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Sweeten apple sanee Bíter it getfl cold ; it will save mgar. Pincushlotne filled with well dried ■oifee grwmSg will not be disturbed by moths ar mice. To preserve fchfi elasticity of Indian robber wasli it five or six times a year with sliirhtly alkaline water. "A fabe," nays x writer. "is a niother's anchor." Yes, and the first sht Aoefl is to weigh it. The toogbest fowl will become teader if ]mt over the fire In cold water and cooked slowly five or six hours. Tin vessels soon rust and become wort-hless W, al'ter wacbtng-, they are nol dried on the stove or in the sim. Otdortde i linie sbould be scattered at least omce a. weck nndcr tibe slak and Hl all places wlit-re sewer gas may lnrU. Riib lieateil ilat irotns over a cloth motetested wltfa keroBeae to make tliem sinoiith and keep them t'rom .-rol -e hing. , Catsup iKittlcs may le eleaned by dropping in bits ol finely chopped latí), ful Witb warm soap suds and sluike well. Na 1 a piece of barrel hoop for a hniitlle over a box in which to bring im ellips. Tlie dirt will not slít tlirouirh as when a basket is tised. If your siglit is not good put a white cloth or paper over your l'mger trinen táireading .virar neelle -n-ith llack cotbom, OT a black one wlien usiim whiti' thi-cail. i'ini' may be made vci-y hondeóme by repeeted coate í lnot Unseed oil If rubbfd wí'11 aíter i'acl) coat. It looks well, eren at first, but time is neceesary to perfect it. To tlwow water mi blazinfï kerosene, only increases the ilaimcr by the oil to s]read. Instead iluciw on salt, llour, or cornmeal to sniother it, or cover it wlth a rufí. When blankcts iieed íi-i'slieiniic: but are not stifficiontly soiled to wasii, they may le made weet soit by spreadinjí them un a clt-an kv.iss plot wih-e.n the. lays are hot, and sunny ano tlie iiiuiils liave lioar frot ; for twci or tliree days.


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