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Etarper'e Magazine tor Oei ber wiii comtatn the ftrsi of Edwin Lord Weeke'a eurtatcjea on the Journey acrosa Persia whieh he uadertook í;í st year wlth tlic late Theodore hile. The ilhistr.uions. made by 5ii Weekea (rom hls sketches, are tuausually attracüve. Ju Ihc nami' ,' the Magazine is au artlcte by Oarl sdiurz cm t ii ■Maniicsi Destlny" iif the Dnlted si ai es. and au entertalnlng descriptton ii "Umdergradraate LSe at Oxford"," by Richard HJardtng Davla. liif Ootober Oöntury 11 contain 8 series oí letters Iro:u Wall Whitniaii Ki liis niiither. wrltten at dlilerenl t inii'S (hninir the and sul is t a ntiall.v his time oí servii-e in rnion hospitals. They aro prlnted verbattm el llteratün, as t would be impossihlc to traiisiorin Wliitnian's style into anytlunir like eonventionaj Knsilish. Thcy show an affeetionate and liiinian side oí his rharacter, and are accompanied by a photograpb of liiiu of tho war period, engraVed tor tlio first. time. One letter deecrlbei Oapttol at Waebinsto.n, - "the ïKTediiiic gorgeousneea oí whH'h," Wliitman writ-s. "is Ucyond one's fiiii-lii i-sit dreamg." Thi' Cyeiop'di' Rerlew ol Cwreixt 11 story for the Beocxnd querter of 1893 is nrv ready. lt is ;i WOOderfiu compendium "f öhe prominent cvcuts of the (last three monthe; whUe its subjeota are, ol necesslty, ïiririiy tteated, not&Angot Importance appears to have Imimi omittod. Un■]■ tile cii'-ral.litlcs of "IciWlIiiK Topiis." ■■Internat imial Affairs,"" -'Aft'airs In Ktu-opc." "Affairs in Asia." ■Aífairs in África," "Science, I.iti'fature, and Misfcllany. " it (k'tails the world's most recent happenings Wit siiiünlar ininntrncss. ])crs)icacity, and fitk'lity. telUng all tlwit renlly üeeda to Ik1 kiimvn a bout any one subject, and referrtng to all subjects of consequencc in : inost tnte411gent nnd prnctial iy. A werk lifee tbJfl is a nr-. 'ssity in tlK'sc bnsy, bostlinST tlmea of outs, niwT tlite -vork seenis to be the best of it species. Wihllo there are similar piiblications, tiie ('yclopedic Ilcvicw holils an origina] and exclusive poKi'tUm. lts peculiar mcrits entitle it to general recognition. (Garretson, Cox & Co., Publirihers, Buffalo, N. Y. $1.50 per year ; single copies 40 cents.


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