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Now s linie bo s,,-iy ly the Dock with .ni diligence. No one can teil what hall a yc;ir will brlng, int : lir in n h-u etays Oooi and waits il be glad vrtoqa the storm goes by. Nrvrr hiiy n ' Bbeep : lel 1 lines! man 'fooi witli it, you have not tirata dr feed to ttarow away, yom do mol neexi o make au experiment. ('lover will be 8 bil;' [actor in future !icc]i inchistry. Iiü'crii ir Bbeep are expenslrei bhey telotag to poor men ir to men to be nade i r if they keep tnem. cii'.-iniiiH'ss c-iiinis big in i mantgemeni o-E a big fl(-lc. ('loan water, clean yards, and plenty n' clean, sweel iiioil. Don't iry Ki niako a gOOÖ Imncli of [ambs sel! a few poor ornea, it can'1 1m' dome, it il ent the priee of ooi ones fttst enough to make you wlsh tinv had leen lift at liomt You wlH fiiid it sol There is n stm-k so wcii adapted to ï-oiiah laiwt and Bteep hillsidcs as Bhsep aiwl m farm ïnacliint' will make and teep their la.nd bettei tor razint;. rilase uwful anímala Bhould not be forced bo teed cimt nually in one Held lowever. Let tineaa be cbanged trom me tieW to another twice a week if Missihlc. 'Po put plant footl on the ïviuiits feed the Bheep bran, etc., momlmge befare bhey ere turned trom the ioid. This extra food will make tho Sheep and won] Ucttcr as well as ihe pastures. Itut don't tuni out he sheep to eat the id dead and laehc'l grasa before the flelds beirni to 1h green. It is an unprollta-ble ractic. The fkiui of a. Mohair OT Angora foat mak's ome erf the handsomesi uwl most duraibte mats. Helio, Mr. Sbeeparain ! Are you goiiu- to attend tbe Xatkmal "VVool Growers' Assoeiatian meeting in tlio Wortd's Fair buildings, October 5, 1893 ? It ík not always tiliie lank, lean dog thn.t kills sheep, but the weÜ brrd, well maniKicd pet of the farm house, nice in ilaylight but a sneak at niglit.


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