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In the senateon the 18th the resolution directing the committee on interstate commerce to investígate the recent train robberies was discussed, but no action was taken. Senator Stewart (Nev. ) submitted an amendment to the sil ver repeal bill authorizing the president to invite the governments ot Mexico, Central and South America, Hayti and San Domingo to join the United States in a conference to he held in Washington to secure the adoption of a common silver coin In the house a bill propoaing the payment in full of pensions growing out of the late war was introduced by Mr. Hudson, o) Kansas. The theme for discussion in the senate on the 19th was the bill to repeal the silver purchase act. Senator Voorhees endeavored to have a date fixed for closing the debate but hls efforts wrre defeated. Senator Mills spoke ín favor of repeal In the house an attempt to report the bill to repeal the federal election laws was defeated. A resolation calltng upon the secretary of war for informatlon relativo to the shooting of settlers on iho Cherokee strip by United States soldiers was objected to1 IN the senate the silver repeal bill was further discussed on the 20th, an effort to curtail debate being defeated In the house, alter a bitter wrangle, the report of the committee on rules was agreed to. Mr. Tucker (Va.) reportod the federal election bill and it was placed upon the calendar. In the senate on the 21st the time was mostly occupied by Mr. White (Cal.) in a speech against repeal of the silver law. A heated úiscussion of oarliamentary points took place over an attempt to forcé a ballot In the house an order was adopted setting aside two weeks, beginning on the 26th, for the consideration of the Tucker bill repealing the federal election laws. A bill was introduced for the admission of Arizona into the unión as a state. Mr. Allen (Neb.) introduced ,a bill in the senate on the 22d for the coinage of silver mouey. Messrs. George (Miss.) and Hansbrough (N. D.) spoke against the repeal of the silver bill In the house a bill was introduced by Mr. Loud (CaL) appropriating 1500,000 to enforce the acts regulating and prohibiting Chinese immigration. DOMESTIC. The National bank of Ashland at Ashland, Neb., resumed business. Masked men overpowered the watchiiiiin at the Little Johnnie mine near Leadville, Col., and secured ore worth $20,000. Fred Miller and Will Kessler, two young Germans, were instantly killed by lightning while sitting in a house in St PauL Crippen, Lawrence & Co., a Denver loan concern, made an assignment with assets of nearly $1,000,0.00, which will cover liabilities. For sixteen days forest fires had raged on the Laurel mountains in Pennsylvania, doing immense dainape. All sources of water supply had gone dry. Six men were instantly killed by the explosión of a sawmill boiler near Whittier, N. C. The liellaire, Eiverside andWheeling iron and steel conlpanies' works in Bell aire, O., and Benwood, V. Va., started after ten weeks' shutdown at a reduction of 20 per cent in wages. The governor's office at Topeka was flooded with appeals for aid from destitute farmers of western Kansas. They say they must have help or starvation will follow. The centennial anniversary of the laying of the corner stone of the capitol at Washington was celebrated with speeches and a parade. Burgi.ars blew open the safe of Wilbur & Co., wholesale grain dealers at Phillips, Me., and secured $30,000. The remains of James Knox Polk, tenth president of the United States, and those of his wife were taken up and reintered on the state capítol grounds at Nashville, Tenn. The village of Criglersville, Va., was almost swept. out of existence by a flood in the Robinson river, and in the surrounding country immense damage was done to houses and crops. Suffering at the Cherokee1 strip among the settlers was said to be terrible, and many were sick and dying. The new opera house at Cantón, 111., valued at $100,000, was destroyed by lire, and about fif ty persons were burned or crushed, several of them fatally. The entire family of Denson V ratten, cohsisting of himself, wife and three children and his aged mother, were found murdered in their home 9 miles southeast of Washington, Ind. Robbery was the motive. The president sent to the senate the following nominations: W. B. Homblower, of New York, to be associate justice of the supreme court, vice Samuel Biatchford, deceased; James J. Van Alen, of Rhode Islam), to be ambassador to Italy. Flames that started in a livery stable destroyed the business portion of Owingsville, Ky., the loss being $150,000. A revised list of the injured in the wreek on the Big Fourat Manteno, 111., showed eight killed outright and fourteen seriously hurt. Roughs assaulted Rev. Mr. Mersf eider, of Spencerville, O., for scoring them from his pulpit, and he may die. Ess'aying to marry a negress, Louis Simmons, a white man at Lebanon, 111., was thrashed and chased out of town. Mayor Loughran, of hot Springs, Ark., shot at Alderman Cripps and killed James Rainey. The mayor was arrested. The Mast, Bufford & Burwell Carriage company at St. Paul failed for 81,200,000. The issue of standard silver dollars from the mints and treasur3r offices for the week ending on the llith was $451,115; for the corresponding period last year, $029,359. None but American citizens will hereafter be given work at the big plant of the national rolling mili at McKeesport. Pa. In New Haven 201 women voted at the school elections. No woman had ever voted before in Connecticut. A man who said that he hailed from Chicago, that his name was Tascott and that -he was tired of his life because he was followed by detectives, threw himself in front of a train near Easton, Md., and was killed. Jonx Bartholomew, an eccentric farmer of State Road, Del., incensed at some financial fjrievance, bas gone to bed and declares he will not leave it for Beven years. Once in his early life he did the same thinsr and kept his vow, spending seven f uil years in bed. itKNT on hanging Thomas Smith, a negro who had assaulted Mrs. Henry a iuolj anU tlid boldierv of Roanoke, Va., clashed, and eleven of the mob were killed and nineteen were hurt. Thrkk gas well drillersnear Kokomo, Ind. , Jesse Gordon, Jack Weir and Uob Kern, were made blind by sulphuric Ras. The directors have unanimously agreed that the Columbian exposition should be opened for the last time October 81. Tuk New Orleans limited train on the Illinois Central road was held up just outside Centralia, 111., and in the battle which followed between the three robbers and the train hands one of the robbers was mortally wounded and three of the train crew were badly hurt. The thieves got nothing in the way of booty. Xineteex fine driving horses perished in the burning of L. V. Armstrong's boarding stable at Columbus, O. Mrs. Jii.iNX, residing north of Brazil, hul., gave birth to a child that had no arms and only one foot; otherwise the child was perfectly formed. D. L. Jones, Charles O'Dwyer and James Harden, the three men who attempted to rob the New Orleans limited express train on the Illinois Central road near Centralia, IU., have been captured. The eighty-first annual session of the supreme council, thirty-third degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masons, was held in Chicago. Five men were killed and six injured by an explosión of gas in acolliery at Plymouth, Pa. The Society of the Army of the Cumberland at its annual meeting in Cleveland reelected (ien. W. ö. Rosecrans as president. Ex-President Harrison was chosen orator for the next meeting. New gold reefs were discovered in Itasca county, Minn., the specimens shown indicating that the new finds are among the richest ever made in the Rainy river district. Heavy damage was done on the world's fair grounds by a storm of wind and rain. The loss was estiraated at $50,000. Portions of the roof of the M anufactufes building, the Art gallery and other buildings were broken in. Isearly a dozen charred bodies were ïound in the wake ol tne i'awnee reservatiou fire in the Indian territory. The negro Thomas Smith, whose crime was the occasion of the riot at Roanoke. Va., that resul ted in nine men being killed by the state militia and nineteen wounded, was finally lynched by a mob and his body burned. Rain hasextinguished the forest fires in Wisconsin. The lMtish sohooner Windermere was wrecked in a squall near Mobile, Ala., and Capt. Charlton and his wife and three sailors were drowned. The five men who held up and robbed the Mineral Range train in Michigan have been arrested and the f70,000 stolen has been recovered. Five hdkdred laboring men who were absolutely starving arrived by the Atlantic & Pacific road at Mojave, Cal. The men claimed to be from the Cherokee strip in Indian territory. 1t was reported that a train on the Newport News fe Mississippi Valley railroad was heldup at Fulton, Ky., by robbers and that the engineer, fireman and two passengers were killed. The exehanges at the leading clearing houses in the United States during the week ended on the 22d aggregated $798,807, 399, against $792,853,539 the previous week. The decrease, coinpared with the corresponding week in 1892, was 33.0. Fire destroyed the sash and door factory of the Charles Betcher Lumber company and a large amount of dry lumber at Red Wing, Minn. , the loss being $175,000. Business failures to the numberof 319 occurred in the United States in the seven days ended on the 22d, against 316 the preceding week and 188 during the same time last year. lx a dispute over a land claim at Waukomis,O. T., Joseph Williams killed a man named Liddle and his two sons. Cathoi.ics and members of the American Protective assoeiation came into collision in Kansas City and many heads were broken. At Frederick, Md. , Daniel Jones was given thirty-nine lashes on the bare back for wife-beating. In his annual report to the secretary of the interior Pension Commissioner Lochren says the number of pensioners on the rolls of the bureau is 966,012. During' the year 24,715 claims for increase of pensions and 81,990 for additional pension were allowed, and in the same time 115,221 claims were rejected. The amount of money paid for pensions during the year was $150,740,467. Trains collided on the Wabash railway near Kingsbury, Ind. , and eleven persons were killed and twenty-four injured, some of them tatally. The Oklahoma national bank of Oklahoma City, O. T., which suspended payment July 19, 1893, has resumed business. On a farm near Freidville, Ia., Henry Behrens and his son were killed by foul gases in an old ucll. Thk thirty-first anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's proclamationfreeing the slaves was celebrated in Chicago and Springfield, 111. Boston pólice were looking for T. R. Richardson, senior member of a leather firm, who swindled banks and other institutions out of $175,000. Five persons were injured in a reek on the Queen & Crescent road near Birraingham, Ala. A rail had been removed. Foukteen members of the mob which killed Solomon P. Bradshaw at Kingston, 111., have been indieted by the grand jury. Pbof. S. A. Kino and Miss Josie Morris, who made an ascensión in a balloon at the world's fair, were rescued from the lake bj' the cutter Andy Johnson after an excitiug experience. Bf.causk it conveyed a trainload of sports to Lawrenceburg to witness a prize fight forfeiture of the Ohio & Mississippi's Indiana charter is asked. At the meeting in Milwaukee of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Odd Fellowa it was resolved to permit the formation of a grand lodge in Sweden. Chaio-es A. Bowden was haned at Eureka, Cal., for the murder of Jirs. Lillie M. Price, who had rïiscmled him for Price. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. Dk.mockats in state eonvention at Harrisburg, Pa., nominated Samuel (}. Thompson for justice of the supreme court and Frank C. Osburn, of Allegheny county, for state treasurer. .The republican state judicial convention of South Uakota met at Huron and nominated D. Carson, A. 8. Kellam and John E. Uennett for supreme court "udges. Ei. iza Porter (eolored), aged 101 years and 14 days, died at Oak Mills, Kan. Abner Kirby, a resident of Milwaukee and at one time mayor of tho city, died at his home. agvd T." years.' Mrs. Maria Peterrox, who died at Fort Dodge, Ia. aged 85 years, had never been inside a railvvay car or ridden on a train. Thomas S. Collier, poet and historian, died suddenly at New London, Conn., of hemorrhage. Uk.v.iamix F. Mitchell has accepted the prohibition-republican nomination for governor of Iowa E. A. Ott, populist candidate for lieutenant governor in Iowa, resigned because he is only 28 years old, v.hile tho law insists a candidate must be 30 or over to be eligible. TriE town of Mochowa, Russia, was il?s.royed by fire and several persons were burned to death and hundreds oí families were homeless. FOREIGN. In answer to inquiries in the English house of commons it was denied that there was any danger from cholera. The Honduranian congress accepted President Leivas' resignation and Gen. Vasquez was elected president of the republic. A house in the Whitechapel district of London was burned and a man and four women perished in the llames. C. B. Wright & Sons, of Ottawa, Ont., brick, lime and cement manufacturers, doing a large American trade, failed for ÏIOU.OOO. Walter Morris and his father, Alfred Woods, his wife and mother, and James Denby were drowned near Collingwood, Ont., by the capsizing of a skiff in a squall. Pakt of the shaft of the Dolcoath mine in Cornwall, England, feil in, entombing thirty miners. London dispatches say that Admiral Mello declared that unless Rio Janeiro surrendered at once he would shell tho city relentlessly. A firk on the La Escondida hacienda at Tepic, Mexico, owned by Juan A. de Aguire & Co., destroyed $,"00.000 worth of property. In a bigamy cjise tried at Toronto, Can., the judge said that an American divorce could not be accepted in Canadian courts as dissolving the marriago ties. Refbeskntativks of Canada and the United States have made a satisfactory agreement eoncerning inspection of immigrante. Thk Haytian warship Alexandre Petion sank about 50 miles south of Cape Tiberot and eighty persons, inclvding many prominent officials and diplomates of the republic, were drowned. LATER. The resolution proposing the establishment of a cloturerule was discussed in the United States senate for nearly two hours on the 23d and was then, on motion of its author, Senator Platt, referred to the committee on rules. No business of importance was transacted in the house. L. A. Kurtz, a farmer near Jeff ersonville, 111., and his wife were killed by gas from a well. Fivk non-union sailors in San Francisco were killed by a dynamite bomb fired in front of their boarding house. Members of the Seamen's union were charged with the crime. Dispatches from Victoria, B. C, report the loss of the Kussian steamer Alphonse Zeevecke with sixty persons. Thk Kansas City, St. Joe & Council Bluffs railroad foiled an attempt to rob one of its passenger trains, killed two of the bandits and captured three others at Francis, Mo. Ih a drunken row at DrippingSprings, Ky. , Robert Singleton was Uilled and D. D. Slaughter fatally shot. Frank Ives defeated John Roberts, the Euglish champion, in the match games of billiards at Chicago, the score standing: Ives, 6,000; Roberts, 5,303. Two hen were killed and three fatally hurt by the cave-in of a sewer at Indianapolis. In an effort to recover a ball that had fallen into well at Hazard, Neb., Fred Dudley and his father and another man lost their livi-s. Nine negroes and three wHte men convicted of theft were publicly whipped at Newcastle, Del. Samuel Rightly, a cripple, aged 84 years, and his wife, two years younger, who lived alone on their farm near Newton, Pa., were murdered by some one unknown. W. L. Malone, proprietor of the Fort Worth Daily Gazette, and the pioneer editor of Texas, died at his home. Abe Wilsey fatally shot his wife at Petoskey, Mich., and was in turn shot and killed by llenry Sik. Thk Russian warship Pousalka foundered in the gulf of Finland and ten officiers and 150 seamen were drowned. A pólice census shows nearly 80,000 idle persona in Chicago. The percentages of the baseball clubs in the National league for the week ended on the 88d were as follows: lioston, .069; Pittsburgh, .610; Philadelphia, .577; Cleveland, .567; Jïew York, ,540; Ilrooklyn. .520; Cincinnati, .4; Baltimore, .4."r; Chicago, .432; St. Louis, .489; Louisville, 400; Washington. .323.


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