpt tlicm tO liinisclf. He was stranücly sitont hk1 observant, and did ""i ajipear ae happy and gin Stag as the oecasinn mlglhl liav' wan-ant'il. W&en the ceremonj waa ow, the liri'akfast partaken oí. gOOd-Vy kissen and snbs ■cliai].L;ed. the happy pair were carrted iï bo the station by tln'ir (at lier. He kissed -Mandy oodby on the pte-tlorm, and tien stood sti'.l and wauhed the train disappear Hl tibe dist anee. The partiniï ironi liis dautihter inadu liini thOUghtful and alvsent-ininded. AVhen he reaehed home lie krand liis wife gweeping and wipiiiiT th ivirnitni-e In 1 lic west wiag, preparing everytblng ior the new lioarilers. Tlie g]gb1 made him nel aiisry with hiinsel''. and he w andere d ironi room in room; emd then out IllltO tiie (ii-,liard. The nests had all deperted, and the place seeined straimely lunesoine and destTted. The anerniKin dragged alnim weai-ily, aod ihe man was Klad wbesa night approached. li was dark whem he reaehed the BtatiOO agafal bO men tdie eveaiog train. He (iimd hls two boarders wartimg tor -a short, well-iornied lady. deeply relied, and a lariíe. well-Uuilt man. Owiog to the veil of the' lady and the surroundlng darkness, lii' could not see bhe ieatures of -ï t i i (me distinetly. The joiirney from ; he Station to the hOUBe was a short onr. hut Mr. could not iind wonls with Whlcll tO entertain liis new hoarders. Tin' érente :' the day had unsettled iiis bappimeeè, and he could thlnb ol Ing hm Iiis losi daughter and bis pcii.i-. loneeome wUi. bhoughi t'lii'u occurred to liiiu tliat, in Iiis uegllgence, he had mot asked ïmw long 'Maady Entended to siay in the city. I'.y the time he had left the boardsra a1 tbe fromt door he was heartily sick of the wliolc day's tlohags. iiis e tmscience pricked liim símil', luit most of tilie Uame he attrüiulctl to a bilious st om.uli . "I don't feeJ wcii." in' unit ti'i-.'ii, as lic ua'.kcd towanl the Ikhisc. aftec BeeJng t.hat ttoe boraea were propiT'.y hiniscd. ■■]( iimst be anithcr attaik o:' liiliiniMicss. I'iu all out of Til gt Wlaiidy to- ' 'ruin he rtopped and made an ejacuiaiii'ii iicn remembeped that uhe was do bonger wüh tbem. He entecd tbe hoose, in-re th gupper was a'.rcady on t lw lalde. Mis. HuatfeT was looidng pretty In a new dreas, with rutiles aroimd t lic tliniat and iiaiuls. and two brlgtrt burntng spots om her cheeks. 8he as busily tlying around. irom one tüntag to another, aind Wthen lier liiisland riilered she gireet-l íiími witli a sniil'.. ■'Are you ready [OT BUpper, iatlierV" slie askcd. ■Ves- mo- I don't fetd well," he st .■iiiilnefed. '■Vcll. eai sonietliiiiiii-. and youil fMd belt. -f." synijiat liiz'tmly replied Iiis lit tic wiic." "Yes, but t lioso ccmfouuiU'il - that is. I wish we didn't have company. I don't feel like enbartAiaüig." "Wliy, WE omly have the honrdcrs. I wUl cali thein aiow." "WeUi fi alic;ul," tite man replied, paUtsag i s i 1 1 1 v 1 1 togetber wlth an cffort. "II i'vc gol bo entertain thcm I'VC lilll tO." It was a wan sort of smilc whicli lie trled bo put on hls faee as the parlor door opened and tibie two boaxders uppeamed in tflie ilaiinti room. He Btood Wit his taoe lowaril the door, and lic snrvcyiMl i licin sili'iitly for a moment. Hut the smtte slouiy dlsappeard, and a lonk ol puizled coniusiiin suciccdiMi t. ■■Vhy, blese me- wbaffl thls? kfot her, Ikuv's iiiis ?" 'Ilic siek man turncd trom John Staarow and his ncw bride to the blusliinir lftt-le wnmaii ncar his sidc. John Stairow approaebed the aslimndcd man and : 'I rt-ad In the eflty Heirald, [ather, l.hat y uu want cd liuarilcrs. and as 'Marnly and I wantcel In gel bnavd on t here, I wrote to yim. We've engaged tíhe wesi wlng for a year. Wé'll be vi-ry good boardert and pleasant at 1luit." "And we'H help yim and mamma ever so miu'li." chimed in the in'v bride. ■■oh. ïatlier. (lou't look at me so!" finnlly cNclaiincd Mis. Hiinter, imable looger bo control hen teellngs. i't be anury wiili me for the deoeptlotn. I dltin'1 went city ttoerdtk ; tlH'.v xu the home so, va' - an' - " She Uurst out sobliinir. and nit'Ved cycs willi lier hands. "TlH'ir. thcrc, motlicr, it's nll" licr lmslKiinl said, snpportinK her Mitli a utrons ann. "I dldn't lciiow yra fclt- íflt tliis way. It's all rigbt. I doti't- don't want any city boaróerg either. Leí 'Mandy and .loi'.m kep the Avi'st wiim'. and we'll live tegethér." There was a litilc moistnre around his eyes, and he turnad liast ily toward the table to ccmceal it. "AVell. coiné, v'll have the (linie fcast DOW," unid ht'. "Evorytbtng is ready. I don't foei riek any more. I havrn't' been to a wedding ïf.isi glnc wliy, iiidtluT. ïiot siiii-c we were marrled, aiul tliat's- blesa niuii m to twenty-llve years. This will be t Ikï aninvcrsary Ol Ihat cvcut." Wi-th tiiat he ktosed the Ups t wi;,' tor tite iirsi tiini' in years, and the sat down to a wedding llial m.-irki-.l a nw epoch ia household. H was ntn raany days hciiirc a si'rvaut tíghteneá the bordene oí the two newly-married COuptefl : tof -Mrs. Huntrr always inaini.'uncil ihai ghe was inarrted .iü.'w tiiat ni.u-iit. aml thai il wasjust as niuch her -!ii anpper as 'Mandy's. - Independent.


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