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NEW MEAT MARKET Senil the girl or boy with your order, and rest assured that the quality and witrlits will be the same as if you carne youreelf. I carry in stock everything found in a FIRST-CLASS Meat Market And boy only the best stock. I am better prepared than ever to Bupply my customers in my new markot. J. F. HOELZLE, Cor. Washington and Fourth. 'Phone 75. 83-10.5 A Niee Thing to Know IS WIIERE TO ÜET A Fine Luck or Warm Meal While down town, or gd n with a friend for a little cliat and enjoy a dish of ICE CREAM OR SODA Where the Burroundings are in keeping with our best luimes, and, when you leave, cannot help but feel proud that Aun Arbor haa such a place. Il' you cal] at the ROY AL CAFE, Cor. Washington and Flfth Ave., Once, you will cali agoin. MRS. JOHN SCHNEIDER, Jr. 88-yr AdironbS mxmmram TRADH MARK ' Wheeler'syl Nerve y- - ' I'OSITIVKI.V CDBXfl HEART DISEASE, NERVOUS PROSTRATION. Sleeplessness and all derangement of the Xcrvous System. Unexcelled for Infants A Blessed Boou for Tired Mothers and Beatless Bftliios. Purely Vegetable, guaranteed free from opiates. One-hundred full size doses, 50 cents. Rev. C. N. Middleton. pastor of M. E. church Cedar Springs, Mich., says: Sleep and resl were Ktrangers to me after preacning till ] aaed "Adironda." Now I sleeji soundly and awake refrcshed,and I can heartly recomuiend it. Prepared by WHEELER and FULLER MEDICINE ('O., Cedar Spriugs, Mich. Sold tjy JOHN M00RE, - DRÜGGIST. COAL. Every Day in the Year, Every Pound You Pay foi Is What You ean Depend on, If you leave your order with E. B. HALL, No. 4 W. Huron St. [ do not Imy frora hand to mouth, but have tlie URGEST STOCK IN THE ST1TE Outside of Detroit. 83-8 Geodyear's Drag Store. No. 5 S. Main Stkeet, ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN. Our Goods and Priccs outehlue all others' uid would-be compeiitors palc into insiilificance. We have the satisfaction of k&owing tliat we have the largest stook and are never andereold. We work bard to get you tor a costoincr, ;ind just is bard to keep you. riMKS ABH HARD AMI WK WltL BITS ÏOl' THK MOST FOK ÏOIR BONKT. GOODYEAR S DRUG STORE JAY C. TAYLOR Tenor Soloist - AND- Teacliex of tlie "SToice. ,. Studio. 51 South Main Street. Ann Arbor. MICHIGAN f TBNTRAL "The Niágara Falls Route." TIME TABI.E (EBVI8EK) SKI'. I. 1SD .. CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. e L ' x : : ' a : : : 12 ! ! IOL'ÖÖ ; Ö - - Oí . j ; ú (0 W Ü l - i ' L SE ES -s EÉ : i : : j ál á. é. m i ■ : : : I P ocí-T.i-íi'-'ü '-i o sí? :í : : : : :,X(' - ■i É :::::= ;L :::: 2 L ; : j ; JJ i i i i i 5 8SS : : :s : :28 g=5S :S i [ 5rí2 jj Éá Mi áá L á s a ■ ■ : eá o. . c. s í, Ói - -í . .L-iíS .í _■ ("-ÓC X, 35!SÍ3ÍÍCÍ(. . I ig Í Í [j JSB k EE : : j B .ó. ; j :áwci:::: H 2gu i : ;SS :9H g ge : I : '?SSS íí tao . ü :: :„ : t .pit I ES : : : : :gg g g : : : : : : g & ::: ::á 3 ::: ::: d Í tS i ! S j :S ai 85 i : :S : : :5SS wLS .: s':ESÍ:::: = S : di w : i : : i S 8SSSS jSïëS i ? 52 la S i j JHttS ANJ lÓ 3 & C ü ". Ü ' 3 ■ ■ i j "i" . 6E SÉ E 3 J = = = 3 888S8SKSS85 M 88SS2SB2SS dci cii i í ■ f iaiijóiffüsiïö - : i : : : : : :S L : : : ■ : i : i ;ï S i I i i i i i iïï s. : : ; ; i i ; ; ;t Sí. j s .iiiiiiiíM " Í I ! I : : : j j i 8 :::;:: i j' %■ '■■ '■ i i i :j '1 : i ?. : :S : : : i i I : 1 jlMNa=lÍ! i nLilíHiii lilís-iii iiiir-isSlii G. W. RUGÓLES. H. W. HAYES. O. I'. & T. Agt.. Chicago. Agt.. Aun Arbor T. A. A. Bulletin. For the Livingston County Fair at Howell Sept. l'dth to 28tli, oue fare for the round trip, tickets to be sold each day of the fair, limited to Sept. 29, 1893. is the LEADING SCHOOL OF BUSINESS and SHORTHAND. Magnlllceiit buiUüng; nln; teachers; large attendance; good discipline; superlorwortc; well supplied reading room; daily lecturas Saturday evening receptions; opvn tlic enttre year ExoeptlODftl iacilities for ptacln? studenu In poaltiuns- shürthand graduales guaran leed tlioui. Llvlnz expenses $ to &2.V5 per weet iu private families. í'ot New catalogue, addrens P. R. CLEARY, Pres.


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